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My name is Jessica! I'm currently 27 years old (I'm getting so old ;_;). I've been playing TCGs since 2010, and I have been a member of 47+ different tcgs since then. I have previously run/co-owned 07 tcgs in the past, with some upcoming! I am    currently a member of 01 TCG, but hopefully we can change that soon! Refer me if you happen to join any of the TCGs I'm a member at! Look forward to playing with you <3

Victory Road ☆

a Pokemon TCG

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Activity Logs

This page logs every activity I have ever done here at Victory Road.

November 09, 2019
new decks: dewott17, dewott04, greninja03, greninja04, jellicent08, jellicent14, pyukumuku02, pyukumuku11, qwilfish05, qwilfish19
for deckmaking: greninja07, politoed01
update freebies (3 choice baby pokemon):
update freebies (NOVEMBER): (N), (O), (V), (E), (M), (B), (E), (R)
totodile 21: meganium02, nidoranf13, weezing11, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy
hang-ten: natu01, hitmonlee13, electabuzz06, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
pokecenter: jirachi04, munna20, weepinbell15, pyukumuku09, shuppet15, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy, +1 dragon candy
ditto: vulpix16, milotic19, frillish20, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy
magne memory: lapras09, ekans03, spinarak08, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
azumarill's reflection: chandelure08, victreebel03, dewott16, machop17, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
daycare downtime: omanyte08, pikachu07, wooper14, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 ghost candy
minun or plusle: phanpy07, poliwrath14, seaking04, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
team troubles: unown17, aerodactyl06, blaziken03, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
who's that pokemon: munchlax01, nidoking06, gastrodon12, jynx09, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
pokemon sighting (1 match): kadabra08, houndour03
safari zone: gastrodon11, tentacool19
dragon dice (1 number): absol07, tyrogue11, +5 stardust
pokemon contest: gastrodon19, marowak11, tauros13, + 10 stardust
pokedex entries: gible07, drampa08, dodrio04, onix20, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy
pokemart (simple choice): aerodactyl10 (-choice x01)
pokemart (chansey's choice): aerodactyl12, aerodactyl13, aerodactyl15 (-250 stardust)
pokemart (poffin pack): snivy20, omanyte07, seviper04, articuno16, shaymin18, seel15, oddish18, tauros02, golem13, venonat12, muk14, pinsir12 (-250 stardust)
pokemart (escape rope): electric candy, dark candy, grass candy, ghost candy, poison candy, ice candy, poison candy, fire candy, rock candy, ghost candy, electric candy, ice candy, fire candy, psychic candy, fairy candy (-200 stardust)
moomoo milk (water types): krabby04, horsea18, poliwhirl14, seel02, staryu06, pyukumuku01, tentacruel16, krabby08
pokedex hunt 004: teddiursa20, togetic06, bulbasaur17, venomoth08 (-golem07)
candy trade: 5 bug candies, 5 water candies, 5 grass candies, 3 fairy candies (-6 flying candies, 12 dragon candies)

November 04, 2019
candy trade: 10 ground candies, 6 water candies (-6 flying candies, 4 electric candies, 4 fire candies, 2 dark candies / LyAnn)

November 03, 2019
level ups: phanpy03, oddish17, spearow13, dratini13, chansey08, +10 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 dark candy

November 02, 2019
pokedex hunt 004: drifloon01, igglybuff07, golem07, magikarp11 (-golem08)
halloween treat bag: phanpy04, eevee17, lampent08, gyarados08, skiddo07, swoobat16, joltik03, mew18, froakie07, rhyhorn13, magnemite09 , +200 stardust
events: ev-201911, ev-octobermotm, ev-novembermotm
update freebies: +1 ditto coupon, +200 stardust
elite four (round 01): kabutops13, rotom19, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): gothita01, dodrio18, metapod01, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): gardevoir10, charmander09, swoobat07, aerodactyl16, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
elite four (round 04): azumarill16, krabby20, golduck20, volcarona01, croconaw07, +10 stardust, +1 steel candy
elite four (round 05): zoroark06, tyrunt06, ponyta09, electrode16, lugia07, celebi04, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 ground candy, +1 fire candy
decipher: umbreon15, scraggy05, slowpoke05, squirtle15, lillipup13, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
jirachi's wishes: mudkip04, goomy07, minccino10, shuppet13, +10 stardust, +1 bug candy, +1 dragon candy
roto lotto (november): goldeen01, octillery02, torchic01, growlithe04, beedrill02, mareep01, kabuto05, pinsir01

October 30, 2019
deck mastery (lapras): gardevoir09, gardevoir11, raikou09, moltres12, skiddo15, +20 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 psychic candy

October 29, 2019
new decks: brionne01, brionne02, ho-oh07, ho-oh08, dialga06, dialga07, goomy05, goomy06, clamperl01, clamperl02
for deckmaking: donphan12
update freebies (HALLOWEEN): marshtomp15 (H), staryu13 (A), flygon17 (L), lapras09 (L), gardevoir07 (O), growlithe02 (W), aerodactyl04 (E), aerodactyl08 (E), trapinch15 (N)
update freebies (5 choice legendary): celebi01, lugia04, lugia05, suicune01, suicune03
update freebies (5 choice candies): water candy, water candy, water candy, water candy, water candy
discord qotw (10/15-10/22): gengar19, meganium04
totodile 21: raikou14, venomoth01, magikarp20, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
hang-ten: starmie03, treecko16, spearow19, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
pokecenter: starly15, wooper11, seel06, sandshrew11, shaymin14, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy, +1 electric candy
ditto: munchlax02, hypno16, leafeon06, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
magne memory: cresselia05, fennekin20, smoochum08, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
azumarill's reflection: chimchar13, wigglytuff10, ditto19, typhlosion08, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
daycare downtime: charmander18, vileplume06, swampert09, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy, +1 steel candy
minun or plusle: tentacruel02, horsea13, duskull10, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
team troubles: chinchou19, nidorino03, kakuna05, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy
eeveelution master (friendship): pidgey04, cloyster04, marill03, stufful15, herdier06, +5 stardust
someone's pc: transferred butterfree15 for omanyte05
pick a pokemon (weavile): brionne16, bellsprout10, fearow10, persian11, victreebel07, litten06, hitmontop17, +10 stardust, +1 electric candy, +1 dragon candy
card puzzle: jynx14, sandslash07, +5 stardust
monster mash: gible17, treecko11, gardevoir08, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
quote em all: tyrogue03, muk09, poliwhirl07, mawile01, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
roto lotto (october): squirtle08, spheal05, cloyster16, gastrodon07, torchic19, litwick17, ponyta12, magby19, roselia06, tangela19, pumpkaboo07, gloom13
level ups: kirlia15, rhyhorn02, porygon07, marill15, pumpkaboo18, +10 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 fairy candy
pokedex hunt 003: rhyhorn08, totodile18 (-bellsprout07)
deck mastery (misdreavus): staryu14, staryu15, xatu14, seviper05, bellossom14, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy
deck mastery (ralts): kirlia16, kirlia17, raikou18, dartrix17, bellsprout03, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy
deck mastery (slowpoke): kirlia19, kirlia20, joltik02, rhyhorn14, hypno06, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 psychic candy
deck mastery (trapinch): lapras10, lapras11, furfrou12, hypno05, torracat07, +20 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 psychic candy
deck mastery (marshtomp): lapras13, lapras14, alakazam06, dugtrio10, blissey04, +20 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 psychic candy
deck mastery (staryu): lapras15, lapras16, tangela19, muk13, nidoranm06, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy
deck mastery (kirlia): lapras17, lapras18, voltorb02, luvdisc01, wooper07, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy
stampcard: scraggy05, dugtrio13, cyndaquil14, corsola06, +1 flying candy
stampcard: beedrill05, mewtwo18, chimchar20, primeape20, +1 water candy
stampcard: muk05, umbreon15, kingler08, aron11, +1 fairy candy
stampcard: bellsprout16, rapidash08, seel01, dugtrio04, +1 fairy candy
stampcard: lapras19, marshtomp20, popplio03, dewgong06, suicune04, +1 grass candy
pokemaret (simple choice): lapras20 (-choice x01)
pokemaret (poffin pack): primeape13, feraligatr07, salamence15, pichu07, duskull01, rotom13, lapras11, flaaffy11, krabby07, diancie08, psyduck12, scyther01 (-250 stardust)
pokemaret (escape rope): fighting candy, steel candy, rock candy, rock candy, dragon candy, flying candy, water candy, psychic candy, fire candy, fairy candy, fighting candy, rock candy, steel candy, bug candy, flying candy

October 22, 2019
new decks: typhlosion07, typhlosion08, mimikyu13, mimikyu06, frogadier02, frogadier13, combee12, combee14, granbull01, granbull02
for deckmaking: typhlosion12, frogadier04
update freebies (ARMY): staryu05 (A), kirlia14 (R), marshtomp13 (M), flygon15 (Y)
update freebies (SHIELD): staryu07 (S), marshtomp14 (H), trapinch14 (I), gardevoir05 (E), flygon16 (L), lapras03 (D)
update freebies (10 random cards): combee13, meganium16, frillish10, corsola20, golbat13, espurr06, entei19, lugia02, celesteela01, poliwhirl20
totodile 21: grimer05, banette10, ampharos15, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
hang-ten: froakie20, sandshrew19, purrloin18, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
pokecenter: pinsir19, charizard01, celebi05, murkrow18, nidorino03, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy, +1 bug candy
ditto: kingler02, psyduck15, tangela12, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
magne memory: spoink02, zorua11, minccino15, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
azumarill's reflection: cinccino12, chespin20, zorua10, fennekin08, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
daycare downtime: scyther04, noibat09, absol13, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy, +1 normal candy
minun or plusle: absol06, salamence01, tangela05, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
team troubles: seadra08, igglybuff08, gengar08, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
who's that pokemon: spinarak03, stufful17, charmeleon16, pidgey17, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): scraggy15
safari zone:
dragon dice (1 numbers): stufful12, morelull05, +5 stardust
pokemon contest: venonat14, munna11, muk01, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: muk19, crobat01, muk14, cottonee16, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy

October 17, 2019
new decks: azelf06, azelf07, stufful10, stufful11, flabebe01, flabebe02, hitmontop01, hitmontop02, scraggy11, scraggy12
update freebies (3 choice base pokemon): slowpoke19, slowpoke20, trapinch13
update freebies (set of 18 candies): bug, dark, dragon, electric, fairy fighting, fire, flying, ghost, grass, ground, ice, normal, poison, psychic, rock, steel, water
discord qotw (10/03-10/10): girafarig03, togetic14, fennekin12, misdreavus01, eevee15, sylveon09, aerodactyl05
totodile 21: slowpoke18, corsola13, poliwag18, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
hang-ten: mewtwo13, fennekin02, tangela09, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
pokecenter: shaymin05, chikorita14, machoke15, onix19, scraggy01, +5 stardust, +1 fairy candy, +1 fairy candy
ditto: munchlax12, mantine04, gible20, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
magne memory: haunter05, celesteela03, mimikyu18, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy
azumarill's reflection: exeggutor03, omastar20, entei08, metapod13, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
daycare downtime: lapras08, ivysaur03, gardevoir04, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy, +1 flying candy
minun or plusle: xatu01, vaporeon02, poliwrath04, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
team troubles: rhyhorn07, krabby17, misdreavus07, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
eeveelution master (fire stone): pidgeot20, nidoking13, +1 fighting candy
pick a pokemon (blaziken): tepig09, gastrodon02, houndour12, +5 stardust
card puzzle: farfetchd03, suicune11, +5 stardust
monster mash: teddiursa07, noibat06, articuno08, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
quote em all: diancie10, murkrow17, geodude19, smoochum19, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy

October 16, 2019
pokedex hunt 003: farfetchd02, poliwhirl20 (-bellsprout06)

October 10, 2019
new decks: shuppet17, shuppet18, poochyena01, poochyena02, munna03, munna04, crobat07, crobat08, darkrai01, darkrai02
update freebies (2 choice dark type, 2 choice ghost type): absol01, absol02 (dark); gastly02, gastly03 (ghost)
totodile 21: natu20, beedrill16, morelull11, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
hang-ten: milotic16, alakazam12, chimchar08, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
pokecenter: diancie15, poliwhirl08, sylveon03, bellsprout07, cresselia11, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy, +1 fairy candy
ditto: salamence06, sylveon01, combee11, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
magne memory: rockruff14, dratini11, mareep12, +5 stardust, +1 water candy
azumarill's reflection: jynx10, hitmontop08, zebstrika02, seviper11, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
daycare downtime: buneary04, smoochum17, venusaur11, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 flying candy
minun or plusle: froakie02, minccino18, seviper16, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
team troubles: tentacruel10, morelull18, weezing20, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
who's that pokemon: venusaur14, vileplume17, smoochum17, tyranitar16, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): buneary14
dragon dice (consolation prize): smoochum13
pokemon contest: milotic01, wigglytuff18, leafeon01, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: flygon11, jigglypuff15, tangela18, diglett05, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
elite four (round 01): drifloon16, jynx06, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): machamp08, dodrio18, popplio18, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): lanturn05, chansey04, slowbro19, nidoranf08, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
elite four (round 04): moltres04, rotom02, hoppip18, venonat09, luvdisc18, +10 stardust, +1 flying candy
elite four (round 05): celebi16, mankey18, tentacruel05, shuppet05, goldeen07, glaceon06, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 poison candy, +1 fire candy
dechiper: hitmonlee04, seaking08, typhlosion05, deerling13, shellder05, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
jirachi's wishes: raikou12, trubbish10, wooper20, slowbro06, +10 stardust, +1 bug candy, +1 grass candy

October 01, 2019
new decks: dartrix03, dartrix04, celesteela03, celesteela08, deerling07, deerling08, spoink01, spoink02, tyranitar12, tyranitar13
for deckmaking: spoink03, tyranitar14
events: ev-201910, ev-motm
update freebies (5 choice first evolution pokemon): misdreavus16, misdreavus17, slowpoke16, slowpoke17, trapinch16
update freebies (AUTUMN): trapinch11 (A), misdreavus18 (U), swampert20 (T), staryu04 (U), swampert19 (M), trapinch12 (N)
totodile 21: deerling12, hypno06, celesteela19, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
hang-ten: nidorina14, sneasel20, chespin18, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
pokecenter: roselia10, exeggcute07, nidoking20, misdreavus02, suicune02, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy, +1 bug candy
ditto: mantine16, spoink13, electrode08, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
magne memory: pidgeotto12, koffing08, gardevoir03, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
azumarill's reflection: articuno06, growlithe03, kangaskhan18, sableye06, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
daycare downtime: zebstrika11, weezing07, magnemite14, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 fighting candy
minun or plusle: parasect15, muk20, ampharos01, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
team troubles: Lost!
eeveelution master (friendship): tauros11, girafarig10, gastly01, seaking04, frillish13, +5 stardust
someone's pc: transferred chinchou09 for flygon19
pick a pokemon (blaziken): slowpoke18, vileplume03, scyther14, +5 stardust
card puzzle: fennekin01, tangela07, +5 stardust
monster mash: marowak06, voltorb16, gardevoir08, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
quote em all: omastar17, poliwhirl06, natu05, deino06, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy
elite four (round 01): lillipup03, torracat09, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): kabuto20, poliwag05, diancie14, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): gastrodon03, luvdisc04, mankey15, leafeon12, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
elite four (round 04): rhydon07, starly01, wartortle18, metapod17, rowlet10, +10 stardust, +1 psychic candy
elite four (round 05): starly10, pidgey06, hitmonchan10, poliwrath14, victreebel07, hoppip07, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 bug candy, +1 grass candy
decipher: drifloon16, swampert07, venomoth17, chimchar01, poliwrath17, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
jirachi's wishes: wigglytuff09, zoroark19, magneton10, sableye11, +10 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 dragon candy

September 25, 2019
new decks: milotic09, milotic10, milotic11, milotic12, komala09, komala10, komala11, komala12, noibat07, noibat08, noibat09, noibat10, gothita09, marshtomp09, marshtomp10, marshtomp11, marshtomp12, trapinch08, trapinch09, trapinch10
for deckmaking: azumarill05, leafeon02, marshtomp16, mawile01, milotic01, octillery01, trapinch17
events: ev-grandopening, ev-40members
update freebies (GRAND OPENING): gardevoir03 (G), swampert12 (R), kirlia12 (A), trapinch20 (N), misdreavus11 (D), marshtomp18 (O), marshtomp20 (P), slowpoke11 (E), trapinch19 (N), misdreavus12 (I), flygon14 (N), flygon12 (G)
update freebies (DARK TYPE): misdreavous13 (D), swampert14 (A), kirlia13 (R), slowpoke15 (K), marshtomp17 (T), staryu03 (Y), trapinch18 (P), gardevoir04 (E)
update freebies (FALL 2019): flygon10 (F), aerodactly03 (A), lapras02 (L), lugia01 (L), ralts20 (2), misdreavus10 (0), slowpoke14 (1), marshtomp19 (9)
update freebies (10 random candies): fairy candy, bug candy, fairy candy, fairy candy, rock candy, electric candy, psychic candy, bug candy, fire candy, fairy candy
totodile 21: weedle05, vaporeon18, electabuzz04, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
hang-ten: gothita06, kirlia10, sharpedo02, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
pokecenter: machamp15, arcanine06, togepi04, aerodactyl01, dugtrio19, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 normal candy
ditto: gible17, snivy01, golbat02, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
magne memory: caterpie13, magby02, arbok18, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
azumarill's reflection: starmie15, magmar04, quagsire15, pikachu08, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
daycare downtime: wigglytuff03, omastar02, bellossom08, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 electric candy
minun or plusle: gothita16, pinsir12, roselia04, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
team troubles: wartortle14, magikarp18, quilava13, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
who's that pokemon: feebas03, omastar04, spearow02, raticate03, +5 stardust, +1 water candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): zoroark19
safari zone: sneasel01, poliwag12
dragon dice (3 numbers): skitty01, houndour03, raichu18, +1 choice coupon, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
ookemon contest: starmie10, bellossom19, ekans08, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: trubbish01, kangaskhan12, porygon02, altaria01, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
referral: entei14, flaaffy18
referral: tangela09, pidgeotto12
referral: jolteon06, gastly08
level ups: misdreavus14, oddish13, shellder01, gyarados17, raikou15, +10 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 dragon candy

September 20, 2019
pokemart (poffin pack): weezing20, primeape01, kakuna12, pumpkaboo20, piplup13, popplio07, kabuto19, mantine18, tentacruel05, hitmonlee20, togetic20, arcanine17 (-250 stardust)
pokemart (chansey's choice): ralts15, ralts17, ralts18 (-250 stardust)
pokemart (energy powder): kadabra08, celebi15, tauros14, raticate02, sableye12, rapidash05, togetic09, corsola14 (-100 stardust)

September 19, 2019
deck mastery (mudkip): ralts11, ralts12, sharpedo11, bayleef05, poliwhirl03, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 ground candy
stampcard: lugia03, tentacool14, suicune13, hitmonchan02, +1 electric candy
stampcard: krabby08, ariados06, totodile10, kangaskhan15, +1 ghost candy
stampcard: ralts10, marowak04, squirtle02, hitmonchan10, venipede04, +1 fire candy
mini mastery (smiling): alts13, ralts14, hoppip01, gloom10, +20 stardust

September 17, 2019
new decks: tyrogue04, tyrogue06, blaziken03, blaziken04, kirlia08, kirlia09
for deckmaking: blaziken01, kirlia07
discord qotw (9/10-9/17): tentacool06, torchic03, gastrodon04, bellsprout07, chikorita07, chikorita20, magikarp13
event cards: ev-201909
update freebies (3 choice from favourite Pokemon): mudkip19, mudkip20, mudkip03
totodile 21: jynx18, rattata20, porygon06, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy
hang-ten: snorlax04, dratini11, weedle14, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
pokecenter: zoroark19, tyrunt20, golduck18, muk19, sneasel18, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy, +1 poison candy
ditto: venonat10, pinsir07, piplup13, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
magne memory: sharpedo05, tentacruel19, volcarona14, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
azumarill's reflection: trubbish09, butterfree08, ralts09, blaziken09, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
daycare downtime: chinchou09, nidorino01, weezing20, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 normal candy
minun or plusle: herdier08, cyndaquil05, horsea18, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
team troubles: Lost!
eeveelution master (thunder stone): swampert04, kingdra20, seel01
someone's pc: transferred lickitung19 for mareep10
pick a pokemon (chandelure): Nothing!
card puzzle: spheal12, celebi08, +5 stardust
monster mash: ivysaur05, lillipup20, ekans19, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
quote em all: misdreavus06, roselia17, tyrogue05, charizard02, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy

September 14, 2019
deck mastery (spinarak): mudkip11, mudkip13, lillipup04, espeon03, metapod06, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy
deck mastery (ariados): mudkip15, mudkip16, arcanine15, snivy16, haunter09, +20 stardust, +1 water candy, +1 water candy

September 12, 2019
level ups: mudkip10, zubat04, pidgeotto11, metapod12, magnemite02, +10 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 steel candy

September 10, 2019
new decks: happiny03, happiny04, zebstrika08, zebstrika09, spinarak08, spinarak09, glaceon01, glaceon20, litwick03, litwick04
for deckmaking: glaceon19, phanpy01, spinarak07, zebstrika10
discord freebies: piplup17, fearow02, chinchou20
update freebies (DORIAN): mudkip09 (D), slowpoke10 (O), ralts07 (R), misdreavus09 (I), staryu02 (A), spinarak10 (N)
update freebies (card pack): ralts16, pidgeot11, aerodactyl18, goldeen06, sableye05, ampharos13
update freebies (choice for commenting): ariados18
totodile 21: chansey13, butterfree15, articuno10, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
hang-ten: grimer18, morelull20, rotom17, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
pokecenter: mewtwo09, victreebel04, seviper13, teddiursa02, chansey06, +5 stardust, +1 fairy candy, +1 rock candy
ditto: joltik10, kangaskhan11, dugtrio04, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
magne memory: eevee19, scyther16, shellder13, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy
azumarill's reflection: growlithe01, aron06, hoppip11, zubat20, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
daycare downtime: zubat11, rowlet13, kabuto04, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy, +1 psychic candy
minun or plusle: nidoranm13, voltorb06, abra11, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
team troubles: buneary18, chikorita04, teddiursa19, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
who's that pokemon: shaymin06, golduck17, omanyte09, machoke17, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): mareep11
safari zone: swampert15, ralts08
dragon dice (1 number): tyrunt04, growlithe16, +5 stardust
pokemon contest: zorua12, sunflora14, phanpy19, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: jirachi02, feraligatr08, vileplume20, eevee04, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy

September 06, 2019
forum participation (wishlist creation): sharpedo12, abra10, celebi03

September 03, 2019
new decks: ralts03, ralts04, mareep04, mareep13, espurr20, murkrow15
for deckmaking: ralts01, sylveon03
update freebies (SEPTEMBER): slowpoke02 (S), slowpoke06 (E), mudkip05 (P), swampert09 (T), swampert10 (E), mudkip07 (M), kabuto01 (B), misdreavus04 (E), misdreavus05 (R)
update freebies (GALAR): flygon08 (G), ariados16 (A), slowpoke09 (L), misdreavus07 (A), swampert11 (R)
update freebies (5 choice candies): water candy, water candy, water candy, water candy, water candy
totodile 21: charmander06, gengar18, aerodactyl02, +5 stardust, +1 fairy candy
hang-ten: fennekin06, stantler15, absol11, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
pokecenter: persian02, dewgong01, ponyta15, kabutops09, cyndaquil14, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy, +1 water candy
ditto: teddiursa05, poliwhirl09, seedot14, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
magne memory: goldeen19, butterfree15, cresselia13, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
azumarill's reflection: hypno01, gyarados05, jolteon15, alakazam17, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
daycare downtime: minccino03, charmander14, lapras04, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy, +1 fighting candy
minun or plusle: gyarados07, pidgeot12, turtwig07, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
team troubles: Lost!
eeveelution master (moonlight): machop12
someone's pc: transferred lickitung19 for gardevoir19
pick a pokemon (pikachu): alakazam12, +5 stardust
card puzzle: sharpedo13, horsea14, +5 stardust
monster mash: torchic17, meganium20, chinchou09, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
quote em all: paras17, cubone06, squirtle14, litten10, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy

September 02, 2019
events: ev-firstmastery, ev-firstlevel
update freebies (ONE, #01): ariados15 (O), flygon07 (N), slowpoke07 (E), starmie01 (#01)
update freebies (2 choice fire pokemon): ponyta02, ponyta05
elite four (round 01): sneasel06, dugtrio06, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): snivy17, kadabra11, popplio18, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): golbat15, psyduck17, paras16, tyrunt17, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
elite four (round 04): porygon06, zubat01, misdreavus01, lickitung19, lickitung19, +10 stardust, +1 water candy
elite four (round 05): rattata13, ditto04, moltres16, onix07, voltorb10, entei17, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 ice candy
decipher: pinsir16, drampa03, mewtwo08, magikarp15, aron18, +5 stardust, +1 water candy
roto lotto (september 2019): staryu09, slowpoke05, nidoranm19, horsea13, ponyta10, sandshrew16, poliwag09, zubat10, teddiursa12, omanyte19
pokedex hunt round 002: vulpix14, cyndaquil17 (-porygon06)

August 28, 2019
level ups: mudkip02, mewtwo10, cinccino11, cresselia01, beedrill06, +10 stardust, +1 psychic candy, +1 normal candy
roto lotto (august): salamence19, slowpoke03, gardevoir06, tentacruel06, flaaffy07, misdreavus19
roto lotto (PREJOIN): mudkip03 (P), ariados12 (R), misdreavus03 (E), (J), flygon05 (O), ariados13 (I), tentacool01 (N)

August 27, 2019
new decks: drifloon01, drifloon02, chandelure01, chandelure02, zoroark03, zoroark04, drampa03, drampa06, herdier03, herdier04
for deckmaking: ariados09, pichu01, zoroark08, swampert05
wishes (Jess - MOVING OUT): mudkip01 (M), ariados10 (O), misdreavus01 (V), gardevoir02 (I), dratini01 (N), flygon02 (G), slowpoke01 (O), staryu01 (U), swampert06 (T)
wishes (Haylee - RE-OPEN): ariados11 (R), misdreavus02 (E), omanyte01 (O), lapras01 (P), ninetales01 (E), nidoranf01 (N)
wishes (chives - choice candy): water candy
events: ev-10members, ev-20members, ev-30members
referral: bellsprout06, tyrantrum15
referral: tangela13, gastly09
referral: absol20, golem08
referral: flaaffy17, roselia20
referral: dratini15, zoroark15
referral: kabuto08, tentacruel04
referral: swampert16, kingdra15
referral: rotom09, kangaskhan15
referral: pichu14, mudkip08
referral: grimer10, stantler06
referral: minccino05, oshawott10
referral: gloom19, absol10
totodile 21: trubbish12, cyndaquil18, banette19, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
hang-ten: spearow08, magneton05, tentacool06, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
pokecenter: eevee18, pinsir10, machop09, tangela10, tepig09, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy, +1 fire candy
ditto: slowbro10, pumpkaboo18, ivysaur14, +5 stardust, +1 poison candy
magne memory: psyduck04, togepi18, wigglytuff11, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
azumarill's reflection: rotom05, quagsire13, poliwrath20, seviper15, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
daycare downtime: bellsprout15, igglybuff03, rapidash13, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy, +1 ice candy
minun or plusle: eevee08, snorlax14, clefable11, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
team troubles: jynx05, gardevoir01, golduck02, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): volcarona12
safari zone: ampharos03, lapras05
dragon dice (2 numbers): electrode20, geodude02, venonat13, +5 stardust
pokemon contest: skiddo10, pinsir07, togetic06, + 10 stardust
pokedex entry: hitmonlee18, gyarados18, magnemite14, magnemite09, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy

August 25, 2019
events: ev-prejoin, ev-201908, ev-rejoin
totodile 21: chinchou17, exeggutor08, kabuto17, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
hang-ten: oddish19, primeape06, diglett02, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
pokecenter: farfetchd18, volcarona05, aron01, kadabra02, magikarp02, +5 stardust, +1 grass candy, +1 bug candy
ditto: treecko18, ekans13, squirtle14, +5 stardust, +1 rock candy
magne memory: marowak02, gengar12, arbok07, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
azumarill's reflection: gastrodon08, ninetales17, ninetales09, machop06, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
daycare downtime: totodile17, lillipup15, weezing19, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 grass candy
minun or plusle: misdreavus06, golbat04, voltorb18, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
team troubles: Lost!
who's that pokemon: slowbro19, turtwig03, staryu08, entei06, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
pokemon sighting (0 matches): skiddo16
safari zone: flygon18, kabutops09
dragon dice (1 match): sunflora02, quagsire18, +5 stardust
pokedex entry: dragonite02, sunflora15, poliwhirl12, voltorb12, +5 stardust, +1 dark candy
eevelution master (friendship): rattata18, kakuna06, seadra17, cinccino15, lickitung19, +5 stardust
someone's pc: transferred lickitung19 for salamence08
pick a pokemon (gengar): -lickitung19
card puzzle: corsola07, chinchou14, +5 stardust
monster mash: misdreavus15, chinchou13, slowpoke04, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy
quote em all: lillipup03, mantine11, oshawott12, bellsprout06, +5 stardust, +1 psychic candy
elite four (round 01): lanturn11, haunter16, +5 stardust
elite four (round 02): dratini06, roselia13, treecko16, +5 stardust
elite four (round 03): ninetales11, rhyhorn18, geodude13, buneary20, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
elite four (round 04): horsea12, electrode05, totodile11, skiddo12, mankey06, +10 stardust, +1 rock candy
elite four (round 05): deino17, marowak14, rowlet17, wartortle12, lapras06, omastar02, +1 choice card coupon, +10 stardust, +1 normal candy, +1 rock candy
decipher: articuno19, lickitung19, kingler10, nidoqueen15, feebas04, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
jirachi's wishes: raichu15, koffing13, volcarona02, arbok14, +10 stardust, +1 steel candy, +1 flying candy
rotto lotto:

July 29, 2019
trainer starter kit: dratini06, dodrio20, seviper07, mudkip14, + mc-Jessica, +20 stardust, +1 ice candy, +1 ice candy
prejoin bonus package: volcarona15, muk03, flareon03, squirtle11, omanyte14, mudkip17, flygon01, +30 stardust, +1 flying candy
rejoiner pack: starmie07, ivysaur07, rotom13, seadra18, doduo01, pidgey02, corsola13, sandshrew12, omanyte06, kabuto03, flygon03, flygon20, +10 stardust, +1 grass candy, +1 ice candy, +1 normal candy, +1 rock candy

July 28, 2019
starter pack: mudkip04, mudkip06, flygon06, ivysaur03, lickitung19, magby02, +30 stardust

Trade Logs

January 02, 2020
- Traded Mio: my mightyena09, mightyena10 for beedrill12, beedrill19

December 15, 2019
- Traded Bun: my cottonee16, bellsprout03, bellsprout07, bellsprout10, bellsprout16, gible17, geodude02, geodude13, geodude19, magnemite09, magnemite14, mudkip03 for blaziken05, gyarados11, joltik09, joltik17, pinsir08, quagsire17, salamence04, seadra10, seadra12, spoink09, umbreon11, wooper01 (12)

November 11, 2019
- Traded Bun: my horsea18, lapras09, poliwhirl20, staryu06, moltres04, moltres16 for aerodactyl19, cloyster19, kingdra04, octillery06, omastar10, salamence03 (6)

November 04, 2019
- Traded Selena: my dartrix17, murkrow17, rowlet10, starly01, froakie02, froakie07, mimikyu06, mimikyu13, skiddo07, skiddo15, umbreon15, zorua10 for beedrill08, kabuto11, kakuna02, kakuna18, kakuna19, slowbro01, slowbro10, slowbro11, tangela08, tangela11, weedle02, weedle11 (12)

November 02, 2019
- Traded Samu: my chansey04, cinccino12, espurr06, frillish10, furfrou12, herdier06, herdier08, igglybuff07, igglybuff08, jynx06, jynx10, jynx14, minccino10, minccino15, munna11, stufful17, smoochum08, espeon03, jigglypuff15, shaymin14 for kakuna13, cloyster05, cloyster13, dewgong19, girafarig01, girafarig09, girafarig17, granbull18, growlithe15, kabutops14, kabutops17, kingdra18, kingdra19, mantine12, mantine19, marill11, marill19, pinsir14, sandshrew05, scyther06 (20)
- Traded Bun: my kangaskhan11, kangaskhan12, kangaskhan15, kangaskhan18, seel01, chinchou09, chinchou14, spinarak03, luvdisc18 for slowbro09, slowbro12, beedrill15, blaziken16, mantine05, omanyte15, omastar11, sharpedo14, wooper18 (9)
- Traded gaelle: my duskull10, mimikyu18, sableye17, litten06 for donphan09, donphan13, donphan14, donphan15 + MCs (5)

November 01, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my cresselia11, chinchou19, chinchou20 for phanpy02, phanpy09, phanpy10 (3)
- Traded Bun: my lapras11, horsea13, luvdisc01, luvdisc04 for donphan19, donphan20, shellder09, shellder10 + MCs (5)

October 29, 2019
- Traded lyann: my shaymin05, turtwig07 for donphan10, donphan11 (2)
- Traded samu: my diancie10, diancie15 for tangela17, girafarig02 (2)
- Traded jun: my hitmontop01, hitmontop02, hitmontop08, machamp08, rockruff14, abra10, banette10, chikorita04 for aerodactyl11, aerodactyl14, gardevoir13, slowbro07, slowbro20, starmie02, tangela04, altaria10 (8)
candy trade with jun: my 10 fighting candies for their 8 ground candies, 2 water candies
- Traded samu: my goomy05, goomy06, clamperl01, clamperl02 for donphan07, donphan08, starmie05, starmie13 (4)
- Traded selena: my dialga06, dialga07 for donphan05, donphan06 (2)
- Traded anna: my brionne01, brionne02, brionne16 for donphan03, donphan04, phanpy08 (3)
- Traded jun: my ho-oh07, ho-oh08 for donphan01, donphan02 (2)
- Traded gaelle: my scraggy11, scraggy12 for aerodactyl09, kabuto09 (2)

October 28, 2019
- Traded Samu: my chansey13, cinccino15, diancie14, espurr20, frillish13, lillipup03, lillipup04, slowpoke18 for kirlia18, absol09, beedrill01, beedrill07, beedrill09, beedrill10, beedrill18, goldeen03 (8)

October 24, 2019
- Traded lyann: my typhlosion07, typhlosion08 for kabutops16, mareep09 (2)

October 19, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my deerling12 for staryu20 (1)

October 17, 2019
- Traded jun: my celesteela19, celesteela03, celesteela08, gastly08 for trapinch06, tyranitar07, tyranitar08, tyranitar10 (4)
- Traded anna: my munna03, munna04 for crobat01, crobat02 (2)
- Traded mio: my poochyena01, poochyena02 for crobat03, crobat04 (2)
- Traded lyann: my shuppet17, shuppet18 for crobat05, crobat06 (2)
- Traded Jun: my hitmonchan10, hitmonlee20, kadabra08, kadabra11, machamp15, shaymin06, tepig09 for magnemite06, magnemite07, magnemite19, onix05, onix08, onix17, onix18 (7)
- Traded Jams: my ivysaur05, swampert04, abra11, alakazam12, alakazam17, kadabra02 for goldeen04, kabutops04, kakuna04, kingdra01, lapras07, lapras12 + MCs (7)

October 16, 2019
- Traded selena: my azelf06, azelf07 for slowpoke18, quagsire05 (2)
- Traded jun: my stufful10, stufful11 for swampert17, treecko10 (2)
- Traded chanda: my charmander06, litten10 for swampert18, trapinch07 + MCs (3)

October 09, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my quilava13 for staryu18 (1)

October 08, 2019
- Traded mio: my dartrix03, dartrix04 for tyranitar01, tyranitar02 (2)
- Traded lyann: my sableye12, deerling07, deerling08 for tyranitar09, tyranitar11, gardevoir15 (3)
- Traded Samu: my lillipup20, trubbish09 for tyranitar03, tyranitar04 (2)
- Traded Selena: my zoroark19, zorua12 for tyranitar05, tyranitar06 (2)

September 26, 2019
- Traded samu: my gothita06, gothita16 for staryu12, staryu19 (2)
- Traded lyann: my noibat07, noibat08, noibat09, noibat10, gothita09 for marshtomp01, marshtomp02, marshtomp03, marshtomp04, trapinch05 (5)

September 25, 2019
- Traded mio: my komala09, komala10, komala11, komala12 for marshtomp05, marshtomp06, marshtomp07, marshtomp08 (4)
- Traded selena: my milotic09, milotic10, milotic11, milotic12 for trapinch01, trapinch02, trapinch03, trapinch04 (4)

September 22, 2019
- Traded selena: my piplup13 for ralts19 (1)

September 18, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my igglybuff03, rotom05 for kirlia10, kirlia11 (2)
- Traded jun: my tyrogue04, tyrogue05, tyrogue06 for kirlia03, kirlia04, skitty09 (3)

September 17, 2019
- Traded haylee: my stantler06, stantler15 for kirlia05, kirlia06 (2)
- Traded selena: my blaziken03, blaziken04 for kirlia01, kirlia02 (2)

September 13, 2019
- Traded samu: my jynx05, morelull20 for spinarak19, spinarak20 (2)

September 11, 2019
- traded rue: my 3 ice candies, 2 fire candies for their 5 bug candies
- Traded bunny: my litwick03, litwick04, 2 ghost candies for spinarak17, spinarak18, 2 bug candies (2)
- Traded selena: my charmander14, popplio18, 3 grass candies for spinarak15, spinarak16, 3 bug candies (2)
- Traded nejana: my glaceon01, glaceon19, glaceon20 for spinarak13, spinarak14, dratini16 (3)
- Traded mio: my rattata13, joltik10, 3 dark candies for spinarak11, spinarak12, 3 bug candies (2)
- Traded nejana: 6 psychic candies for 6 bug candies

September 10, 2019
- Traded osaka: my happiny03, happiny04 for spinarak03, spinarak04 + MCs (3)
- Traded haylee: my zebstrika08, zebstrika09, zebstrika10 for spinarak05, spinarak06, mudkip18 + MCs (4)
- Traded jun: my machoke17, jirachi02, rotom17, aron06 for slowpoke13, staryu17, spinarak01, spinarak02 (4)

September 05, 2019
- Traded Selena: my cresselia13, fennekin06, oshawott10, skiddo10, skiddo16, togetic06, volcarona12, dratini06 for misdreavus20, aerodactyl01, aerodactyl06, aerodactyl07, beedrill17, cubone11, gyarados20, kabuto10 + MCs (9)
- Traded Hotaru: my farfetchd18 for flygon13 + MCs (2)

September 04, 2019
- Traded jun: my bellsprout15, voltorb10, cyndaquil14 for ralts02, ralts05, ralts06 (3)

September 03, 2019
- Traded LyAnn: my cyndaquil17 for ariados17 + MCs (2)

September 02, 2019
- Traded nejana: my oddish19 for igglybuff14 + MCs (2)
- Traded bunny: my clefable11, corsola13, kangaskhan15 for paras04, sableye17, misdreavus19 (3)
- Traded jun: my totodile11, totodile17, machop09, drampa03, entei17, aron01, aron18 for chimchar06, koffing14, pikachu18, teddiursa17, togepi10, staryu06, staryu10 (7)
trade with samu: my buneary20, minccino05, oshawott10, oshawott12, trubbish12 for their gyarados19, sandslash17, staryu16, tentacool12, treecko08 (5)

September 01, 2019
trade with alecks: my ivysaur14, cyndaquil18, squirtle11, squirtle14 for their ariados19, ariados20, swampert07, swampert08 + MCs (5)

August 28, 2019
trade with samu: my togepi18 for their flygon11 (1)
trade with mio: my zoroark15, eevee08, eevee18, banette19, deino17, rattata18 for their dratini14, dratini20, gardevoir10, gardevoir17, horsea10, kabuto02 (6)
trade with jun: my drampa06, drampa04, herdier03, herdier04, rotom09, tyrantrum15 for their ariados05, ariados06, swampert01, swampert02, ariados14, swampert13 (6)

August 27, 2019
trade with cami: my pichu01, pichu14 for their ariados07, ariados08 + MCs (3)
trade with samu: my drifloon01, drifloon02, chandelure01, chandelure02 for their swampert03, swampert04, ariados03, ariados04 + MCs (5)
trade with mio: my zoroark03, zoroark04, zoroark08 for their ariados01, ariados02, flygon09 + MCs (4)
trade with jun: my machop06, lillipup03, lillipup15, entei06, rotom13, volcarona02, volcarona05, volcarona15 for their kabutops03, kingdra14, mantine15, misdreavus08, sandshrew06, slowpoke08, slowpoke12, tentacool08 + MCs (9)
trade with bunny: my ivysaur03, ivysaur07 for their flygon04, starmie15 + MCs (3)
trade with rue: my flareon03, rowlet17, skiddo12 for their mudkip12, gengar05, sandshrew14 + MCs (4)