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Active TCGs

These are all TCGs that I have joined and am still actively playing!

  • Sakura ☆ an anime/manga/game character tcg

Inactive TCGs

These are all TCGs that I have joined over the years and are on hiatus or have closed!

  • Century Color ☆ an anime episode tcg (run by Ayay)
  • Charm ☆ a female-centered tcg (run by Jess & Samichan)
  • Cosmos ☆ a nature tcg (run by Samichan)
  • Japanimation ☆ an anime tcg (run by Cami)
  • Harmony ☆ an anime scenes tcg (run by Samichan)
  • Loop ☆ an anime op/ed tcg (run by Joey)
  • Mint ☆ an illustrationg tcg (run by Eremis)
  • Pentakill ☆ a League of Legends tcg (run by Maron)
  • Power Up ☆ a nintendo tcg (run by Breanne)
  • Reflection ☆ an anime/manga character tcg (run by Becca)
  • Snow ☆ an illustration puzzle tcg (run by Jannet)
  • Trading Academy ☆ an illustration tcg (run by Rahenna)
  • Vibra ☆ a character tcg (run by Ayay)
  • Zest ☆ a food tcg (run by Liz)