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My name is Jessica! I'm currently 27 years old (I'm getting so old ;_;). I've been playing TCGs since 2010, and I have been a member of 47+ different tcgs since then. I have previously run/co-owned 07 tcgs in the past, with some upcoming! I am    currently a member of 01 TCG, but hopefully we can change that soon! Refer me if you happen to join any of the TCGs I'm a member at! Look forward to playing with you <3

Victory Road ☆

a Pokemon TCG

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Activity Logs

This page logs every activity I have ever done here at Victory Road.

October 01, 2019
new decks: dartrix03, dartrix04, celesteela03, celesteela08, deerling07, deerling08, spoink01, spoink02, tyranitar12, tyranitar13
for deckmaking: spoink03, tyranitar14
events: ev-201910, ev-motm
update freebies (5 choice first evolution pokemon): misdreavus16, misdreavus17, slowpoke16, slowpoke17, trapinch16
update freebies (AUTUMN): trapinch11 (A), misdreavus18 (U), swampert20 (T), staryu04 (U), swampert19 (M), trapinch12 (N)
totodile 21: deerling12, hypno06, celesteela19, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
hang-ten: nidorina14, sneasel20, chespin18, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
pokecenter: roselia10, exeggcute07, nidoking20, misdreavus02, suicune02, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy, +1 bug candy
ditto: mantine16, spoink13, electrode08, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
magne memory: pidgeotto12, koffing08, gardevoir03, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
azumarill's reflection: articuno06, growlithe03, kangaskhan18, sableye06, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
daycare downtime: zebstrika11, weezing07, magnemite14, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 fighting candy
minun or plusle: parasect15, muk20, ampharos01, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
team troubles: Lost!
eeveelution master (friendship): tauros11, girafarig10, gastly01, seaking04, frillish13, +5 stardust
someone's pc: transferred chinchou09 for flygon19
pick a pokemon (blaziken): slowpoke18, vileplume03, scyther14, +5 stardust
card puzzle: fennekin01, tangela07, +5 stardust
monster mash: marowak06, voltorb16, gardevoir08, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
quote em all: omastar17, poliwhirl06, natu05, deino06, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy
elite four (round 01): lillipup03, torracat09, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): kabuto20, poliwag05, diancie14, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): gastrodon03, luvdisc04, mankey15, leafeon12, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
elite four (round 04): rhydon07, starly01, wartortle18, metapod17, rowlet10, +10 stardust, +1 psychic candy
elite four (round 05): starly10, pidgey06, hitmonchan10, poliwrath14, victreebel07, hoppip07, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 bug candy, +1 grass candy
decipher: drifloon16, swampert07, venomoth17, chimchar01, poliwrath17, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
jirachi's wishes: wigglytuff09, zoroark19, magneton10, sableye11, +10 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 dragon candy

September 25, 2019
new decks: milotic09, milotic10, milotic11, milotic12, komala09, komala10, komala11, komala12, noibat07, noibat08, noibat09, noibat10, gothita09, marshtomp09, marshtomp10, marshtomp11, marshtomp12, trapinch08, trapinch09, trapinch10
for deckmaking: azumarill05, leafeon02, marshtomp16, mawile01, milotic01, octillery01, trapinch17
events: ev-grandopening, ev-40members
update freebies (GRAND OPENING): gardevoir03 (G), swampert12 (R), kirlia12 (A), trapinch20 (N), misdreavus11 (D), marshtomp18 (O), marshtomp20 (P), slowpoke11 (E), trapinch19 (N), misdreavus12 (I), flygon14 (N), flygon12 (G)
update freebies (DARK TYPE): misdreavous13 (D), swampert14 (A), kirlia13 (R), slowpoke15 (K), marshtomp17 (T), staryu03 (Y), trapinch18 (P), gardevoir04 (E)
update freebies (FALL 2019): flygon10 (F), aerodactly03 (A), lapras02 (L), lugia01 (L), ralts20 (2), misdreavus10 (0), slowpoke14 (1), marshtomp19 (9)
update freebies (10 random candies): fairy candy, bug candy, fairy candy, fairy candy, rock candy, electric candy, psychic candy, bug candy, fire candy, fairy candy
totodile 21: weedle05, vaporeon18, electabuzz04, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
hang-ten: gothita06, kirlia10, sharpedo02, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
pokecenter: machamp15, arcanine06, togepi04, aerodactyl01, dugtrio19, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 normal candy
ditto: gible17, snivy01, golbat02, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
magne memory: caterpie13, magby02, arbok18, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
azumarill's reflection: starmie15, magmar04, quagsire15, pikachu08, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
daycare downtime: wigglytuff03, omastar02, bellossom08, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 electric candy
minun or plusle: gothita16, pinsir12, roselia04, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
team troubles: wartortle14, magikarp18, quilava13, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
who's that pokemon: feebas03, omastar04, spearow02, raticate03, +5 stardust, +1 water candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): zoroark19
safari zone: sneasel01, poliwag12
dragon dice (3 numbers): skitty01, houndour03, raichu18, +1 choice coupon, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
ookemon contest: starmie10, bellossom19, ekans08, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: trubbish01, kangaskhan12, porygon02, altaria01, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
referral: entei14, flaaffy18
referral: tangela09, pidgeotto12
referral: jolteon06, gastly08
level ups: misdreavus14, oddish13, shellder01, gyarados17, raikou15, +10 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 dragon candy

September 20, 2019
pokemart (poffin pack): weezing20, primeape01, kakuna12, pumpkaboo20, piplup13, popplio07, kabuto19, mantine18, tentacruel05, hitmonlee20, togetic20, arcanine17 (-250 stardust)
pokemart (chansey's choice): ralts15, ralts17, ralts18 (-250 stardust)
pokemart (energy powder): kadabra08, celebi15, tauros14, raticate02, sableye12, rapidash05, togetic09, corsola14 (-100 stardust)

September 19, 2019
deck mastery (mudkip): ralts11, ralts12, sharpedo11, bayleef05, poliwhirl03, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 ground candy
stampcard: lugia03, tentacool14, suicune13, hitmonchan02, +1 electric candy
stampcard: krabby08, ariados06, totodile10, kangaskhan15, +1 ghost candy
stampcard: ralts10, marowak04, squirtle02, hitmonchan10, venipede04, +1 fire candy
mini mastery (smiling): alts13, ralts14, hoppip01, gloom10, +20 stardust

September 17, 2019
new decks: tyrogue04, tyrogue06, blaziken03, blaziken04, kirlia08, kirlia09
for deckmaking: blaziken01, kirlia07
discord qotw (9/10-9/17): tentacool06, torchic03, gastrodon04, bellsprout07, chikorita07, chikorita20, magikarp13
event cards: ev-201909
update freebies (3 choice from favourite Pokemon): mudkip19, mudkip20, mudkip03
totodile 21: jynx18, rattata20, porygon06, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
hang-ten: snorlax04, dratini11, weedle14, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
pokecenter: zoroark19, tyrunt20, golduck18, muk19, sneasel18, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy, +1 poison candy
ditto: venonat10, pinsir07, piplup13, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
magne memory: sharpedo05, tentacruel19, volcarona14, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
azumarill's reflection: trubbish09, butterfree08, ralts09, blaziken09, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
daycare downtime: chinchou09, nidorino01, weezing20, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 normal candy
minun or plusle: herdier08, cyndaquil05, horsea18, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
team troubles: Lost!
eeveelution master (thunder stone): swampert04, kingdra20, seel01
someone's pc: transferred lickitung19 for mareep10
pick a pokemon (chandelure): Nothing!
card puzzle: spheal12, celebi08, +5 stardust
monster mash: ivysaur05, lillipup20, ekans19, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
quote em all: misdreavus06, roselia17, tyrogue05, charizard02, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy

September 14, 2019
deck mastery (spinarak): mudkip11, mudkip13, lillipup04, espeon03, metapod06, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy
deck mastery (ariados): mudkip15, mudkip16, arcanine15, snivy16, haunter09, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy

September 12, 2019
level ups: mudkip10, zubat04, pidgeotto11, metapod12, magnemite02, +10 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 steel candy

September 10, 2019
new decks: happiny03, happiny04, zebstrika08, zebstrika09, spinarak08, spinarak09, glaceon01, glaceon20, litwick03, litwick04
for deckmaking: glaceon19, phanpy01, spinarak07, zebstrika10
discord freebies: piplup17, fearow02, chinchou20
update freebies (DORIAN): mudkip09 (D), slowpoke10 (O), ralts07 (R), misdreavus09 (I), staryu02 (A), spinarak10 (N)
update freebies (card pack): ralts16, pidgeot11, aerodactyl18, goldeen06, sableye05, ampharos13
update freebies (choice for commenting): ariados18
totodile 21: chansey13, butterfree15, articuno10, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
hang-ten: grimer18, morelull20, rotom17, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
pokecenter: mewtwo09, victreebel04, seviper13, teddiursa02, chansey06, +5 stardust, +1 fairy candy, +1 rock candy
ditto: joltik10, kangaskhan11, dugtrio04, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
magne memory: eevee19, scyther16, shellder13, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy
azumarill's reflection: growlithe01, aron06, hoppip11, zubat20, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
daycare downtime: zubat11, rowlet13, kabuto04, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy, +1 psychic candy
minun or plusle: nidoranm13, voltorb06, abra11, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
team troubles: buneary18, chikorita04, teddiursa19, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
who's that pokemon: shaymin06, golduck17, omanyte09, machoke17, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): mareep11
safari zone: swampert15, ralts08
dragon dice (1 number): tyrunt04, growlithe16, +5 stardust
pokemon contest: zorua12, sunflora14, phanpy19, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: jirachi02, feraligatr08, vileplume20, eevee04, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy

September 06, 2019
forum participation (wishlist creation): sharpedo12, abra10, celebi03

September 03, 2019
new decks: ralts03, ralts04, mareep04, mareep13, espurr20, murkrow15
for deckmaking: ralts01, sylveon03
update freebies (SEPTEMBER): slowpoke02 (S), slowpoke06 (E), mudkip05 (P), swampert09 (T), swampert10 (E), mudkip07 (M), kabuto01 (B), misdreavus04 (E), misdreavus05 (R)
update freebies (GALAR): flygon08 (G), ariados16 (A), slowpoke09 (L), misdreavus07 (A), swampert11 (R)
update freebies (5 choice candies): water candy, water candy, water candy, water candy, water candy
totodile 21: charmander06, gengar18, aerodactyl02, +5 stardust, +1 fairy candy
hang-ten: fennekin06, stantler15, absol11, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
pokecenter: persian02, dewgong01, ponyta15, kabutops09, cyndaquil14, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy, +1 water candy
ditto: teddiursa05, poliwhirl09, seedot14, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
magne memory: goldeen19, butterfree15, cresselia13, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
azumarill's reflection: hypno01, gyarados05, jolteon15, alakazam17, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
daycare downtime: minccino03, charmander14, lapras04, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 fighting candy
minun or plusle: gyarados07, pidgeot12, turtwig07, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
team troubles: Lost!
eeveelution master (moonlight): machop12
someone's pc: transferred lickitung19 for gardevoir19
pick a pokemon (pikachu): alakazam12, +5 stardust
card puzzle: sharpedo13, horsea14, +5 stardust
monster mash: torchic17, meganium20, chinchou09, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
quote em all: paras17, cubone06, squirtle14, litten10, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy

September 02, 2019
events: ev-firstmastery, ev-firstlevel
update freebies (ONE, #01): ariados15 (O), flygon07 (N), slowpoke07 (E), starmie01 (#01)
update freebies (2 choice fire pokemon): ponyta02, ponyta05
elite four (round 01): sneasel06, dugtrio06, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): snivy17, kadabra11, popplio18, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): golbat15, psyduck17, paras16, tyrunt17, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
elite four (round 04): porygon06, zubat01, misdreavus01, lickitung19, lickitung19, +10 stardust, +1 water candy
elite four (round 05): rattata13, ditto04, moltres16, onix07, voltorb10, entei17, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 ice candy
decipher: pinsir16, drampa03, mewtwo08, magikarp15, aron18, +5 stardust, +1 water candy
roto lotto (september 2019): staryu09, slowpoke05, nidoranm19, horsea13, ponyta10, sandshrew16, poliwag09, zubat10, teddiursa12, omanyte19
pokedex hunt round 002: vulpix14, cyndaquil17 (-porygon06)

August 28, 2019
level ups: mudkip02, mewtwo10, cinccino11, cresselia01, beedrill06, +10 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 normal candy
roto lotto (august): salamence19, slowpoke03, gardevoir06, tentacruel06, flaaffy07, misdreavus19
roto lotto (PREJOIN): mudkip03 (P), ariados12 (R), misdreavus03 (E), (J), flygon05 (O), ariados13 (I), tentacool01 (N)

August 27, 2019
new decks: drifloon01, drifloon02, chandelure01, chandelure02, zoroark03, zoroark04, drampa03, drampa06, herdier03, herdier04
for deckmaking: ariados09, pichu01, zoroark08, swampert05
wishes (Jess - MOVING OUT): mudkip01 (M), ariados10 (O), misdreavus01 (V), gardevoir02 (I), dratini01 (N), flygon02 (G), slowpoke01 (O), staryu01 (U), swampert06 (T)
wishes (Haylee - RE-OPEN): ariados11 (R), misdreavus02 (E), omanyte01 (O), lapras01 (P), ninetales01 (E), nidoranf01 (N)
wishes (chives - choice candy): water candy
events: ev-10members, ev-20members, ev-30members
referral: bellsprout06, tyrantrum15
referral: tangela13, gastly09
referral: absol20, golem08
referral: flaaffy17, roselia20
referral: dratini15, zoroark15
referral: kabuto08, tentacruel04
referral: swampert16, kingdra15
referral: rotom09, kangaskhan15
referral: pichu14, mudkip08
referral: grimer10, stantler06
referral: minccino05, oshawott10
referral: gloom19, absol10
totodile 21: trubbish12, cyndaquil18, banette19, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
hang-ten: spearow08, magneton05, tentacool06, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
pokecenter: eevee18, pinsir10, machop09, tangela10, tepig09, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy, +1 fire candy
ditto: slowbro10, pumpkaboo18, ivysaur14, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
magne memory: psyduck04, togepi18, wigglytuff11, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
azumarill's reflection: rotom05, quagsire13, poliwrath20, seviper15, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
daycare downtime: bellsprout15, igglybuff03, rapidash13, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy, +1 ice candy
minun or plusle: eevee08, snorlax14, clefable11, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
team troubles: jynx05, gardevoir01, golduck02, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): volcarona12
safari zone: ampharos03, lapras05
dragon dice (2 numbers): electrode20, geodude02, venonat13, +5 stardust
pokemon contest: skiddo10, pinsir07, togetic06, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: hitmonlee18, gyarados18, magnemite14, magnemite09, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy

August 25, 2019
events: ev-prejoin, ev-201908, ev-rejoin
totodile 21: chinchou17, exeggutor08, kabuto17, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
hang-ten: oddish19, primeape06, diglett02, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
pokecenter: farfetchd18, volcarona05, aron01, kadabra02, magikarp02, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy, +1 bug candy
ditto: treecko18, ekans13, squirtle14, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
magne memory: marowak02, gengar12, arbok07, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
azumarill's reflection: gastrodon08, ninetales17, ninetales09, machop06, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
daycare downtime: totodile17, lillipup15, weezing19, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 grass candy
minun or plusle: misdreavus06, golbat04, voltorb18, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
team troubles: Lost!
who's that pokemon: slowbro19, turtwig03, staryu08, entei06, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): skiddo16
safari zone: flygon18, kabutops09
dragon dice (1 match): sunflora02, quagsire18, +5 stardust
pokedex entry: dragonite02, sunflora15, poliwhirl12, voltorb12, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
eevelution master (friendship): rattata18, kakuna06, seadra17, cinccino15, lickitung19, +5 stardust
someone's pc: transferred lickitung19 for salamence08
pick a pokemon (gengar): -lickitung19
card puzzle: corsola07, chinchou14, +5 stardust
monster mash: misdreavus15, chinchou13, slowpoke04, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy
quote em all: lillipup03, mantine11, oshawott12, bellsprout06, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
elite four (round 01): lanturn11, haunter16, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): dratini06, roselia13, treecko16, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): ninetales11, rhyhorn18, geodude13, buneary20, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
elite four (round 04): horsea12, electrode05, totodile11, skiddo12, mankey06, +10 stardust, +1 rock candy
elite four (round 05): deino17, marowak14, rowlet17, wartortle12, lapras06, omastar02, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 normal candy, +1 rock candy
decipher: articuno19, lickitung19, kingler10, nidoqueen15, feebas04, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
jirachi's wishes: raichu15, koffing13, volcarona02, arbok14, +10 stardust, +1 steel candy, +1 flying candy
rotto lotto:

July 29, 2019
trainer starter kit: dratini06, dodrio20, seviper07, mudkip14, + mc-Jessica, +20 stardust, +1 ice candy, +1 ice candy
prejoin bonus package: volcarona15, muk03, flareon03, squirtle11, omanyte14, mudkip17, flygon01, +30 stardust, +1 flying candy
rejoiner pack: starmie07, ivysaur07, rotom13, seadra18, doduo01, pidgey02, corsola13, sandshrew12, omanyte06, kabuto03, flygon03, flygon20, +10 stardust, +1 grass candy, +1 ice candy, +1 normal candy, +1 rock candy

July 28, 2019
starter pack: mudkip04, mudkip06, flygon06, ivysaur03, lickitung19, magby02, +30 stardust

Trade Logs

October 19, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my deerling12 for staryu20

October 17, 2019
- Traded jun: my celesteela19, celesteela03, celesteela08, gastly08 for trapinch06, tyranitar07, tyranitar08, tyranitar10
- Traded anna: my munna03, munna04 for crobat01, crobat02
- Traded mio: my poochyena01, poochyena02 for crobat03, crobat04
- Traded lyann: my shuppet17, shuppet18 for crobat05, crobat06
- Traded Jun: my hitmonchan10, hitmonlee20, kadabra08, kadabra11, machamp15, shaymin06, tepig09 for magnemite06, magnemite07, magnemite19, onix05, onix08, onix17, onix18
- Traded Jams: my ivysaur05, swampert04, abra11, alakazam12, alakazam17, kadabra02 for goldeen04, kabutops04, kakuna04, kingdra01, lapras07, lapras12 + MCs

October 16, 2019
- Traded selena: my azelf06, azelf07 for slowpoke18, quagsire05
- Traded jun: my stufful10, stufful11 for swampert17, treecko10
- Traded chanda: my charmander06, litten10 for swampert18, trapinch07 + MCs

October 09, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my quilava13 for staryu18

October 08, 2019
- Traded mio: my dartrix03, dartrix04 for tyranitar01, tyranitar02
- Traded lyann: my sableye12, deerling07, deerling08 for tyranitar09, tyranitar11, gardevoir15
- Traded Samu: my lillipup20, trubbish09 for tyranitar03, tyranitar04
- Traded Selena: my zoroark19, zorua12 for tyranitar05, tyranitar06

September 26, 2019
- Traded samu: my gothita06, gothita16 for staryu12, staryu19 (2)
- Traded lyann: my noibat07, noibat08, noibat09, noibat10, gothita09 for marshtomp01, marshtomp02, marshtomp03, marshtomp04, trapinch05 (5)

September 25, 2019
- Traded mio: my komala09, komala10, komala11, komala12 for marshtomp05, marshtomp06, marshtomp07, marshtomp08 (4)
- Traded selena: my milotic09, milotic10, milotic11, milotic12 for trapinch01, trapinch02, trapinch03, trapinch04 (4)

September 22, 2019
- Traded selena: my piplup13 for ralts19 (1)

September 18, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my igglybuff03, rotom05 for kirlia10, kirlia11 (2)
- Traded jun: my tyrogue04, tyrogue05, tyrogue06 for kirlia03, kirlia04, skitty09 (3)

September 17, 2019
- Traded haylee: my stantler06, stantler15 for kirlia05, kirlia06 (2)
- Traded selena: my blaziken03, blaziken04 for kirlia01, kirlia02 (2)

September 13, 2019
- Traded samu: my jynx05, morelull20 for spinarak19, spinarak20 (2)

September 11, 2019
- traded rue: my 3 ice candies, 2 fire candies for their 5 bug candies
- Traded bunny: my litwick03, litwick04, 2 ghost candies for spinarak17, spinarak18, 2 bug candies (2)
- Traded selena: my charmander14, popplio18, 3 grass candies for spinarak15, spinarak16, 3 bug candies (2)
- Traded nejana: my glaceon01, glaceon19, glaceon20 for spinarak13, spinarak14, dratini16 (3)
- Traded mio: my rattata13, joltik10, 3 dark candies for spinarak11, spinarak12, 3 bug candies (2)
- Traded nejana: 6 psychic candies for 6 bug candies

September 10, 2019
- Traded osaka: my happiny03, happiny04 for spinarak03, spinarak04 + MCs (3)
- Traded haylee: my zebstrika08, zebstrika09, zebstrika10 for spinarak05, spinarak06, mudkip18 + MCs (4)
- Traded jun: my machoke17, jirachi02, rotom17, aron06 for slowpoke13, staryu17, spinarak01, spinarak02 (4)

September 05, 2019
- Traded Selena: my cresselia13, fennekin06, oshawott10, skiddo10, skiddo16, togetic06, volcarona12, dratini06 for misdreavus20, aerodactyl01, aerodactyl06, aerodactyl07, beedrill17, cubone11, gyarados20, kabuto10 + MCs (9)
- Traded Hotaru: my farfetchd18 for flygon13 + MCs (2)

September 04, 2019
- Traded jun: my bellsprout15, voltorb10, cyndaquil14 for ralts02, ralts05, ralts06 (3)

September 03, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my cyndaquil17 for ariados17 + MCs (2)

September 02, 2019
- Traded nejana: my oddish19 for igglybuff14 + MCs (2)
- Traded bunny: my clefable11, corsola13, kangaskhan15 for paras04, sableye17, misdreavus19 (3)
- Traded jun: my totodile11, totodile17, machop09, drampa03, entei17, aron01, aron18 for chimchar06, koffing14, pikachu18, teddiursa17, togepi10, staryu06, staryu10 (7)
trade with samu: my buneary20, minccino05, oshawott10, oshawott12, trubbish12 for their gyarados19, sandslash17, staryu16, tentacool12, treecko08 (5)

September 01, 2019
trade with alecks: my ivysaur14, cyndaquil18, squirtle11, squirtle14 for their ariados19, ariados20, swampert07, swampert08 + MCs (5)

August 28, 2019
trade with samu: my togepi18 for their flygon11 (1)
trade with mio: my zoroark15, eevee08, eevee18, banette19, deino17, rattata18 for their dratini14, dratini20, gardevoir10, gardevoir17, horsea10, kabuto02 (6)
trade with jun: my drampa06, drampa04, herdier03, herdier04, rotom09, tyrantrum15 for their ariados05, ariados06, swampert01, swampert02, ariados14, swampert13 (6)

August 27, 2019
trade with cami: my pichu01, pichu14 for their ariados07, ariados08 + MCs (3)
trade with samu: my drifloon01, drifloon02, chandelure01, chandelure02 for their swampert03, swampert04, ariados03, ariados04 + MCs (5)
trade with mio: my zoroark03, zoroark04, zoroark08 for their ariados01, ariados02, flygon09 + MCs (4)
trade with jun: my machop06, lillipup03, lillipup15, entei06, rotom13, volcarona02, volcarona05, volcarona15 for their kabutops03, kingdra14, mantine15, misdreavus08, sandshrew06, slowpoke08, slowpoke12, tentacool08 + MCs (9)
trade with bunny: my ivysaur03, ivysaur07 for their flygon04, starmie15 + MCs (3)
trade with rue: my flareon03, rowlet17, skiddo12 for their mudkip12, gengar05, sandshrew14 + MCs (4)