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My name is Jessica! I'm currently 27 years old (I'm getting so old ;_;). I've been playing TCGs since 2010, and I have been a member of 47+ different tcgs since then. I have previously run/co-owned 07 tcgs in the past, with some upcoming! I am    currently a member of 01 TCG, but hopefully we can change that soon! Refer me if you happen to join any of the TCGs I'm a member at! Look forward to playing with you <3

Victory Road ☆

a Pokemon TCG

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Currently Collecting

These decks are the ones I am currently collecting. Please do NOT request a trade for any of these cards. Thanks.

aerodactyl (18/20)

beedrill (14/20)

donphan (17/20)

flygon (20/20)

gardevoir (15/20)

kabuto (12/20)

kakuna (8/20)

phanpy (9/20)

slowbro (10/20)

starmie (8/20)

swampert (20/20)

tangela (12/20)

tyranitar (15/20)

weedle (4/20)