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Deck Name Description Series Colour Preview
A Promised GazeSmiling Mika dressed as a bride sitting barefoot on a bench.THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella GirlsGreen
Above the CloudsBelldandy flying high in the clouds.Ah! Megami-samaBrown
Amber BlossomsChii sitting in front of a background of yellow flowers.ChobitsOrange
Angelic AuraRiko and Mari dressed as angels while laying above clouds.Love Live! Sunshine!Purple
Arabian NightRin and Kotori dance together in the night.Love Live!Purple
Balloon FlyingOtome, Ran, Ichigo and Aoi flying with balloons through the sky.Aikatsu!Pink
Bento BreakRin, Shiemi, and the gang have lunch together.Ao no ExorcistGreen
Bubble BathAmi reading a book while soaking in the bath.Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonBlue
Chara ParfaitAmu serving up a parfait with her Guardian Characters.Shugo Chara!Blue
Clear WatersFutaba and Hikari relaxing by the shore.Amanchu!Blue
Coffee DateVictor and Yuri on a late-night coffee run.Yuri!!! On IceRed
Country EscapeNatsuki, Masato, Otoya, Ren, Tokiya, and Syo outside a country home.Uta no Prince-samaGreen
Cutie WitchKokoro in a cute witch costume.BanG Dream!Pink
Day at the OfficeSome of Libra spending time at the office.Kekkai SensenGreen
DazzlingSakura covered in blue jewels.Cardcaptor SakuraBlue
Destined LoveAya and Touya holding hands, about to kiss.Ayashi no CeresPurple
Dragon BladeGenji leads the charge with his signature Dragonblade.OverwatchPurple
Dragon Mer-maidTohru and Kanna as Dragon Mermaids.Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid DragonBlue
Dreamy QueenRanka laying down for a nap.Macross FrontierGreen
Earth's GiftZhongli holding a bouquet of flowers as a gift.Genshin ImpactBrown
FirefliesSakura and Tomoyo surrounded by fireflies.Cardcaptor SakuraGreen
For the TeamRei, Nagisa, Rin, Haruka and Makoto float together in the water.Free!Blue
Frosty Bus StopChise passing by a snow laden bus stop.Mahou Tsukai no YomeGreen
Game OnHaruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei and Rin play video games.Free!Blue
Garden Tea PartyAlice, Oz and Gilbert going to a tea party .Pandora HeartsGreen
Gathering of FriendsYui, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbeth, Silica and Pina are resting and enjoying the breeze together.Sword Art OnlineRed
Generation JojoSeveral generations of Jojo.Jojo Kimyou na BoukenPink
Happy PillsYoko surrounded by colourful capsules.Gurren LagannPink
HoneymoonMamoru and Usagi on their honeymoon.Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonPurple
Imperial BallKotori and Nozomi dancing at the ball.Love Live!Purple
Leafe KnightsGo, Hayate, Kei, Sasame among flower petals.PretearBlue
Letters I WriteViolet sits at a typewriter.Violet EvergardenBrown
Mechanical ProwessKouka, Lacia, Methode, Saturnus, and Snowdrop gathered together.BeatlessBlue
Mochi FestivalThe main cast of GSNK in festival wear.Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kunRed
Moon Shrine MaidenRika and Hanyuu holding hands dressed in shrine maiden gowns in front of the moon.Higurashi no Naku Koro niPurple
Moonlight DuetMaya and Claudine dancing a duet under the moonlight.Shoujo☆Kageki Revue StarlightPink
Moonlit WindowCover of the 3rd Audition Single of Aikatsu featuring Mizuki, Yurika and Ran.Aikatsu!Purple
Mystic ElixirShiki and Frederica enjoying the perfume's scent.THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella GirlsPink
Never Letting GoOtoya holds Haruka's hand tightly.Uta no Prince-samaRed
Panicked GetawayThe Straw Hat pirates run away from trouble.One PieceBrown
Pink BikinisIchigo and Berry wearing cute pink bikinis.Tokyo Mew MewPink
Playful BeeTeemo, dressed as a bee, hanging out on the shore.League of LegendsBrown
Rainbow RibbonsSakura surrounded by rainbow colored ribbons.Cardcaptor SakuraPink
Royal LightPrincess Serenity standing in front of the crescent moon.Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonOrange
Siren RhythmLisa swims through the water with her bass guitar.BanG Dream!Pink
Snow FawnPoppy saves Snowdown with the help of her Reindeer Poros.League of LegendsRed
Snow QueenCaterina frozen among the halls.Trinity BloodBlue
Star LightsSakura and Kero surrounded by star lights.Cardcaptor SakuraBlue
Summer BrideTouka wearing a large sunhat surrounded by beautiful flowers.Tokyo GhoulBlue
Sweet MelodyKuu and Setsuna listen to Kyoushiro play the violin.Kyoushiro to Towa no SoraPink
Sweets ServiceHori and Miyamura serving cake.HorimiyaRed
Temple BlossomsChika and Kanon in a temple during autumn.Love Live! Sunshine!Purple
Temporal FugitiveEzreal time-hopping across multiple realities.League of LegendsBlue
The Good DaysA young Caterina and Abel lounge outdoors.Trinity BloodBlue
This GameSora, Shiro, Steph, Jibril, Izuna and Ino.No Game No LifePink
Trick or TreatKuran, Yuuki, and Zero dressed up for Halloween.Vampire KnightOrange
Wakey WakeyTsunayoshi gets a rude awakening from Reborn while Lambo watches on in confusion.Katekyo Hitman Reborn!Blue
Water FairiesUmi surrounded by mermaids and water.Magic Knight RayearthBlue
Wind SongKobato singing in the wind.KobatoPink
Winsome WitchTristana leaping, cauldron in hand.League of LegendsPink
Winter GirlsRin and Saber holding hands in winter attire.Fate/Stay NightBlue