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My name is Jessica! I'm currently 27 years old (I'm getting so old ;_;). I've been playing TCGs since 2010, and I have been a member of 47+ different tcgs since then. I have previously run/co-owned 07 tcgs in the past, with some upcoming! I am    currently a member of 01 TCG, but hopefully we can change that soon! Refer me if you happen to join any of the TCGs I'm a member at! Look forward to playing with you <3

Illustrious ☆

a mini Illustration TCG

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Activity Logs

This page logs every activity I have ever done here at Illustrious.

July 06, 2019
new decks:
for donating: futureablaze, gettingready, pastelspring, songofvows, sweetmelody, tripleh, xylophoneresound
for deckmaking: temporalfugitive, futureablaze, gettingready, pastelspring, songofvows, sweetmelody, tripleh, tugofwar, xylophoneresound
update freebies (MIMI + 50 paint brushes): darksideofthemoon12 (M), darksideofthemoon13 (I), darksideofthemoon21 (M), darksideofthemoon23 (I)
update freebies (HEATWAVE): powerchord10 (H), bakingdelights07 (E), waterfun10 (A), twistedmoon07 (T), scarletwitch12 (W), charaparfait07 (A), divinitysreach03 (V), beachday10 (E)
staff pay (owner): choice, halloweenfair15, gentlebreeze12, petdetective22, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): dreamgivingidol17, flowerarrangement08, cheekymermaid01, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): riding06, atlantica25, kiddiepool17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): windsong17, intothenight23, lunaticcharm21, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): hostofdiscord11, refreshingspray18, reincarnatedangel12, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): cranekimono15, sunflowerdate22, tokyoleaders12, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): lonelywarrior05, scatterednotes05, comicpanels21, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sixtybillion13, shroudedwoods12, mysticelixir08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): tokyoleaders23, celestialwarriors16, lutwidgeacademy08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sixtybillion02, pastelspring16, elemental08, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: twistedmoon09, cottondrifting16, acrossthesky08, +5 paint brushes
hangman: confettininja18, petdetective03, drifting16, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: leafeknights16, seaprotector21, lemondrop18, puppylove15, liberifatali02, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: rainshowers22, sleepingshinki11, littledrummergirl20, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: loveidol07, lostbutterfly09, cheekymermaid20, +15 paint brushes
line artist: beachwedding14, brokenpearls14, sweetsamples20, violetskies25, starfilledwinter21, +20 paint brushes
ancient slots: groupstudy04, refreshingspray01, snorkeling02, +15 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: submersed21, tugofwar10, decoratingfun13, +5 paint brushes
higher or lower 08: butlercafe16, clovers25, youthfulrock01, softenedsunset12, +100 paintbrushes
wardrobe mania: schooldays19, lazyriver02, brideoffrankenstein04, tarotcard25, +25 paint brushes
theme song:
wishing on a star: wintersbreath18, revolutionnaire06, billiards23, dragonmermaid05, +50 paint brushes
raffle (2 numbers): floweringsisterhood06, abovetheclouds13, emperorandphantom01, + 5 paint brushes
hand out: sparringmatch07, happydays23, pineapplebubbly14, blackmoon14, nostalgictanzaku02, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: Lost!
switch it up:
gachapon: princessserenityfigure
discord freebies (4 red/4 blue/4 white choice cards): (red), (blue), (white)

June 30, 2019
mastery (crownclown): rosemaiden02, rosemaiden05, demonrock25, autumnleaves09, zodiacage08, pirateromance15, +20 paint brushes

June 29, 2019
new decks: seasidebeauty05, seasidebeauty06, seasidebeauty07, seasidebeauty08
for donating: seasidebeauty09
for deckmaking: seasidebeauty10
update freebies (SPRING): rosemaiden21 (S), charaparfait05 (P), crownclown21 (R), darksideofthemoon03 (I), justonebite21 (N), dazzling03 (G)
update freebies (RETURN + 200 paint brushes): crownclown23 (R), fieldofhope24 (E), justonebite23 (T), lotusgarden23 (U), rosemaiden22 (R), lotusgarden23 (N), + 200 paint brushes
staff pay (owner):
staff pay (deck maker):
events: march2019, april2019, may2019, june2019, thereturn

kakegurui: worldofmagic18, atthebeach02, dreamwings15, +5 paint brushes
hangman: stairwell24, uncertainfuture09, raindrops11, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: grapevine16, ourplight08, fluffysugar06, 1000words12, goodnighttales16, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: academyguardians06, underthesea17, fortheteam06, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: stargazing03, enemies03, sunflowerdate15, +15 paint brushes
line artist: atthebar03, internalconflict24, fantasiatrio02, restingrabbits03, studenttrio21, +20 paint brushes
ancient slots: oceanicfriendship21, chocohearts07, sapphireknight01, +15 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: cheongsams04, gentlebreeze16, gempolish19, +5 paint brushes
wardrobe mania: violetskies06, sakurapicnic24, sunshi18, devilskin23, +25 paint brushes
raffle (0 numbers): letsgo23
pen vs pencil: arabiannight22, sunshi01, newfriend15, +25 paint brushes
theme song: shinsengumisdemon09, aquaticview17, loveidol03, oceanicfriendship02, +25 paint brushes
hand out: slumberpartysnacks19, chilledicecream03, badomens03, darkandlight02, everlastinglove04, +5 paint brushes
switch it up!:
wishing on a star: voidcaller08, icecreambreakin10, sunflowerdate22, afternoontea22, +50 paint brushes
gachapon: sailormoonfigure
series shuffle: legendarybeasts25, finalsmashiv11, arisainwonderland06, countryescape21, +30 paint brushes
match (0 matches): ruinedcity02
panchiko: +300 paint brushes
gate of babylon: soaked18, lightofthemoon09
picture perfect: monochromemeister25, downtime01, cheersquad08, chaoticend24, +25 paint brushes
pick a manga (horror): gentlebreeze19, neverlettinggo13, encouragingyou05, +10 paint brushes
featured artist: fourgoddesses01, alwayswatching10, scarletwitch01, soaked23, + 50 paint brushes
wheel of luck (the shield): temptationmagic01, troublesometrio10, rainydayfriend19, summervibes10, dazzling22, +5 paint brushes, +5 lolipops
graphic artist: snowyembrace07, creepywebbing07, dreamwedding20, +5 paint brushes
tanabata wishes (june): bakingdelights18, bakingdelights14 (red), rosemaiden07, rosemaiden20 (pink), rosemaiden11, rosemaiden13 (green), dazzling11, dazzling24 (blue), darksideofthemoon04, darksideofthemoon05 (purple), trickortreat16, trickortreat25 (orange), keykeeper15, keykeeper20 (yellow), darksideofthemoon09, darksideofthemoon24 (black), bakingdelights20, bakingdelights25 (brown), dazzling21, dazzling25 (white)

June 28, 2019
level ups: crownclown14, crownclown17, crownclown18, crownclown20, gardenteaparty08, kittylove12, prayformercy15, stargazing24, bluefuture18,+10 paint brushes
mastery (bluefuture): dayattheoffice19, dayattheoffice22, mysticelixir25, rococofashion15, glacialgaze16, lostbutterfly10, +20 paint brushes
mastery (bluefuture): dayattheoffice19, dayattheoffice22, mysticelixir25, rococofashion15, glacialgaze16, lostbutterfly10, +20 paint brushess
mastery (breezyhillside): brokenpearls17, brokenpearls19, magicalpicnic18, holysoldier22, alienalien04, sweetsservice03, +20 paint brushes
mastery (flyhigh): brokenpearls20, brokenpearls21, throneofice20, blessedwind14, poolday01, gettingalight12, +20 paint brushes
mastery (gempolish): brokenpearls22, brokenpearls23, weathershift15, blackmoon24, ourplight05, gardeningfun19, +20 paint brushes
mastery (grapevine): brokenpearls25, devilskin10, lazyriver01, tobelieve20, tokyoleaders04, fairyidol12, +20 paint brushes
mastery (oceanbride): devilskin12, devilskin14, chocohearts15, mangaproduction03, wreakinghavoc19, dazzling10, +20 paint brushes
mastery (throneofice): devilskin15, devilskin16, winterwarmth13, angelswings13, fiendhunter10, importanttome12, +20 paint brushes
mastery (dayattheoffice): devilskin23, devilskin24, dontleave09, sunset13, crownclown08, colorswirls24, +20 paint brushes
mastery (brokenpearls): crownclown09, crownclown10, acrossthesky15, storytime25, rainydays08, queenofthenight04, +20 paint brushes
mastery (devilskin): crownclown12, crownclown13, sosbrigade21, blueskies03, twistedmoon23, alienalien03, +20 paint brushes
card pack a: cocktailcherry02, italianheists19, followersofdarkness09, acrossthesky20, soulmate11 (-100 paint brushes)
card pack b: snorkeling04, sweetberries11, skydrops15, neverlettinggo20, carpetride15, devilforgemaster07, whiterose12, fruitybay22, takingawalk23, momentofpeace20 (-200 paint brushes)
card pack m: dragonmermaid09, accompaniment08, galaxysorbet25, mydearest22, eternalblaze25, fieldofhope06, lunaticcharm09, sweetskitty25, puzzlekeeper07, clubactivities20, eternalgrace23, mermaidparadise25, scatterednotes06, eternalgrace07, swampwitchtrio01, rainbowcircus24, beachday23, redpanther13, everlastinglove22, forestcleansing16, tinyroyalty17, chaoticend25, cacaoknight12, swordsmansdance23, starlet19, bookofbonds14, bentobreak17, fantasiatrio25, clocktowersweep09, exoticsamba01 (-500 paint brushes)

June 25, 2019
stampcard donation: firemaster01, refreshingsnacks11, lunaticcharm09, troublesometrio20, pillowfight21, +25 paint brushes

March 18, 2019
new decks: clearwaters01, clearwaters02, clearwaters03, clearwaters04, lifesagame01, lifesagame02, lifesagame03, lifesagame04, springfeelings01, springfeelings02, springfeelings03, springfeelings04, sweetsqueen01, sweetsqueen02, sweetsqueen03, sweetsqueen04, winterwarmth01, winterwarmth02, winterwarmth03, winterwarmth04
for donating: clearwaters05, fadingsunset01, fairytalegarden01, shroudedwoods01, springfeelings05, sweetsqueen05, vastheavens01, winterwarmth05
for deckmaking: clearwaters06, fadingsunset02, fairytalegarden02, foolycooly01, glacialgaze01, hesitation01, legendaryidols01, newfriend01, pancakesagain01, sakurapicnic01, shroudedwoods02, springfeelings06, sweetsqueen06, vastheavens02, winterwarmth06
update freebies (GIVE ME A BREAK): grapevine23 (G), devilskin07 (I), grapevine25 (V), dayattheoffice18 (E), rosemaiden01 (M), darksideofthemoon01 (E), bakingdelights03 (A), brokenpearls15 (B), crownclown03 (R), fieldofhope01 (E), divinitysreach25 (A), brokenpearls16 (K)
update freebies (5 choice, deck with multiple people): dayattheoffice05, dayattheoffice07, dayattheoffice12, dayattheoffice15, dayattheoffice16
update freebies (5 choice green cards): dayattheoffice06, grapevine22, justonebite24, lotusgarden03, rosemaiden10

February 24, 2019
new decks: sweetsamples01, sweetsamples02, sweetsamples03, sweetsamples04, startingpoint01, startingpoint02, startingpoint03, startingpoint04, afterschooljammin01, afterschooljammin02, afterschooljammin03, afterschooljammin04, fansadmiration01, fansadmiration02, fansadmiration03, fansadmiration04, fatescaptive01, fatescaptive02, fatescaptive03, fatescaptive04, skywings01, skywings02, skywings03, skywings04, starfilledwinter01, starfilledwinter02, starfilledwinter03, starfilledwinter04, eternalgrace01, eternalgrace02, eternalgrace03, eternalgrace04, fluffysugar01, fluffysugar02, fluffysugar03, fluffysugar04, firstsnow01, firstsnow02, firstsnow03, firstsnow04
for donating: afterschooljammin05, fansadmiration05, fatescaptive05, nightofterror01, stargazing01, cityoverlook01, clearskies01, destinedlove01, eternalgrace05
for deckmaking: afterschooljammin06, clocktowersweep01, fansadmiration06, fatescaptive06, hatchingdragons01, nightofterror02, rainydayfriend01, stargazing02, cityoverlook02, clearskies02, destinedlove02, eternalgrace06, firestarter01
update freebies (HYUGA NEJI): splashofcolour10 (H), beachday07 (Y), bluefuture24 (U), grapevine13 (G), grapevine14 (A), grapevine19 (N), grapevine21 (E), justonebite03 (J), justonebite04 (I)

February 19, 2019
new decks: cozycampfire01, cozycampfire02, cozycampfire03, cozycampfire04, doublemoon01, doublemoon02, doublemoon03, doublemoon04, lazyriver01, lazyriver02, lazyriver03, lazyriver04, moonshrinemaiden01, moonshrinemaiden02, moonshrinemaiden03, moonshrinemaiden04, witchsfire01, witchsfire02, witchsfire03, witchsfire04
for donating: cozycampfire05, doublemoon05, witchsfire05
for deckmaking: bloodoffering01, cozycampfire06, doublemoon06, enjoyingchaos01, finalsmashiv01, heroesoflight01, moonshrinemaiden05, sakurawatching01, snowqueen01, witchsfire06
update freebies (VAINI IS BACK): grapevine04 (V), waterfun07 (A), grapevine05 (I), brokenpearls11 (N), grapevine07 (I), grapevine10 (I), bluerosebeat17 (S), brokenpearls12 (B), brokenpearls14 (A), splashofcolour09 (C), sakuraqueens07 (K)
update freebies (20 paint brushes): +20 paint brushes

February 10, 2019
new decks: sweaterweather01, sweaterweather02, sweaterweather03, sweaterweather04, deepseagiant01, deepseagiant02, deepseagiant03, deepseagiant04, powerchord01, powerchord02, powerchord03, powerchord04, rowdybreakfast01, rowdybreakfast02, rowdybreakfast03, rowdybreakfast04, starlights01, starlights02, starlights03, starlights04
for donating: deepseagiant05, emeraldkiss01, skydrops01
for deckmaking: deepseagiant06, emeraldkiss02, finalsmashiii01, holidayhosts01, skydrops02, starlights05, thegooddays01
update freebies (HELLO LAS VEGAS): gempolish24 (H), bluefuture19 (E), gempolish25 (L), bluefuture20 (L), bluerosebeat14 (O), bluerosebeat15 (L), brokenpearls09 (A), brokenpearls10 (S), grapevine01 (V), waterfun05 (E), grapevine02 (G), waterfun06 (A), splashofcolour05 (S)
update freebies (5 extra pulls from release): powerchord05, powerchord06, powerchord07, powerchord08, powerchord09

February 01, 2019
new decks: pinkbubbles01, pinkbubbles02, pinkbubbles03, pinkbubbles04, chinesefireworks01, chinesefireworks02, chinesefireworks03, chinesefireworks04, dragonmermaid01, dragonmermaid02, dragonmermaid03, dragonmermaid04, empressoflight01, empressoflight02, empressoflight03, empressoflight04, twistedmoon01, twistedmoon02, twistedmoon03, twistedmoon04
for donating: chinesefireworks05, empressoflight05, snowyembrace01, tinyroyalty01, turtlevisit01, twistedmoon05
for deckmaking: chinesefireworks06, dragonmermaid05, empressoflight06, gatheringallies01, rivals01, riverofistvan02, snowyembrace02, tinyroyalty02, turtlevisit02, twistedmoon06
events: february2019
update freebies (5 choice border cards): bluerosebeat16, bluerosebeat21, bluefuture21, bluefuture22, bluefuture23

January 24, 2019
new decks: cheersquad01, cheersquad02, cheersquad03, cheersquad04, chocolatekiss01, chocolatekiss02, chocolatekiss03, chocolatekiss04, healingwraps01, healingwraps02, healingwraps03, healingwraps04, littlewitch01, littlewitch02, littlewitch03, littlewitch04, longing01, longing02, longing03, longing04, mirrorsreflection01, mirrorsreflection02, mirrorsreflection03, mirrorsreflection04, onsafari01, onsafari02, onsafari03, onsafari04, perfectparasol01, perfectparasol02, perfectparasol03, perfectparasol04, sereneskies01, sereneskies02, sereneskies03, sereneskies04, petalrain01, petalrain02, petalrain03, petalrain04
for donating: chaoticend01, cheersquad05, chocolatekiss05, healingwraps05, littlewitch05, longing05, mirrorsreflection05, onsafari05, perfectparasol05, sereneskies05, eternalblaze01, glisteningwater01, petalrain05
for deckmaking: chaoticend02, cheersquad06, chocolatekiss06, healingwraps06, littlewitch06, longing06, mirrorsreflection06, onsafari06, perfectparasol06, sereneskies06, windsong01, wolfpack01, eternalblaze02, glisteningwater02, petalrain06
update freebies (AQUARIUS): bluerosebeat04 (A), sakuraqueens06 (Q), bluefuture16 (U), bluerosebeat05 (A), breezyhillside10 (R), flyhigh15 (I), bluefuture17 (U), gempolish20 (S)
update freebies (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS): flyhigh16 (H), bluerosebeat09 (A), gempolish21 (P), gempolish22 (P), breezyhillside12 (Y), breezyhillside15 (B), flyhigh20 (I), bluefuture18 (R), bluerosebeat06 (T), flyhigh23 (H), breezyhillside18 (D), bluerosebeat11 (A), breezyhillside19 (Y), justonebite02 (J), breezyhillside21 (E), breezyhillside25 (S), gempolish23 (S)
events: 50masteries, 100masteries, 500decks

January 21, 2019
new decks: luminousself01, luminousself02, luminousself03, luminousself04, monochromemeister01, monochromemeister02, monochromemeister03, monochromemeister04, onmyway01, onmyway02, onmyway03, onmyway04, undertheblossoms01, undertheblossoms02, undertheblossoms03, undertheblossoms04, carpetride01, carpetride02, carpetride03, carpetride04
for donating: acrossthesky01, monochromemeister05, onmyway05, shoppingexcitement01, undertheblossoms05, carpetride05,
for deckmaking: acrossthesky02, fiendhunter01, finalsmashii01, helpinghand01, monochromemeister06, onmyway06, rococofashion01, shoppingexcitement02, summersplash01, undertheblossoms06, carpetride06
update freebies (CLOWN + 27 randoms + 5 choice from same series): oceanbride23 (C), flyhigh14 (L), gempolish19 (O), arisainwonderland04 (W), oceanbride24 (N), celestialwarriors17, throneofice12, frostybusstop20, atthebeach20, neverlettinggo18, tricksterpair09, bloodmoon08, relaxingbreak12, whiteout14, destinyislands07, greatheights03, starlet19, snorkeling10, cranekimono07, lazyafternoon21, summerwashing01, pirateromance23, floweringsisterhood04, cheekymermaid14, worldofmagic12, momentofpeace20, daughtersofwar19, halloweenstreet19, sisternurse05, bluemoon08, blackbutterflies04, fallingleaves08, arisainwonderland05, bakingdelights02, beachday06, billiards02, bluerosebeat01
staff pay (owner): oceanbride25, mechanicalprowess03, rainshowers19, junkfoodwar03, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): cranekimono22, carnivaldate04, imperials20, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): latenightrendezvous04, topsyturvytea12, pluckyducky19, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): mangaproduction15, shinsengumisdemon24, celestialwarriors24, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): doubtandtrust13, creepywebbing20, ruinedcity16, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): justonebite14, lovedoctor24, dragonbedtime21, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): nekomimibop12, brideoffrankenstein23, sunset04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sunshi12, squidvsoctopus06, coffeedate23, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): scarletwitch22, sunflower21, loveonair17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): reindeergames02, skyservice10, emperorandphantom25, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): alone25, summerbride15, wintergirls03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): grapevine12, firstmission09, melancholyjoachim23, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: finalsmashii18, 1000words23, bloodlust23, +5 paint brushes
hangman: bubblebath01, bluefuture14, candlelight04, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: doubtandtrust08, bloodlust24, littledrummergirl03, innocentevil16, pirateromance18, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: revolutionnaire10, dragonpriestess07, snorkeling12, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: butlercafe18, shinsengumisdemon15, tanabataboys18, +5 paint brushes
line artist: followersofdarkness13, snorkeling25, swimsuits23, cheekymermaid12, sunshi01, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: darksideofthemoon07, firstblood08, puppylove18, + 5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: milkybubbles01, atthebar01, sweetsservice21, +5 paint brushes
wardrobe mania: brokenpearls13, stairwell22, puppylove17, arabiannight12, +5 paint brushes
raffle (2 numbers): colorswirls05, bentobreak17, leifthrasir12, + 5 paint brushes
hand out: violetangels21, rainyseason13, summerouting25, sapphireknight25, blushingbride15, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: Lost!
gachapon: tachibanahibikifigure

January 15, 2019
new decks: angelswings01, angelswings02, confineddestiny01, confineddestiny02, dragonbedtime01, dragonbedtime02, haregiidols01, downtime01, downtime02, pillowfight01, pillowfight02, rainbowribbons01, rainbowribbons02, starlet01, starlet02
for donating: angelswings03, confineddestiny03, pillowfight03, starlet03
for deckmaking: angelswings04, confineddestiny04, haregiidols02, latenightrendezvous01, peekaboo01, pillowfight04, starlet04
update freebies (BABY GIRL + 10 random): oceanbride21 (B), oceanbride22 (A), breezyhillside07 (B), flyhigh13 (Y), gempolish18 (G), throneofice22 (I), throneofice24 (R), breezyhillside09 (L) + leaderofthepack22, sleepingcanopy10, loveonair20, candyshop19, funinthesun04, romanticbath08, secretidol09, mastersmaid10, winterwhite03, sweetsservice20
events: jessbday2019
staff pay (owner): throneofice25, moonguardian24, splashofcolour11, shinsengumisdemon15, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): blackbutterflies19, darklordcanti18, candlelight22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): abovetheclouds02, keykeeper21, rainyseason05, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): coffeedate12, reddevil18, underwaterbeauty20, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): haregiidols22, ordersfromhorne04, hellototheskies02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): fairyidol20, summersunshine12, bluerosebeat10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): class1-a24, celestialwarriors19, sunshi22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sleepingsisters10, smilingjester10, divinitysreach17, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: noisyafternoon09, lostonesweeping10, balloonflying24, +5 paint brushes
hangman: bluejays02, celebration03, magicalpicnic04, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: mechanicalprowess13, tarotcard07, thefallen13, blessedwind07, underwaterbeauty06, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: rosemaiden18, memories08, kingsrowdy03, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: afternoontea01, shrinewishes05, submersed13, +5 paint brushes
line artist: abovetheclouds10, blushingbride18, throneofice20, crownclown07, lostbutterfly13, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: dontleave15, frostybusstop02, wintergirls03, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: finalsmashi16, pinkpetals15, gardeningfun14, +5 paint brushes
series shuffle: restingrabbits11, bridalfall14, downtime16, cardinal16, +5 paint brushes
match (2 matches): alwayswatching23, devilforgemaster07, storytime15, + 5 paint brushes
gate of babylon: goldenleaves22, stairwell01
picture perfect: candlelight06, handprintart02, moonguardian01, nekomimibop15, +5 paint brushes
pick a manga (shoujo): -crimsonfog06, - crimsonmasque12
featured artist: downtime24, battousai24, lostonesweeping11, sugarrush09, + 5 paint brushes
wheel of luck (the rain): pineapplebubbly04, peaceofspring17, twobecomeone20
graphic artist: loversgaze09, pastelhydrangea07, noescape04, +5 paint brushes

January 07, 2019
tanabata wishes (january): throneofice20 (N), oceanbride17 (E), arisainwonderland01 (W), flyhigh11 (Y), breezyhillside04 (E), oceanbride16 (A), bluefuture12 (R), arisainwonderland02 (W), throneofice21 (I), breezyhillside05 (S), bluefuture13 (E), gempolish17 (S), + 100 paint brushes

January 06, 2019
mastery (bentobreak): bubblesandbliss09, bubblesandbliss22, phonecall25, splashofcolour22, alwayswatching19, sakuradate16, +20 paint brushes
mastery (dreamyqueen): bubblesandbliss23, bubblesandbliss24, birdcagediva04, mydearest02, petalbreeze11, costumefitting04, +20 paint brushes
mastery (bubblesandbliss): bluefuture10, gempolish15, arabiannight05, sunflower01, inthejungle01, twosidesofacoin08, +20 paint brushes

January 04, 2019
new decks: puzzlekeeper01, puzzlekeeper02, accompaniment01, accompaniment02, balloonflying01, balloonflying02, bloodlust01, bloodlust02, forestdweller01, forestdweller02, refreshingspray01, refreshingspray02, relaxingbreak01, relaxingbreak02, softenedsunset01
for donating: accompaniment03, bloodlust03, forestdweller03, refreshingspray03, relaxingbreak03
for deckmaking: accompaniment04, alwayswatching, balloonflying03, bloodlust04, forestdweller04, refreshingspray04, relaxingbreak04, loveis01, snackswithfriends01, softenedsunset02
events: january2019, 450decks
staff pay (owner): choice, hellototheskies16, nightwarriors18, soaked24, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): lightofthemoon20, smilingjester14, countryescape21, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): vogue12, breezyhillside23, rainydays14, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): cottondrifting06, crimsonfog06, peaceofspring04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): arisainwonderland03, neverlettinggo10, fightingspirit09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): galaxysorbet18, goodnighttales20, wreakinghavoc03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): summersunshine14, lotusgarden15, sakuraqueens25, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): mechanicalprowess05, zerorequiem12, hotsummer20, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): snackswithfriends16, hotsummer03, ex-machina02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): chillingtogether13, drifting16, forestcleansing12, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): noisyafternoon11, fightingspirit02, summerwashing19, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: fieldmice11, goldentemplar19, plasmagica05, +5 paint brushes
hangman: uncertainfuture24, wonderlandhosts02, secretmeeting21, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: tricknight16, skyservice07, violetangels22, soulmate20, honeymoon17, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: sugarrush15, darkandlight24, wintersbreath01, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: royallight16, holdingtightly24, sweeteuphoria18, +5 paint brushes
line artist: carnivaldate14, beachsidesonata11, blessedwind13, carnivaldate12, funinthesun23, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: dragonpriestess19, summerouting14, 1000words13, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: blueworld13, oceanbride20, sleepingcanopy07, +5 paint brushes
wardrobe mania: scatterednotes03, birdcagediva15, blushingbride15, woodlandfae09, +5 paint brushes
theme song: dreamwings18, destructionroad25, pearlsandroses07, importanttome02, +5 paint brushes
wishing on a star: italianheists02, waterfun14, fruitybay11, doublevalentine02, +10 paint brushes
raffle (1 number): heartthrobagogo25, creepywebbing11, + 5 paint brushes
hand out: petalbreeze14, bridalbouquets12, inthejungle05, ordersfromhorne25, lunaryankee20, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: Lost!
switch it up!: exchanged beachwedding04, brothers01 for bakingdelights24, darkandlight08
gachapon: blackheartfigure

January 01, 2019
discord freebies (FIREWORKS): flyhigh21 (F), oceanbride18 (I), oceanbride19 (R), throneofice17 (E), colorswirls03 (W), throneofice19 (O), breezyhillside03 (R), bakingdelights01 (K), gempolish16 (S)

December 31, 2018
level ups: dreamyqueen23, dreamyqueen24, mechanicalprowess20, morningcommute20, pumpkinwitch01, +10 paint brushes

December 30, 2018
new decks: goldentemplar03, goldentemplar04, goldentemplar05, goldentemplar06, goldentemplar07, blueskies03, blueskies04, blueskies05, blueskies06, blueskies07, everlastinglove03, everlastinglove04, everlastinglove05, everlastinglove06, everlastinglove07, exorcistssleigh01, exorcistssleigh02, exorcistssleigh03, exorcistssleigh04, exorcistssleigh05, spookytravelers03, spookytravelers04, spookytravelers05, spookytravelers06, spookytravelers07, worldofmagic03, worldofmagic04, worldofmagic05, worldofmagic06, worldofmagic07
for donating: goldentemplar01, blueskies01, everlastinglove01, forfreedom01, rootofsin01, spookytravelers01, worldofmagic01, drifting01, goforth01
for deckmaking: goldentemplar02, blueskies02, catfight15, everlastinglove02, finalsmashi04, forfreedom02, mysticelixir18, queensofqueens01, rootofsin02, spookytravelers02, tricksterpair23, worldofmagic02, darklordcanti11, drifting02, goforth02, lonelywarrior09
update freebies (CHRISTMAS 2018): throneofice15 (C), throneofice16 (H), bentobreak24 (R), bubblesandbliss06 (I), bubblesandbliss07 (S), bentobreak25 (T), dreamyqueen16 (M), dreamyqueen17 (A), bubblesandbliss08 (S), dreamyqueen20 (2), bubblesandbliss10 (0), bubblesandbliss14 (1), dreamyqueen18 (8)
events: samubday2018
staff pay (owner): choice, smilingjester07, idolsleepover20, sunflowerstory21, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): halloweenstreet15, coolboys20, butterflyboys09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): battousai15, galaxysorbet12, rainbowcircus13, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): poolday01, loveidol22, tricknight14, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): neverlettinggo01, beachwedding17, grapevine09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): happydays02, peacefulnature08, heartthrobagogo12, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): abovetheclouds02, summerbride21, rainshowers02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): colorswirls02, celebration19, sacredlotus17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): gardenteaparty04, smilingjester16, noescape23, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): snowstorm09, humptydumpty06, cheongsams03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): prettyparty25, breezyhillside08, leaderofthepack05, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): butlercafe11, lunaryankee08, cutesailors08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): inthejungle19, sugarfilled08, ex-machina15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): trickortreat22, rosemaiden03, sleepingsisters15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): undertherain16, fallintome07, wanderer04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): greatheights05, swampwitchtrio18, faequeen09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): goldentemplar19, greatheights04, dragonpriestess05, + 25 paint brushes
kakgurui: brokenpearls24, outlaws15, melodyandrhythm16, +5 paint brushes
kakgurui: junkfoodwar21, firstmission10, frostybusstop05, +5 paint brushes
hangman: emperorandphantom11, oursecret04, smilingflowers12, +5 paint brushes
hangman: milkybubbles22, lostbutterfly01, countingsheep10, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: bluerosebeat13, inori22, secretidol23, sparringmatch06, fairyidol07, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: bluejays14, memories01, coffeedate23, noisyafternoon11, calamitousdestiny05, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: blackblade14, fullswing13, lunaryankee21, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: deathsembrace03, summerouting08, chillingtogether13, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: mysticarcher11, butlercafe25, tearsandsmiles20, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: afternoonstudy11, afterclubsnacks03, lotusgarden21, +5 paint brushes
line artist: doctorsorder22, skyservice01, embracetheworld23, bubblebath11, sugarfilled22, +5 paint brushes
line artist: angelicaura20, caveexplorers13, bloomingromance25, doublevalentine18, fireflies19, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: starwishes16, scatterednotes10, galaxysorbet17, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: autumnleaves25, daughtersofwar22, atthebeach02, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: hellototheskies12, smilingflowers20, spookytravelers16, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: crimsonfog06, slumberpartysnacks13, chillingtogether11, +5 paint brushes
series shuffle: heavenlyidols04, mydearest05, coffeedate06, deathsembrace16, +5 paint brushes
match (0 matches): phonecall25
gate of babylon: devilskin11, fieldofhope04
picture perfect: lotusgarden02, greatheights23, beachsidesonata12, fullswing02, +5 paint brushes
pick a manga (slice of life): tidecaller04, +5 paint brushes
featured artist: internalconflict13, holdingtightly12, twobecomeone19, gardeningfun15, + 5 paint brushes
wheel of luck (the hope): inthejungle19, sugarrush07, cheongsams19, waterfairies23
graphic artist: bloodmoon16, sleepingcanopy12, class1-a05, +5 paint brushes

December 25, 2018
discord freebies (STOCKINGS AND SPARKLES): gempolish12 (S), bentobreak20 (T), bentobreak21 (O), throneofice14 (C), bentobreak22 (K), bubblesandbliss03 (I), bubblesandbliss04 (N), flyhigh08 (G), bubblesandbliss05 (S), dreamyqueen08 (A), dreamyqueen12 (N), dreamyqueen13 (D), gempolish13 (S), gempolish14 (P), bluerosebeat01 (A), diamondrain01 (R), devilskin03 (K), devilskin05 (L), devilskin06 (E), bluerosebeat03 (S)

December 23, 2018
mastery (bluemoon): doublevalentine13, doublevalentine14, inthejungle01, sleepingcanopy16, prettypalms09, cottondrifting10, +20 paint brushes
mastery (cheongsams): doublevalentine15, doublevalentine17, followersofdarkness17, candyshop01, trickortreat23, destructionroad16, +20 paint brushes
mastery (clearcards): doublevalentine18, doublevalentine25, galaxycinderellas03, galaxycinderellas12, countryescape19, dragonsrage20, +20 paint brushes
mastery (mechanicalprowess): bentobreak12, bentobreak13, stairwell23, puppylove08, cheekymermaid24, beachsidecruise17, +20 paint brushes
mastery (doublevalentine): bentobreak14, bentobreak19, rainyseason20, schooldays23, junkfoodwar18, beachsidesonata12, +20 paint brushes

December 22, 2018
pink present (from sabrael): clearcards13, clearcards14, clearcards17, fourgoddesses05, oceanbride12, arabiannight20, bluejays25, revolutionnaire06, renaissancepilots20, inori06, forestcleansing14, hellototheskies12, frostybusstop16, charaparfait01, ordersfromhorne14, noisyafternoon02, woodlandfae20, violetskies25, ruinedcity18, phonecall22, whiteout04, beachfun14, rainbowpearls08
blue present (from kairi): clearcards18, clearcards21, doublevalentine04, lunaryankee20, topsyturvytea23, groupstudy14, hotsummer23, bentobreak18, pastelhydrangea15, plasmagica24, wonderlandhosts12, prayformercy05, bloomingromance09

December 16, 2018
group collect 04: celebration10, oursecret19, pinkpearl16, arisainwonderland25 (-brotherlymeal01, brotherlymeal25)

December 15, 2018
new decks: progressive05, progressive06, progressive07, progressive08 (Sabrael), wanderer10, wanderer11, wanderer12, wanderer13, kitchenantics03, kitchenantics04, kitchenantics05, kitchenantics06 (Shinya), ramenrun05, ramenrun06, ramenrun07, ramenrun08 (Sorcha), oceanbride09, oceanbride10, oceanbride11, oceanbride13 (mine)
for donating: fightingspirit01, idolsleepover01, lettersiwrite01, mymelody01, oceanbride14, scarletwitch09
for deckmaking: fightingspirit02, idolsleepover02, lettersiwrite02, mymelody02, oceanbride15, progressive09, ramenrun01, scarletwitch10, shinsengumisdemon15, twobecomeone01, wanderer03, wonderlandadventures01
update freebies (13 random + choice 06, 02): colorswirls04, underthesea06, beachday09, raindrops07, magicalpicnic08, frozendelight23, sleepingshinki05, grapevine03, radiantglory17, crucified18, summersunshine02, swampwitchtrio12, radiantglory07, bluemoon06 (06), dayattheoffice02 (02)
staff pay (owner): doublevalentine06, gameon14, beachwedding04, carousel03, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): worldkeeper12, peacefulnature12, class1-a11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): rainydays12, inthejungle19, cocktailcherry06, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): allforone08, frozendelight11, sweetberries19, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): fireflies16, intothenight11, tarotcard02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): crownclown02, firstblood10, loversgaze03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): noescape09, eveningwalk22, romanticbath01, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): countryescape03, violetskies09, lazyafternoon24, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): brothers08, ginghamdream22, dayattheoffice10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sosbrigade09, kingsrowdy22, sparringmatch24, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): blushingbride02, petalbreeze05, progressive25, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): gempolish03, scatterednotes03, battousai24, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): costumefitting21, lakesideflowers15, melancholygirls16, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: pastelhydrangea07, seaprotector15, moonlightrendezvous03, +5 paint brushes
hangman: swimsuits21, sakuraqueens18, sugarrush16, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: sleepingsisters06, fourgoddesses12, sleepingsisters05, swimsuits19, happypills22, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: wintersbreath16, generationjojo17, fantasiatrio13, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: italianheists08, blackmoon24, soaked19, +5 paint brushes
line artist: lostbutterfly12, embracetheworld14, royallight16, divinitysreach21, mastersmaid13, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: birdcagediva06, butterflyboys20, loungingaround03, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: honeymoon11, devilforgemaster21, lightofthemoon18, +5 paint brushes
wardrobe mania: celestialwarriors12, smilingflowers16, memories05, shrinewishes11, +5 paint brushes
theme song: progressive04, waterfun08, blackmoon22, clumsytrampoline20, +5 paint brushes
wishing on a star: motherofdragons11, tokyoleaders22, dazzling19, petalbreeze24, +10 paint brushs
raffle (1 number): aquaticview03, heavenlyidols17, + 5 paint brushes
hand out: ruinedcity06, tarotcard13, mermaidparadise15, skyservice17, frostybusstop04, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: keykeeper24, forestfight10, tearsandsmiles05, +5 paint brushes
switch it up!: exchanged melancholyjoachim03 for flyhigh25
level ups: cheongsams22, cheongsams25, loveandpeace12, fourgoddesses22, peaceofspring14, +10 paint brushes

December 14, 2018
santa's workshop: -2200 paint brushes
discord freebies (BY THREE POINTS): nekomimibop10 (B), flyhigh01 (Y), thefallen20 (T), throneofice12 (H), mechanicalprowess06 (R), cutesailors12 (E), cutesailors17 (E), nekomimibop13 (P), cutesailors21 (O), cutesailors24 (I), nekomimibop14 (N), throneofice13 (T), cheongsams12 (S)
mastery (cutesailors): nekomimibop18, nekomimibop23, bubblesandbliss21, autumnglasses02, seaprotector04, atthebeach15, +20 paint brushes
mastery (thefallen): nekomimibop24, nekomimibop25, fieldmice22, pirateromance16, inori25, doctorsorder15, +20 paint brushes
mastery (nekomimibop): cheongsams19, cheongsams21, keykeeper11, divinitysreach07, prettyparty16, importanttome19, +20 paint brushes
red present (from samu): bluemoon04, bluemoon08, bluemoon14, bluemoon16, celebration03, creepywebbing25, trickortreat04, autumnleaves03, nekomimibop05, prayformercy25, shootingstar22, wintersbreath13, destinyislands09, smilingflowers10, badomens05, justonebite11, loversgaze15, snowfall25, ourplight06, beachsidecruise08, momentofpeace05, blessedwind03, bubblebath16, sisternurse20
blue present (from selena): bluemoon18, bluemoon23, bluemoon24, pichiduet23, celestialwarriors24, summersunshine04, secretidol07, legendarybeasts06, prettyinpink14, voidcaller06, pluckyducky18, puremaidens03, wonderlandhosts07
blue present (from shinya): mechanicalprowess09, mechanicalprowess11, mechanicalprowess13, crimsonmasque12, submersed07, phonecall18, blackbutterflies20, phonecall07, cranekimono03, lostbutterfly14, beachsidesonata22, smilingflowers15, frostingfairy21
blue present (from mio): mechanicalprowess14, mechanicalprowess19, mechanicalprowess20, secretmeeting18, zodiacage17, goddessshope07, lostbutterfly16, groupstudy09, radiantmoon07, brothers13, mermaidparadise22, fruitybay10, cutesailors03
blue present (from lex): mechanicalprowess23, mechanicalprowess24, clearcards03, melancholygirls08, bentobreak08, countingsheep15, pirateromance21, floatingballoons08, solitarysnow16, squidvsoctopus23, melodyandrhythm22, uncertainfuture04, worldkeeper05
pink present (from sorcha): clearcards04, clearcards09, clearcards11, fullswing04, bubblebath04, brotherlymeal17, zxtunes12, rusticrose13, heartfrenzy14, trickortreat21, trickstarsguidance12, asaiyansbeginning19, morningcommute19, prettyinpink02, bridalbouquets11, pirateromance13, cloudofsmoke22, tokyoleaders12, cheekymermaid17, fieldmice03, goddessshope08, noisyafternoon04, noisyafternoon23

December 11, 2018
trade rewards: mermaidparadise02, blackblade08, kaleidoscope22, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: goodnighttales22, carnivaldate05, grapevine08, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: shootingstar12, crimsonmasque12, firstblood12, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: creepywebbing07, nightshadows02, atthebar06, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: thefallen15, starwishes25, bluerosebeat12, dreamyqueen15, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: grapevine11, rainshowers19, countingsheep02, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: battousai19, gettingalight05, lutwidgeacademy01, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: gentlebreeze19, colorswirls06, tricknight25, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: fightagainstfate01, penguinpark03, lunaticcharm15, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: thefallen17, rainbowhaze14, coolboys17, countryescape02, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: bookofbonds23, darksideofthemoon10, trickortreat20, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: moonlitwindow24, pinkpearl16, beachwedding04, +10 paint brushes
deck donation: bakingdelights11, brokencranegame25, strawberrykiss09
deck donation: cocktailparty10, fakelover22, violetskies23
deck donation: wishforthefuture06, faequeen24, bubblesandbliss19
deck donation: vogue24, polkadots09, eveningwalk06
deck donation: thefallen09, grapevine18, dayattheoffice24, tokyoleaders15
deck donation: rosemaiden08, prettyparty16, shrinewishes25
deck donation: sunshi11, wintersbreath07, poolday08
deck donation: daughtersofwar01, sunflower14, milkybubbles06
deck donation: brothers01, cardinal15, destinyislands14
deck donation: thefallen12, blackbutterflies25, mayflowers11, calamitousdestiny18

December 10, 2018
discord freebies: + 1000 paint brushes

December 07, 2018
mastery (blessedwind): cutesailors03, cutesailors04, divinitysreach15, beachsidesonata21, blackbutterflies14, blessedwind05, +20 paint brushes
mastery (moonguardian): cutesailors05, cutesailors10, cardinal14, tokyoleaders20, goodnighttales04, noescape20, +20 paint brushes
new decks: kingsrowdy01, kingsrowdy02 (Sabrael), arabiannight01, arabiannight02, colorswirls01, colorswirls02, penguinpark01, penguinpark02, splashofcolour07, splashofcolour08 (mine)
for donating: splashofcolour05
for deckmaking: arabiannight03, gardeningfun01, leifthrasir19, penguinpark04, splashofcolour06, twosidesofacoin20
event cards: jessadoption2018, 400decks
update freebies (BETTER DAYS): nekomimibop17 (B), cheongsams17 (E), bentobreak05 (T), bluefuture06 (T), clearcards01 (E), dreamyqueen07 (R), doublevalentine01 (D), mechanicalprowess07 (A), flyhigh04 (Y), gempolish07 (S)
staff pay (owner): doublevalentine09, afternoontea03, coffeedate20, skyservice23, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): embracetheworld12, fairyidol18, destructionroad22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): islandofsindria04, fullswing17, ex-machina04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): crownclown19, startthegame03, amuletdiamond07, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): trickortreat08, fairyidol14, internalconflict18, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): royallight20, imperials10, squidvsoctopus05, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): heavenlyidols16, dayattheoffice11, prettypalms09, + 25 paint brushes
match (0 matches): brothers01
switch it up: exchanged blackbutterflies14 for breezyhillside13
gate of babylon: bentobreak06, colorswirls10
raffle (2 numbers): neverlettinggo12, violetskies25, pooldate20, + 5 paint brushes
pick a manga (hunter x hunter vol. 5): generationjojo04, +5 paint brushes
featured artist: imperials21, demonrock20, jewelrose15, zxtunes08, + 5 paint brushes
wheel of luck (the shield): bubblebath05, wintergirls04, heartfrenzy16, humptydumpty19, brotherlymeal25, +5 paint brushes
graphic artist: kaleidoscope18, emergence16, creepywebbing02, +5 paint brushes

December 05, 2018
tanabata wishes (december) (ADVENTCALENDAR + CHRISTMAS): bloomingromance16 (A), blessedwind15 (D), caveexplorers05 (V), carousel20 (E), bloomingromance17 (N), throneofice11 (T), bloomingromance18 (C), carousel21 (A), blessedwind17 (L), carousel22 (E), bloomingromance22 (N), blessedwind18 (D), carousel23 (A), carousel24 (R), carousel25 (C), cheongsams01 (H), bloomingromance23 (R), moonguardian12 (I), blessedwind19 (S), cutesailors01 (T), bloomingromance25 (M), moonguardian13 (A), blessedwind20 (S)
level ups: blessedwind21, moonguardian14, islandofsindria09, nodoubt10, worldkeeper21, +10 paint brushes
mastery (beachwedding): moonguardian15, moonguardian16, wonderlandhosts01, cocktailparty06, mechanicalprowess25, memories09, +20 paint brushes
mastery (bloomingromance): moonguardian17, moonguardian18, catnap17, stairwell20, wishforthefuture12, midnightgate08, +20 paint brushes
mastery (brideoffrankenstein): moonguardian19, moonguardian20, amuletdiamond16, pineapplebubbly12, loungingaround18, bubblesandbliss17, +20 paint brushes
mastery (carousel): moonguardian21, moonguardian22, carnivaldate10, sacredlotus18, blackbutterflies06, snorkeling15, +20 paint brushes
mastery (coolboys): moonguardian23, moonguardian24, legendarybeasts09, happypills15, candlelight11, forestfight22, +20 paint brushes
mastery (ourreflection): moonguardian25, cheongsams03, dazzling23, guiltyrock21, outlaws18, academyguardians07, +20 paint brushes
mastery (pearlsandroses): cheongsams05, cheongsams06, cloudofsmoke04, importanttome18, floweringsisterhood18, academyguardians10, +20 paint brushes
mastery (sunnydaze): cheongsams07, cheongsams08, sakuraqueens08, pumpkinpatch19, beachsidecruise18, bluemoon07, +20 paint brushes

December 04, 2018
new decks: greatheights01, greatheights02, greatheights03, greatheights04 (Sorcha), costumefitting02, costumefitting03, costumefitting05, costumefitting06, gempolish08, gempolish09, gempolish10, gempolish11, moonlitwindow02, moonlitwindow03, moonlitwindow04, moonlitwindow05, weathershift03, weathershift04, weathershift05, weathershift06 (mine)
for donating: gempolish05, weathershift01
for deckmaking: alone01, angelicaura02, blushingbride01, costumefitting01, embracetheworld01, fairyidol01, fullswing01, gardenteaparty01, gempolish06, greatheights05, moonlitwindow01, slumberpartysnacks01, sleepingsisters01, tearsandsmiles01, weathershift02
update freebies (TAE HANAZONO + 500 paint brushes): ourreflection23 (T), beachwedding24 (A), blessedwind13 (E), beachwedding25 (H), bloomingromance10 (A), bloomingromance13 (N), carousel18 (A), breezyhillside01 (Z), coolboys23 (O), moonguardian08 (N), coolboys24 (O), + 500 paint brushes
discord freebies (6 choice blue border): pearlsandroses20, pearlsandroses22, pearlsandroses24, moonguardian09, moonguardian10, moonguardian11
events: december2018, achievements, layout03, 350decks
staff pay (owner): carousel19, snorkeling16, starfulnight12, sweetberries10, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): class1-a03, loungingaround20, tokyoleaders02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): rainyseason10, rainshowers03, inthejungle11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): renaissancepilots12, pinkpearl09, ginghamdream16, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): milkybubbles03, reddevil10, melancholyjoachim03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): prettyparty11, bluerosebeat02, bluemoon09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): embracetheworld15, poolday17, groupstudy07, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): academyguardians25, badomens02, clearcards15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): atthebar07, carnivaldate07, sisternurse04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): islandofsindria12, memories10, battousai15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): polkadots19, beachsidecruise21, happydays18, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): kittylove02, afternoontea01, oceansound04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): mydearest01, sisternurse03, bluefuture11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): lightofthemoon22, wintersbreath21, violetangels22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): bubblebath15, sakuraqueens25, brotherlymeal17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): billiards01, lunaryankee12, waterfairies21, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: poisonousgame12, darkandlight09, dragonblade14, +5 paint brushes
hangman: rosemaiden04, cheongsams09, shrinewishes11, +5 paintbrush
supply drive: miburokiller24, mechanicalprowess18, honeymoon08, loveandpeace05, leaderofthepack07, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: followersofdarkness10, sosbrigade22, fallingleaves24, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: beachsidecruise05, autumnglasses08, frostybusstop25, +5 paint brushes
line artist: clumsytrampoline17, autumnleaves04, noisyafternoon21, divinitysreach21, nightshadows11, +5 paintbrush
ancient slots: waterfairies03, starfulnight07, gentlebreeze21, + 5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: carousel07, unrefinedflower17, aquaticview11, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: midnightgate22, violetskies12, pastelhydrangea19, +5 paint brushes

November 24, 2018
new decks: moonguardian01, moonguardian02, moonguardian03, moonguardian04, brokenpearls01, brokenpearls02, brokenpearls03, brokenpearls04, beachday01, beachday02, beachday03, beachday04, summerouting01, summerouting02, summerouting03, summerouting04, pinkbikinis01, pinkbikinis02, pinkbikinis03, pinkbikinis04
for donating: moonguardian05, brokenpearls05, summerouting05
for deckmaking: moonguardian06, brokenpearls06, melancholygirls01, beachday05, dragonblade01, sunflower01, summerouting06, ordersfromhorne01, italianheists01
update freebies (THANKFUL): ourreflection16 (T), beachwedding18 (H), brideoffrankenstein21 (A), bloomingromance12 (N), brideoffrankenstein22 (K), brideoffrankenstein23 (F), carousel17 (U), pearlsandroses13 (L)
update freebies (LET'S GO EEVEE): coolboys17 (L), ourreflection17 (E), brideoffrankenstein25 (T), pearlsandroses14 (S), beachwedding20 (G), coolboys21 (O), pearlsandroses15 (E), ourreflection19 (E), caveexplorers04 (V), ourreflection20 (E), ourreflection21 (E)
staff pay (owner): bloomingromance14, dayattheoffice04, radiantglory07, bluefuture03, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): slumberpartysnacks12, heavenlyidols02, bloodmoon13, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): gentlebreeze04, gettingalight17, brideoffrankenstein11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pastelhydrangea01, charaparfait04, newyearsplaques22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): zodiacage19, goldenleaves20, allforone09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): poisonousgame20, lunaticcharm22, funinthesun19, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): queenofthenight20, coolboys07, devilskin08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pinkbikinis12, oceansound07, calamitousdestiny21, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): dazzling14, rainbowpearls15, heartfrenzy18, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): dragonsrage20, fireflies07, plasmagica07, + 25 paint brushes
series shuffle: charaparfait06, oceansound04, snowstorm18, teatime25, +5 paint brushes
match (0 matches): trickstarsguidance23
switch it up: exchanged cardinal09 for fireflies13
gate of babylon: prettyinpink02, wintergirls15
raffle (1 number): emergence11, destructionroad12, + 5 paint brushes
pick a manga (hunter x hunter vol.3): emergence06, deathsembrace16, woodlandfae07, squidvsoctopus22, violetskies14, costumefitting04, moonlightrendezvous05, +10 paintbrush
featured artist: heartfrenzy04, outlaws11, prettyinpink03, sosbrigade20, + 5 paintbrushes
wheel of luck (the rain): mochifestival01, rainbowhaze20, nightshadows24
graphic artist: motherofdragons11, sunshi24, ourreflection25, +5 paint brushes

November 21, 2018
discord freebies (RESEARCH AND PRAY): ourreflection13 (R), sunnydaze22 (E), pearlsandroses10 (S), pearlsandroses11 (E), carousel14 (A), carousel15 (R), carousel16 (C), beachwedding17 (H), bloomingromance07 (A), bloomingromance08 (N), blessedwind12 (D), pearlsandroses12 (P), brideoffrankenstein20 (R), moonguardian07 (A), sunnydaze25 (Y)

November 15, 2018
event goodie bag (all tasks completed): crownclown08, leaderofthepack04, elemental03, poisonousgame04, submersed10, succulentcafe17, atthebar07, petalbreeze03, teatime01, prettypalms03, countryescape10, academyguardians25, wreakinghavoc24, motherofdragons12, dazzling23, emperorandphantom02, importanttome02, melancholyjoachim18, underthesea23, blackblade19, choice, choice, choice, choice, choice, + 300 paintbrushes
new decks: eveningwalk01, eveningwalk02, eveningwalk03, eveningwalk04, fireflies02, fireflies03, fireflies04, fireflies05, fruitybay01, fruitybay02, fruitybay03, fruitybay04, loveonair01, loveonair02, loveonair03, loveonair04, sakuraqueens01, sakuraqueens02, sakuraqueens03, sakuraqueens04
for donating: eveningwalk05, loveonair05
for deckmaking: calamitousdestiny01, eveningwalk06, fireflies06, loveonair06, pirateromance01, sakuraqueens05, sleepingshinki01, swimsuits01
update freebies (RESEARCH PAPER): brideoffrankenstein15 (R), sunnydaze18 (E), sunnydaze19 (S), sunnydaze21 (E), brideoffrankenstein16 (A), brideoffrankenstein17 (R), coolboys15 (C), beachwedding13 (H), pearlsandroses05 (P), beachwedding14 (A), pearlsandroses09 (P), beachwedding16 (E), bloomingromance05 (R)
event cards: 30members
staff pay (owner): coolboys25, bridalfall14, plasmagica07, sweetberries20, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): smilingflowers24, spookystars10, mermaidparadise10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): snowstorm18, heavenlyidols21, holdingtightly24, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): neverlettinggo12, tobelieve25, embracetheworld08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): devilishfriends25, aquaticview20, sapphireknight11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): catnap03, mermaidparadise24, atthebar19, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): smilingflowers09, poolday16, smilingjester01, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): blueworld20, phonecall09, lutwidgeacademy04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): twinklingstars22, radiantmoon04, blackbutterflies15, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: carousel13, goodnighttales07, clearcards10, +5 paint brushes
hangman: moonlightrendezvous17, memories03, grapevine15, +5 paintbrush
supply drive: cutiewitch12, ex-machina13, beachfun08, fireflies01, woodlandfae24, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: wintergirls25, galaxysorbet10, sleepysnacks14, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: fallintome01, sirenrhythm20, snowstorm06, +5 paint brushes
line artist: celestialwarriors21, angelicaura01, restingrabbits09, autumnleaves05, firstblood23, +5 paintbrush
ancient slots: intothenight14, badomens06, bluemoon21, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: twinklingstars22, heartfrenzy07, mechanicalprowess03, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: woodlandfae05, midnightgate16, pearlsandroses23, +5 paint brushes

November 13, 2018
level ups: sunnydaze15, sunnydaze17, handprintart25, lotusgarden22, worldkeeper12, +10 paint brushes
supply store (choice cards): coolboys13, coolboys14, ourreflection09, pearlsandroses03, mochifestival04 (-250 paint brushes)
card pack a: blackmoon24, sisternurse04, morningcommute15, cardinal12, sparringmatch01 (-100 paint brushes)
card pack b: ourreflection18, faequeen19, melancholyjoachim03, forestfight07, prettyinpink15, rainbowcircus13, whiteout11, puremaidens01, firstmission14, blackmoon11 (-200 paint brushes)
card pack m: devilishfriends17, bubblebath23, pineapplebubbly04, flyhigh12, blackbutterflies14, fieldofhope19, faequeen18, solitarysnow12, funinthesun09, memories21, heartfrenzy19, unrefinedflower02, oursecret10, sunflowerstory06, caveexplorers11, brothers15, atthebeach25, fieldofhope23, kaleidoscope24, amberblossoms19, bluerosebeat22, keykeeper19, pumpkinwitch24, afternoontea10, sisternurse22, abovetheclouds05, sunset13, seaprotector20, forestfight08, prettyinpink20 (-500 paint brushes)

November 12, 2018
new decks: brittlebullet01, brittlebullet02, brittlebullet07, brittlebullet08 (Sabrael), sosbrigade01, sosbrigade02, sosbrigade03, sosbrigade04 (Sorcha), lutwidgeacademy03, lutwidgeacademy04, lutwidgeacademy05, lutwidgeacademy06 (Shinya), carousel10, carousel11, carousel12, carousel13, inori06, inori07, inori08, inori09 (mine)
for donating: queenofthenight01, underwaterbeauty01
for deckmaking: brittlebullet09, carousel03, gatheringoffriends01, inori03, lutwidgeacademy01, queenofthenight02, raindrops01, uncutbonds01, underwaterbeauty02
update freebies (GIVE THANKS): beachwedding08 (G), blessedwind03 (I), mochifestival03 (V), blessedwind04 (E), ourreflection06 (T), beachwedding10 (H), brideoffrankenstein11 (A), sunnydaze10 (N), brideoffrankenstein13 (K), sunnydaze11 (S)
update freebies (HOSHINA UTAU): beachwedding11 (H), coolboys07 (O), coolboys09 (S), beachwedding12 (H), ourreflection07 (I), blessedwind05 (N), brideoffrankenstein14 (A), sunnydaze12 (U), ourreflection08 (T), bloomingromance03 (A), sunnydaze14 (U)
events: 250decks, 300decks, november2018
staff pay (owner): blessedwind07, brideoffrankenstein24, schooldays19, skyservice21, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): reddevil10, spookystars22, sweetberries17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sirenrhythm07, dreamwings07, destinyislands10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): secretidol23, countingsheep18, sirenrhythm13, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): teatime04, holdingtightly17, starfulnight18, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): woodlandfae06, prettyinpink05, groupstudy17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): peacefulnature07, rainydays08, comicpanels03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): succulentcafe11, billiards25, outlaws12, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): caveexplorers16, islandofsindria14, voidcaller03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): billiards12, pearlsandroses25, renaissancepilots13, + 25 paint brushes
match (1 match): newyearsplaques01, celestialwarriors12
switch it up: exchanged comicpanels03 for pearlsandroses02
gate of babylon: rosemaiden14, bloomingromance04
raffle (2 numbers): outlaws16, puremaidens05, wishforthefuture24, + 5 paint brushes
pick a manga (school): nothing!
featured artist: enemies17, starpillows04, hotsummer19, grapevine20, + 5 paintbrushes
wheel of luck (the windy): worldkeeper13, handprintart09, intothenight20, +5 paint brushes
graphic artist: beachsidesonata16, darksideofthemoon02, spookystars14, +5 paint brushes
mastery (midnightgate): blessedwind23, blessedwind24, dreamyqueen19, motherofdragons23, nightwarriors13, sugarrush20, +20 paint brushes

November 09, 2018
mastery (blueworld): midnightgate19, midnightgate20, groupstudy15, morningcommute11, fallingleaves07, cardinal09, +20 paint brushes
mastery (holysoldier): midnightgate21, midnightgate22, cutesailors20, elemental06, puremaidens10, dreamyqueen22, +20 paint brushes
mastery (whiteout): midnightgate24, midnightgate25, coffeedate22, lostbutterfly12, justonebite11, bakingdelights17, +20 paint brushes

November 08, 2018
recycle bin (november): brideoffrankenstein09, midnightgate16, midnightgate17, midnightgate18, ourreflection04 (-atlantica04, bridalbouquets07, cloudofsmoke10, cloudofsmoke13, prettypalms04, restingrabbits17, shrinewishes02, autumnleaves22, bloodmoon06, brotherlymeal18, doublevalentine03, doublevalentine21, emergence07, emperorandphantom01, fourgoddesses13, frozendelight02, gentlebreeze25, loungingaround16, mayflowers16, seaprotector25)

November 2, 2018
new decks: fortheteam01, fortheteam02 (Sorcha), devilforgemaster03, devilforgemaster04, romanticbath03, romanticbath04 (Sabrael), ruinedcity08, ruinedcity09 (Shinya), ex-machina01, ex-machina02, mermaidparadise01, mermaidparadise02, throneofice09, throneofice10, caveexplorers01, caveexplorers02, hellototheskies03, hellototheskies04, pastelhydrangea01, pastelhydrangea02 (mine)
for donating: throneofice07, pastelhydrangea03
for deckmaking: brotherlymeal01, countryescape01, dontleave01, throneofice08, caveexplorers03, fortheteam03, pastelhydrangea04
update freebies (COLD FRONT): beachwedding03 (C), ourreflection03 (O), blueworld12 (L), blueworld13 (D), brideoffrankenstein08 (F), blueworld16 (R), whiteout10 (O), beachwedding05 (N), whiteout12 (T)
update freebies (ICHIGAYA ARISA): holysoldier12 (I), coolboys06 (C), holysoldier14 (H), holysoldier15 (I), beachwedding07 (G), midnightgate12 (A), holysoldier18 (Y), midnightgate13 (A), midnightgate14 (A), holysoldier19 (R), holysoldier22 (I), holysoldier23 (S), midnightgate15 (A)
staff pay (owner): whiteout25, atlantica04, leaderofthepack22, demonrock18, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): brotherlymeal18, pineapplebubbly23, mochifestival02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): bluejays06, restingrabbits17, sleepysnacks04, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pichiduet18, candlelight10, blackbutterflies16, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): rainydays08, morningcommute01, scatterednotes15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): revolutionnaire18, shootingstar18, bridalfall05, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): snorkeling15, diamondrain11, prayformercy17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): devilforgemaster11, bluerosebeat02, trickortreat06, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: summerbride21, reddevil07, afternoonstudy12, +5 paint brushes
hangman: violetskies13, countingsheep18, squidvsoctopus14, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: sunflowerstory09, fieldmice24, countingsheep15, afternoontea14, autumnskies13, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: prettypalms04, pinkpetals03, polkadots12, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: succulentcafe16, snorkeling05, zerorequiem09, +5 paint brushes
line artist: bridalbouquets07, revolutionnaire10, cocktailparty14, floatingballoons19, arisainwonderland22, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: gettingalight09, goldenleaves10, journeysstart08, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: bloodmoon06, creepywebbing06, shootingstar11, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: Lost!
tanabata wishes (november): midnightgate10 (N), whiteout15 (O), devilskin01 (V), whiteout16 (E), midnightgate11 (M), whiteout18 (E), blueworld17 (R)

November 1, 2018
visited by the pumpkin queen: brideoffrankenstein05, summersunshine12, dayattheoffice03, coffeedate13, sunnydaze13, afternoontea03, fightagainstfate17, sugarysippin17, loungingaround16, revolutionnaire15, royallight20, nightwarriors18, grapevine11, neverlettinggo17, summerbride22, blueworld18, blueworld20, blueworld22, blueworld24, blueworld25, + 200 paint brushes

October 30, 2018
mastery (worldkeeper): cutiewitch12, cutiewitch13, prettypalms04, rosemaiden09, lemondrop14, devilskin09, +20 paint brushes
mastery (cutiewitch): beachwedding02, midnightgate09, whiteout06, whiteout07, whiteout09, galaxycinderellas19, unrefinedflower24, dayattheoffice09, underthesakuratree10, secretmeeting15fieldmice07, ginghamdream22, bluerosebeat19, oceansound07, wreakinghavoc05, +100 paint brushes

October 29, 2018
recycle bin (october): cutiewitch19, cutiewitch21, cutiewitch23, cutiewitch24, blueworld07 (-amuletdiamond20, beachfun02, bloodmoon03, bloodmoon18, crimsonfog07, crimsonfog19, crimsonfog24, frostybusstop03, frostybusstop06, groupstudy20, handprintart01, humptydumpty11, humptydumpty25, pearlsandroses17, pinkpearl01, pinkpearl06, polkadots11, polkadots14, secretidol02, sunflowerstory13)
witchy activities (task 01): midnightgate08, bubblebath05, zerorequiem14, cocktailcherry13, coolboys05, +10 paint brushes
witchy activities (task 03): dragonsrage03, summersunshine02, neverlettinggo10, butlercafe04, peacefulnature02, keykeeper16, frozendelight02, bubblesandbliss15, vogue14, floatingballoons02, + 75 paint brushes
stampcard donation: afterclubsnacks12, undertherain16, bubblesandbliss12, brideoffrankenstein18, spookystars09, +25 paint brushes
gift from samu: bloomingromance11, breezyhillside14, gentlebreeze06
supply store (choice cards): cutiewitch14, cutiewitch15, cutiewitch18, whiteout03, whiteout04(-250 paint brushes)
card pack a: butlercafe11, restingrabbits17, pearlsandroses23, shrinewishes02, mechanicalprowess05 (-100 paint brushes)
card pack b: floweringsisterhood03, justonebite25, summerbride09, pinkpetals24, sapphireknight17, pumpkinwitch25, faequeen13, zodiacage07, oursecret19, fallintome11 (-200 paint brushes)

October 28, 2018
gift from cami: whiteout17, whiteout22
gift for cami: -encouragingyou24, rainbowcircus21, shootingstar14, shootingstar18, shootingstar21
gift for mio: -butlercafe22, carnivaldate12, carnivaldate16, carnivaldate23, gameon10
gift for sabrael: -squidvsoctopus19, squidvsoctopus20, atthebeach14, atthebeach21, generationjojo05
gift for samu: -noescape25, alienalien11, autumnskies01, autumnskies02, autumnskies22
gift for selena: -butlercafe14, creepywebbing06, doctorsorder15, doctorsorder18, emperorandphantom14
gift for sorcha: -halloweenfair09, halloweenfair10, pumpkinwitch05, pumpkinwitch14, pumpkinwitch23
trade rewards: twinklingstars09, beachsidesonata15, floatingballoons08, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: loveandpeace23, midnightgate23, loveandpeace05, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: worldkeeper25, atthebar12, waterfairies21, class1-a04, +10 paint brushes

October 27, 2018
new decks: celebration03, celebration04 (Sabrael), heartfrenzy01, heartfrenzy02 (Sorcha), memories05, memories06, numberonefan05, numberonefan06, starpillows05, starpillows06 (Shinya), bluefuture03, bluefuture04, devilishfriends02, devilishfriends03, lightofthemoon01, lightofthemoon02, trickortreat05, trickortreat07, sunnydaze08, sunnydaze09 (mine)
for donating: coffeedate01, milkybubbles01, trickortreat01
for deckmaking: billiards01, coffeedate02, devilishfriends01, memories25, milkybubbles02, revolutionnaire01, trickortreat02, vogue01, wreakinghavoc01, sunnydaze03, zerorequiem01
update freebies (10, 25, 18): brideoffrankenstein10 (10), cutiewitch25 (25), worldkeeper18 (18)
update freebies (YUKINA MINATO): noisyafternoon17 (Y), cutiewitch06 (U), pinkpearl15 (K), noisyafternoon21 (I), pinkpearl16 (N), mydearest13 (A), mydearest14 (M), cutiewitch07 (I), noisyafternoon22 (N), pinkpearl17 (A), mydearest15 (T), holysoldier08 (O)
update freebies (HAPPY HALLOWEEN): holysoldier09 (H), noisyafternoon23 (A), pinkpearl18 (P), pinkpearl22 (P), noisyafternoon24 (Y), holysoldier11 (H), mydearest16 (A), worldkeeper11 (L), blueworld05 (L), blueworld06 (O), worldkeeper13 (W), mydearest17 (E), cutiewitch09 (E), midnightgate07 (N)
staff pay (owner): worldkeeper08, starpillows06, lotusgarden13, dragonsrage21, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): dreamwings01, puppylove20, blueworld08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): frostybusstop06, loveidol23, butlercafe14, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): trickortreat17, bubblesandbliss20, newyearsplaques18, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): undertherain10, breezyhillside16, shootingstar18, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): cardinal11, wreakinghavoc05, carnivaldate16, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pumpkinpatch21, fightagainstfate15, bakingdelights10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): zerorequiem09, phonecall01, darksideofthemoon20, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): mydearest07, importanttome16, halloweenfair09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): tanabataboys13, galaxycinderellas11, nightwarriors19, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): bluefuture07, clearcards23, lightofthemoon11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): ourreflection12, whiteout11, halloweenfair10, + 25 paint brushes
series shuffle: moonlightrendezvous24, importanttome14, atthebeach21, autumnleaves22, +5 paint brushes
match (1 match): fakelover02, frozendelight02
switch it up: exchanged forestcleansing18 for sunnydaze16
gate of babylon: brideoffrankenstein19, fieldofhope16
raffle (3 numbers): 1 choice card (noisyafternoon25), cloudofsmoke19, thefallen14, leaderofthepack18, +5 paint brushes
pick a manga (slice of life): whiteout02, +5 paint brushes
featured artist: 1000words23, devilskin21, comicpanels21, emergence03, + 5 paint brushes
wheel of luck (the rain): doubtandtrust07, violetangels19, pineapplebubbly13
graphic artist: encouragingyou14, teatime10, honeymoon13, +5 paint brushes
mastery (royallight): pinkpearl24, mydearest18, mydearest19, mydearest21, pineapplebubbly14, emperorandphantom14, diamondrain06, humptydumpty06, pichiduet02, +30 paint brushes
mastery (noisyafternoon): mydearest22, mydearest23, spookystars10, devilishfriends05, sugarysippin14, crownclown16, +20 paint brushes
mastery (pinkpearl): mydearest24, mydearest25, mochifestival20, sunflowerstory13, swampwitchtrio06, oursecret12, +20 paint brushes
mastery (mydearest): worldkeeper19, worldkeeper20, importanttome18, crownclown01, countingsheep06, pinkpetals19, +20 paint brushes
level ups: worldkeeper21, worldkeeper23, cloudofsmoke02, gentlebreeze21, fieldmice05, +10 paint brushes

October 24, 2018
mastery (tricknight): allforone10, allforone11, allforone13, allforone17, allforone21, nightshadows11, tanabataboys15, rainyseason19, followersofdarkness24, mochifestival06, doctorsorder18, snowfall21, spookystars02, sunshi04, academyguardians12, +100 paint brushes
mastery (allforone): royallight21, royallight22, generationjojo05, zxtunes14, sweetskitty06, emergence25, +20 paint brushes

October 23, 2018
group collect 03: soaked06, butlercafe22 (-peacefulnature08)
supply store (choice cards): tricknight24, tricknight25, royallight18, royallight19, royallight20 (-250 paint brushes)
card pack m: diamondrain22, guiltyrock13, bridalfall20, firstmission24, pinkpearl19, grapevine20, creepywebbing06, rainbowpearls12, junkfoodwar13, lemondrop06, cloudofsmoke06, lakesideflowers20, phonecall20, strawberrykiss12, crownclown25, rainbowhaze11, newyearsplaques24, alienalien01, crimsonfog24, bentobreak09, gameon10, inthejungle18, emergence07, underthesea14, puppylove16, carnivaldate12, nightwarriors13, secretidol02, petalbreeze10, bluejays15 (-500 paint brushes)
witchy activities (task 02): noescape25, loversgaze19, riding18, doubtandtrust01, sacredlotus10, melancholyjoachim17, galaxysorbet12, nodoubt07
witchy activities (task 04): choice, choice, jewelrose20, doctorsorder15, sakuradate16, sakesurprise02, +20 paint brushes
discord freebies (INTERVIEW): royallight23 (I), noisyafternoon14 (N), noisyafternoon15 (T), pinkpearl12 (E), royallight24 (R), divinitysreach01 (V), royallight25 (I), pinkpearl13 (E), worldkeeper07 (W)

October 21, 2018
level ups: tricknight18, tricknight19, nekomimibop15, rainbowpearls04, cocktailcherry10, +10 paint brushes
mastery (frostybusstop): motherofdragons24, motherofdragons25, butlercafe20, pinkpetals03, sleepingcanopy15, poisonousgame11, +20 paint brushes
mastery (motherofdragons): tricknight20, tricknight21, tricknight22, tricknight23, mydearest05, bluemoon05, bloomingromance24, blueworld03, +20 paint brushes
samu says 03: devilskin04, keykeeper01, +20 paint brushes

October 20, 2018
new decks: autumnskies01, autumnskies02, candlelight01, candlelight02, clumsytrampoline02, clumsytrampoline03, dreamyqueen03, dreamyqueen04, fallintome01, fallintome02, goldenleaves01, goldenleaves02, happypills03, happypills04, midnightgate03, midnightgate04, sleepingcanopy03, sleepingcanopy04, waterfun03, waterfun04
for donating: dreamyqueen01, happypills01, midnightgate01, sleepingcanopy01, waterfun01
for deckmaking: clumsytrampoline01, dreamyqueen02, floweringsisterhood01, handprintart01, happypills02, junkfoodwar01, midnightgate02, neverlettinggo01, sleepingcanopy02, waterfun02
update freebies (SICK AGAIN): frostybusstop07 (S), noisyafternoon13 (I), tricknight16 (C), tricknight17 (K), royallight16 (A), motherofdragons21 (G), allforone09 (A), royallight17 (I), motherofdragons22 (N)
staff pay (owner): motherofdragons23, beachfun03, topsyturvytea04, humptydumpty11, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pichiduet06, peacefulnature09, swampwitchtrio06, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): waterfun15, lakesideflowers12, emperorandphantom07, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): doctorsorder05, butlercafe17, wintergirls07, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): bentobreak03, handprintart01, encouragingyou10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): cocktailparty07, whiteout20, cloudofsmoke21, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sweetskitty09, lunaticcharm04, countingsheep11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): twinklingstars04, autumnskies22, beachfun02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): momentofpeace14, peacefulnature08, cutesailors02, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): jewelrose08, sisternurse19, frostingfairy08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): lilybath25, humptydumpty17, alienalien07, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: carnivaldate23, darksideofthemoon19, hoshinoumiacademy22, +5 paint brushes
hangman: pumpkinwitch05, mangaproduction19, loversgaze04, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: rainbowpearls02, funinthesun05, wintergirls09, radiantmoon05, fieldofhope21, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: bluejays16, moonlightrendezvous04, cutiewitch11, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: rusticrose04, gameon08, tanabataboys17, +5 paint brushes
line artist: humptydumpty23, frozendelight13, neverlettinggo09, mochifestival11, galaxysorbet23, +5 paintbrush
ancient slots: petalbreeze19, shrinewishes23, smilingjester19, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: bluemoon09, darkandlight02, hoshinoumiacademy02, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: Lost!

October 16, 2018
supply store (choice cards): frostybusstop21, frostybusstop22, frostybusstop25, tricknight14, tricknight15 (-250 paint brushes)
card pack a: scatterednotes09, sunflowerstory10, nekomimibop21, woodlandfae22, starfulnight05 (-100 paint brushes)
card pack b: bluejays10, worldkeeper10, pinkpearl21, seaprotector16, pearlsandroses18, galaxysorbet19, bridalbouquets07, blackblade19, smilingjester17, blackblade10 (-200 paint brushes)

October 15. 2018
trade rewards: pinkpearl10, sakuradate01, pinkpearl01, zodiacage15, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: atthebeach14, sisternurse01, snowfall20, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: pineapplebubbly19, dreamwings04, swampwitchtrio24, +10 paint brushes

October 12, 2018
group collect 03: justonebite22, forestcleansing11 (-peacefulnature09)
mastery (bloodmoon): moonlightrendezvous19, moonlightrendezvous20, moonlightrendezvous23, moonlightrendezvous24, moonlightrendezvous25,mangaproduction24, pearlsandroses16, sweetberries21, fallingleaves09, melancholyjoachim13, bentobreak07, undertherain14, royallight12, blueworld14, crownclown07, +100 paint brushes
mastery (moonlightrendezvous): frostybusstop16, frostybusstop19, zxtunes20, zxtunes13, alienalien11, lotusgarden20, +20 paint brushes
new decks: beachsidesonata04, beachsidesonata05 (Samu), wonderlandhosts01, wonderlandhosts02 (Sorcha), nightwarriors14, nightwarriors15 (Sabrael), enemies03, enemies04 (Shinya), mydearest11, mydearest12 (mine)
for donating: mydearest03
for deckmaking: celestialwarriors, mydearest04, wonderlandhosts
update freebies (SPOOKTOBER): motherofdragons17 (S), frostybusstop14 (P), frostybusstop15 (O), royallight14 (O), tricknight13 (K), motherofdragons19 (T), allforone06 (O), frostybusstop13 (B), allforone07 (E), motherofdragons20 (R)
events: halloweenminievent, layout02
staff pay (owner): royallight15, encouragingyou24, sunflowerstory19, groupstudy20, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): forestcleansing18, deathsembrace07, guiltyrock13, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): honeymoon01, atthebar10, ginghamdream10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): noescape16, alienalien08, leaderofthepack16, + 25 paint brushes
series shuffle: sunshi22, whiterose17, forestfight12, galaxycinderellas05, +5 paint brushes
match (0 matches): birdcagediva13
switch it up: exchanged succulentcafe07 for pearlsandroses07
gate of babylon: pinkpearl25, rosemaiden04
raffle (0 numbers): followersofdarkness25
pick a manga (shoujo): -pooldate02, -radiantmoon14
featured artist: swampwitchtrio03, rainyseason06, carnivaldate13, lotusgarden14, + 5 paint brushes
wheel of luck (the fly): forestcleansing18, leaderofthepack13
graphic artist: ourplight18, momentofpeace22, crucified20, +5 paint brushes

October 06, 2018
supply store (choice cards): bloodmoon20, bloodmoon21, bloodmoon22, motherofdragons10, motherofdragons12 (-250 paint brushes)
card pack a: cocktailcherry04, prettyinpink01, riding24, noescape13, noescape10 (-100 paint brushes)
card pack b: faequeen21, radiantmoon14, sleepysnacks01, rainbowhaze04, loveidol19, sunset05, deathsembrace11, moonlightrendezvous17, noisyafternoon11, pumpkinwitch23 (-200 paint brushes)

October 05, 2018
new decks: 1000words01, 1000words02 (Alecks), sweetskitty05, sweetskitty06 (Cami), plasmagica01, plasmagica02 (Joey), gettingalight24, gettingalight25 (Sabrael), royallight11, royallight13 (mine)
for donating: bentobreak01, plasmagica01, royallight09, sweetskitty01
for deckmaking: bentobreak02, demonrock01, plasmagica02, royallight10, sweetskitty02
update freebies (OCTOBER 2018) bloodmoon24 (O), tricknight11 (C), tricknight12 (T), moonlightrendezvous13 (O), bloodmoon25 (B), moonlightrendezvous14 (E), motherofdragons13 (R), frostybusstop12 (2), allforone20 (0), motherofdragons15 (1), noisyafternoon18 (8)
staff pay (owner): bloodmoon23, whiterose25, spookystars01, 1000words16, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): butlercafe09, pearlsandroses04, sakuradate17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): firstmission16, melancholyjoachim10, bluejays22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): ourreflection14, reddevil18, summerbride14, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): halloweenfair10, smilingjester23, mechanicalprowess15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): rainbowcircus21, clearcards12, rainbowhaze09, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: starfulnight18, peacefulnature09, melancholyjoachim24, +5 paint brushes
hangman: charaparfait18, allforone08, honeymoon10, +5 paint brushes
supply drive: sweetberries05, rainbowcircus08, cheongsams04, pinkpearl06, importanttome04, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: fourgoddesses13, pineapplebubbly15, summersunshine16, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: amuletdiamond20, flyhigh06, gentlebreeze17, +5 paint brushes
line artist: thefallen21, bloomingromance15, restingrabbits18, lakesideflowers24, abovetheclouds09, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: sunflowerstory13, nekomimibop15, pinkpearl11, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: crownclown22, cheekymermaid18, underthesakuratree11, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: whiteout21, wishforthefuture11, noescape09, +5 paint brushes
level ups: bloodmoon13, bloodmoon14, sakesurprise13, mochifestival08, blueworld21, +10 paint brushes

October 02, 2018
mastery (amuletdiamond): bloodmoon16, bloodmoon17, bloodmoon18, bloodmoon19, cocktailparty05, pooldate03, violetangels22, whiterose09, sapphireknight07, +30 paint brushes

October 01, 2018
tanabata wishes (october): (5 choice green) allforone05, allforone24, allforone25, frostybusstop10, worldkeeper06, (5 choice orange) brideoffrankenstein05, brideoffrankenstein06, brideoffrankenstein07, holysoldier24, holysoldier25, (5 choice black) blackbutterflies01, blackbutterflies02, blackbutterflies03, melancholyjoachim01, melancholyjoachim02, (5 choice purple) tricknight08, tricknight09, tricknight10, motherofdragons08, cutiewitch05, (5 choice yellow) amuletdiamond17, amuletdiamond22, amuletdiamond23, ourreflection01, ourreflection02

September 30, 2018
trade rewards: zxtunes16, crimsonfog07, scatterednotes25, +10 paint brushes
trade rewards: inthejungle14, coolboys04, autumnglasses24, +10 paint brushes

September 29, 2018
new decks: reddevil03, reddevil04, encouragingyou04, encouragingyou05 (Cami), autumnglasses04, autumnglasses05, brideoffrankenstein03, brideoffrankenstein04, tricknight04, tricknight05 (mine)
for deckmaking: reddevil05, autumnglasses03, encouragingyou01, tricknight06
for donating: reddevil06, tricknight07
events: october2018
staff pay (owner): amuletdiamond16, tidecaller22, frostybusstop03, cutiewitch20, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): snorkeling14, firstmission09, rainbowhaze05, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): schooldays14, waterfairies04, mochifestival10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): solitarysnow22, mochifestival13, solitarysnow15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): tanabataboys05, crucified19, succulentcafe15, + 25 paint brushes
match (0 matches): shootingstar14
switch it up: exchanged sakamakiboys19 for cutesailors16
gate of babylon: tricknight01, allforone18
raffle (1 number): atlantica06, sunshi15, + 5 paint brushes
pick a manga (slice of life): alienalien12, +5 paintbrush
featured artist: bloodmoon03, prettyinpink04, noescape17, sirenrhythm15, + 5 paintbrushes
wheel of luck (the shield): rusticrose01, bluejays18, oceansound18, fieldofhope02, blessedwind08, +5 paint brushes
graphic artist: beachsidecruise13, doubtandtrust04, generationjojo07, +5 paint brushes

September 28, 2018
mastery (crimsonfog): worldkeeper01, worldkeeper02, swampwitchtrio02, radiantmoon12, kaleidoscope21, shootingstar21, +20 paint brushes

September 24, 2018
new decks: summersunshine05, summersunshine06 (Cami), lotusgarden17, lotusgarden18 (Selena), alienalien01, alienalien02 (Samu), mechanicalprowess01, mechanicalprowess02, pinkpearl05, pinkpearl06 (mine)
for donating: mechanicalprowess03, pinkpearl07
for deckmaking: mechanicalprowess04, pinkpearl08, undertherain01, witchrepose06
update freebies (SURVIVOR): motherofdragons04 (S), amuletdiamond14 (U), motherofdragons06 (R), moonlightrendezvous11 (V), amuletdiamond15 (I), moonlightrendezvous12 (V), worldkeeper04 (O), allforone04 (R), + 200 paint brushes
staff pay (owner): amuletdiamond13, faequeen06, sugarfilled06, clearcards07, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): lunaticcharm17, holysoldier13, groupstudy10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): crimsonfog19, lotusgarden10, renaissancepilots09, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): melancholyjoachim09, bridalbouquets21, renaissancepilots15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): islandofsindria11, blueworld09, humptydumpty11, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: emperorandphantom06, sapphireknight05, pichiduet19, +5 paint brushes
hangman: sakamakiboys19, noisyafternoon01, rainshowers16, +5 paintbrush
supply drive: swampwitchtrio08, firstblood15, afternoonstudy19, wintergirls03, atlantica21, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: squidvsoctopus19, topsyturvytea13, gentlebreeze16, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: coolboys10, destructionroad01, destructionroad07, +5 paint brushes
line artist: sleepysnacks19, abovetheclouds10, bubblesandbliss15, moonlightrendezvous16, cutesailors15, +5 paintbrush
ancient slots: succulentcafe15, graduation21, blueworld10, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: humptydumpty15, groupstudy05, underthesakuratree18, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: Lost!

September 16, 2018
level up: crimsonfog19, crimsonfog21, sakamakiboys10, cocktailparty18, secretidol10, +10 paint brushes
mastery (intothenight): crimsonfog22, crimsonfog23, beachfun05, dreamwings12, fourgoddesses13, fakelover15, +20 paint brushes
supply store (choice cards): crimsonfog24, crimsonfog25 (-100 paint brushes)
card pack a: afternoonstudy04, bakingdelights23, submersed02, cheekymermaid04, oursecret01 (-100 paint brushes)
card pack b: honeymoon18, blackfeathers01, bubblebath13, moonlightrendezvous21, tanabataboys17, succulentcafe02, bakingdelights15, afternoonstudy20, lunaticcharm01, divinitysreach12 (-200 paint brushes)

September 15, 2018
new decks: comicpanels01, comicpanels02 (Cami), bubblesandbliss01, bubblesandbliss02, fallingleaves01, fallingleaves02, holysoldier05, holysoldier06, waterfairies01, waterfairies02 (mine)
for donating: fallingleaves03, holysoldier03, waterfairies03
for deckmaking: comicpanels03, fallingleaves04, gameon01, holysoldier04, sakesurprise01, waterfairies04
update freebies (choice 09, 05, 20, 18): moonlightrendezvous09 (09), motherofdragons05 (05), crimsonfog20 (20), intothenight18 (18)
discord freebies (RECOVERING): crimsonfog16 (R), intothenight15 (E), crimsonfog17 (C), intothenight16 (O), moonlightrendezvous10 (V), intothenight17 (E), crimsonfog18 (R), intothenight19 (I), intothenight21 (N), intothenight22 (G)
staff pay (owner): intothenight25, comicpanels22, worldkeeper22, bluerosebeat02, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): fieldmice11, lunaryankee12, amberblossoms14, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): dazzling05, darkandlight09, atlantica14, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): bluejays12, gameon01, coolboys22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pearlsandroses17, mochifestival25, wishforthefuture15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): crimsonmasque13, faequeen07, riding21, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): diamondrain04, ourreflection22, doublevalentine05, + 25 paint brushes
series shuffle: spookystars02, succulentcafe07, fightagainstfate04, pooldate02, +5 paint brushes
match (2 matches): justonebite20, squidvsoctopus20, cutesailors08, + 5 paint brushes
switch it up: exchanged birdcagediva19 for worldkeeper09
gate of babylon: sapphireknight15, diamondrain12
raffle (2 numbers): pumpkinpatch22, humptydumpty25, pooldate02, + 5 paint brushes
pick a manga (school): nothing!
featured artist: radiantmoon21, afternoonstudy07, cardinal09, pumpkinwitch14, + 5 paintbrushes
wheel of luck (the hope): blackbutterflies11, topsyturvytea15, butlercafe08, brothers08
graphic artist: worldkeeper24, crimsonmasque22, snowfall05, +5 paint brushes

September 14, 2018
samu says 02: radiantmoon22, cheekymermaid21, galaxysorbet25, pearlsandroses08, + 20 paintbrushes

September 08, 2018
mastery (birdcagediva): crimsonfog15, noisyafternoon10, coolboys08, pearlsandroses17, poolday12, birdcagediva19, +20 paint brushes
new decks: brothers01, brothers02 (Sabrael), forestfight03, forestfight04 (Sorcha), fieldmice01, fieldmice02 (Shinya), bloodmoon10, bloodmoon11 (mine)
for deckmaking: atthebar01, bloodmoon09, brothers04
update freebies (HULU BINGE): intothenight10 (H), amuletdiamond07 (U), amuletdiamond08 (L), amuletdiamond10 (U), coolboys04 (B), intothenight12 (I), intothenight13 (N), intothenight14 (G), amuletdiamond11 (E)
event cards: 1stlevelup, 1stmastery, 200decks
staff pay (owner): intothenight23, islandofsindria15, cloudofsmoke10, cardinal06, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): groupstudy21, rainbowhaze06, fourgoddesses06, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): frostybusstop23, violetangels23, beachsidecruise22, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): academyguardians21, crucified18, fieldmice04, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: succulentcafe19, bubblebath13, atlantica08, +5 paint brushes
hangman: fourgoddesses19, pooldate10, rainbowcircus17, +5 paintbrush
supply drive: afternoonstudy18, allforone23, doubtandtrust24, groupstudy20, violetangels16, +5 paint brushes
lucky tarot: lostbutterfly10, thefallen08, sweetsservice05, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: beachwedding09, thefallen16, shootingstar16, +5 paint brushes
line artist: fieldmice03, frostybusstop24, cheongsams04, tanabataboys08, honeymoon14, +5 paintbrush
ancient slots: pineapplebubbly06, sweetberries10, melodyandrhythm09, +5 paint brushes
hugs & kisses: prettypalms10, darksideofthemoon02, emergence19, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: melodyandrhythm09, fieldofhope06, justonebite06, +5 paint brushes

September 07, 2018
deck donation: darkandlight21, newyearsplaques17, followersofdarkness03
deck donation: cloudofsmoke14, cloudofsmoke13, emperorandphantom01
deck donation: bluemoon17, pooldate10, thefallen18
deck donation: lostbutterfly08, succulentcafe21, rainshowers13
deck donation: birdcagediva20, blessedwind01, lunaryankee16, countingsheep06

September 03, 2018
trade rewards: mayflowers16, birdcagediva24, allforone19, +10 paint brushes

September 01, 2018
new decks: cheekymermaid06, cheekymermaid07, cheekymermaid08, cheekymermaid09, summerbride05, summerbride06, summerbride07, summerbride08 (Mio), atthebeach05, atthebeach06, atthebeach07, atthebeach08 (Joey), atlantica18, atlantica19, atlantica20, atlantica21 (Frankie), crimsonfog06, crimsonfog07, crimsonfog08, crimsonfog09, frostybusstop01, frostybusstop02, frostybusstop03, frostybusstop04, noisyafternoon05, noisyafternoon06, noisyafternoon07, noisyafternoon08, honeymoon01, honeymoon02 (mine)
for donating: crimsonfog05, frostybusstop05, melodyandrhythm05
for deckmaking: cardinal05, cloudofsmoke09, crimsonfog14, dazzling01, frostybusstop06, melodyandrhythm04, mochifestival01, noisyafternoon09, riding03, sirenrhythm01, startofthejourney11, sunset12, wintergirls01
event cards: august2018, 20members, grandopening
update freebies (GRAND OPENING): birdcagediva13 (G), birdcagediva15 (R), amuletdiamond05 (A), moonlightrendezvous05 (N), amuletdiamond06 (D), intothenight07 (O), nekomimibop02 (P), allforone01 (E), intothenight08 (N), cutiewitch04 (I), motherofdragons03 (N), moonlightrendezvous06 (G)
staff pay (owner): birdcagediva11, allforone02, worldkeeper14, birdcagediva23, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): crimsonmasque24, dazzling02, rainbowhaze11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sunset13, petalbreeze13, solitarysnow07, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): wintergirls09, afterclubsnacks14, nekomimibop12, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): halloweenstreet09, charaparfait24, dragonsrage01, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): violetskies20, importanttome10, emperorandphantom20, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pooldate09, generationjojo02, halloweenstreet03, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): bluemoon01, beachfun21, noescape08, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): clearcards25, blackfeathers07, amberblossoms11, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): guiltyrock12, summerbride11, cutesailors06, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): lostbutterfly06, grapevine06, loungingaround17, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): fourgoddesses25, succulentcafe07, rosemaiden15, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): ourplight18, atlantica04, doubtandtrust20, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): whiteout23, rosemaiden03, sirenrhythm06, + 25 paint brushes
mirror cards (0 matches): devilskin18
switch it up: exchanged radiantmoon01 for amuletdiamond24
gate of babylon: lunaticcharm02, moonlightrendezvous08
raffle (2 numbers): swampwitchtrio19, elemental17, smilingjester16, +5 paint brushes
pick a manga (slice of life): rainshowers20, +5 paint brushes
featured artist: loveidol24, pooldate02, sunset23, blueworld04, + 5 paint brushes
wheel of luck (the float): blueworld23, afterclubsnacks04, riding13
graphic artist: rainyseason21, academyguardians06, afternoontea01, +5 paint brushes
supply store (choice cards): birdcagediva09, birdcagediva10, birdcagediva17, intothenight09, moonlightrendezvous07 (-250 paint brushes)
supply store (card pack a): shrinewishes04, sleepysnacks11, poolday13, sweetberries07, whiterose10 (-100 paint brushes)
supply store (card pack b): followersofdarkness24, cutiewitch10, emperorandphantom18, loversgaze22, phonecall11, sakamakiboys19, secretidol18, tobelieve14, frostybusstop20, worldkeeper05 (-200 paint brushes)
group collect 01: emergence07, violetskies25 (-fourgoddesses16)
tanabata wishes (september): rosemaiden25, diamondrain10, tobelieve11, loveandpeace07, charaparfait22, gentlebreeze25, guiltyrock10, rosemaiden23, petalbreeze04, keykeeper22, doublevalentine21, seaprotector14, keykeeper04, keykeeper23, afternoontea07
level ups: birdcagediva07, birdcagediva08, whiterose09, emperorandphantom13, zxtunes17, +10 paint brushes

August 31, 2018
samu says: coolboys19, smilingjester02, blessedwind01, phonecall24, + 20 paintbrushes

August 29, 2018
trade rewards: devilskin25, guiltyrock21, sugarrush18, +10 paint brushes

August 27, 2018
deck donation: ourreflection25, lostbutterfly06, rainbowhaze12
deck donation: rainyseason15, sleepysnacks14, cutesailors07
deck donation: elemental15, whiterose20, rainyseason01
deck donation: radiantmoon01, polkadots14, fightagainstfate01
deck donation: birdcagediva21, firstmission13, sleepysnacks17, halloweenfair01
deck donation: allforone16, sapphireknight11, bakingdelights09
deck donation: bluerosebeat13, fourgoddesses16, diamondrain23
deck donation: grapevine16, starwishes21, loveandpeace01
deck donation: clearcards06, prettyinpink07, devilskin13
deck donation: birdcagediva22, thefallen21, justonebite16, rainbowcircus06

August 25, 2018
new decks: dayattheoffice01, dayattheoffice02 (Lee), coolboys01, coolboys02, intothenight03, intothenight04, pineapplebubbly01, pineapplebubbly02 (mine)
for donating: intothenight05
for deckmaking: beachfun02, coolboys03, dayattheoffice01, intothenight06, mangaproduction01
referral rewards: whiteout05, seaprotector25, firstmission22
referral rewards: lilybath12, seaprotector25, whiterose06
referral rewards: followersofdarkness20, swampwitchtrio02, squidvsoctopus22
referral rewards: emergence10, lemondrop13, birdcagediva12
referral rewards: solitarysnow17, justonebite05, mangaproduction11
referral rewards: sugarrush25, diamondrain07, voidcaller11
event cards: 10members, 50decks, 100decks, 150decks, layout01, prejoin
staff pay (owner pay): birdcagediva04, rainbowhaze20, smilingjester15, prettyinpink01, + 50 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): sugarysippin18, sakamakiboys07, keykeeper10, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): nekomimibop20, petalbreeze01, prayformercy24, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): polkadots11, devilskin19, loungingaround16, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): pinkpetals24, amuletdiamond20, flyhigh05, + 25 paint brushes
staff pay (deckmaker): lunaryankee05, pineapplebubbly02, starwishes05, + 25 paint brushes
kakegurui: momentofpeace18, nodoubt06, firstblood17, +5 paint brushes
hangman: lilybath22, rusticrose03, thefallen25, +5 paintbrush
supply drive: rainshowers12, sleepysnacks22, sacredlotus14, beachfun01, prettypalms02, +5 paintbrushes
lucky tarot: prettyinpink04, prayformercy11, underthesea18, +5 paint brushes
familiar faces: radiantmoon01, petalbreeze17, allforone03, +5 paint brushes
line artist: rainbowcircus03, doublevalentine20, starfulnight10, +5 paint brushes
ancient slots: firstmission14, nodoubt08, doubtandtrust07, +5 paintbrushes
hugs & kisses: fieldofhope19, afterclubsnacks15, shrinewishes02, +5 paint brushes
pen vs pencil: afternoonstudy22, whiterose15, bridalbouquets04, +5 paint brushes

August 21, 2018
discord freebies (PREJOIN + JESSICA) charaparfait01 (P), moonlightrendezvous04 (R), amuletdiamond04 (E), justonebite01 (J), bloomingromance02 (O), cutiewitch02 (I), motherofdragons02 (N), inthejungle01 (J), nekomimibop01 (E), pearlsandroses01 (S), rainbowpearls01 (S), sapphireknight01 (I), schooldays01 (C), tidecaller01 (A)

August 18, 2018
starter pack bonus: firstmission18, petalbreeze17, radiantmoon14, birdcagediva06, birdcagediva14, + mc-Jessica, + level-Jessica01, +20 paint brushes
prejoin bonus: bridalbouquets16, blessedwind09, lostbutterfly14, starfulnight19, birdcagediva24, birdcagediva25, +30 paint brushes
tanabata wishes (August): birdcagediva23 (I), amuletdiamond01 (L), moonlightrendezvous01 (L), amuletdiamond03 (U),
motherofdragons01 (S), amuletdiamond02 (T), birdcagediva02 (R), birdcagediva03 (I), moonlightrendezvous2 (O), cutiewitch01 (U), moonlightrendezvous03 (S), + 100 paint brushes

August 17, 2018
starter pack: birdcagediva05, birdcagediva01, bloomingromance01, rainbowcircus17, emergence15, importanttome06

Trade Logs

July 03, 2019
trade with osaka: my mysticarcher11 for their charaparfait11 +MCs (2)
trade with whitney: my catfight15, funinthesun04, moonguardian01, peacefulnature07, peacefulnature08, peacefulnature12, topsyturvytea23, motherofdragons11, motherofdragons12 for their beachday13, gentlebreeze10, justonebite09, keykeeper12, keykeeper25, sakuraqueens19, splashofcolour18, splashofcolour19, splashofcolour21 (9)

July 01, 2019
trade with lex: my blackbutterflies19, blackbutterflies25, vogue12, allforone08, atthebar01, beachsidecruise08, beachsidecruise17, birdcagediva04 for their bakingdelights12, bakingdelights19, dazzling06, gentlebreeze07, gentlebreeze18, keykeeper08, twistedmoon22, waterfun11 (8)
trade with cami: my countryescape19, countryescape21 for their keykeeper18, waterfun13 (2)
trade with selena: my summersunshine02, summersunshine12, summersunshine14, alone25, alwayswatching10, alwayswatching19, alwayswatching23, aquaticview17, bentobreak17, cacaoknight12, carnivaldate05, carnivaldate12, carnivaldate14, celebration10 for their bakingdelights08, beachday20, charaparfait09, charaparfait14, divinitysreach10, fieldofhope12, gentlebreeze12, justonebite07, justonebite12, keykeeper02, keykeeper09, lotusgarden04, lotusgarden12, powerchord23 (14)
trade with shinya: my mysticelixir18, mysticelixir25, sakurapicnic24, aquaticview03, bloodoffering01, carousel03, darklordcanti11, darklordcanti18, firemaster01, lonelywarrior09, refreshingsnacks11, sakurapicnic01, smilingflowers10, smilingflowers12, smilingflowers15, smilingflowers16, smilingflowers20 for their bakingdelights05, beachday08, charaparfait13, charaparfait20, darksideofthemoon16, divinitysreach08, divinitysreach13, divinitysreach20, fieldofhope10, gentlebreeze09, gentlebreeze22, keykeeper05, rosemaiden16, rosemaiden19, sakuraqueens20, scarletwitch11, waterfun09 (17)
trade with pam: my downtime01, downtime16 for their fieldofhope13, justonebite10 + MCs (3)

June 30, 2019
trade with chives: my legendarybeasts09, sakurawatching01 for their gentlebreeze11, powerchord24 + MCs (3)
trade with samu: my beneaththeblossoms06, beneaththeblossoms07, beneaththeblossoms08, beneaththeblossoms09, moonreaper06, moonreaper07, moonreaper08, moonreaper09 for their beachday18, darksideofthemoon17, rosemaiden05, rosemaiden12, splashofcolour14, splashofcolour15, waterfun18, caveexplorers24 (8)

June 29, 2019
trade with mimi: my seasidebeauty05, seasidebeauty06, seasidebeauty07, seasidebeauty08, seasidebeauty09, seasidebeauty10, wonderlandhosts07, afterclubsnacks03 for their glaciate01, glaciate02, glaciate03, glaciate04, oceanicfriendship01, oceanicfriendship03, oceanicfriendship04, oceanicfriendship05 + MCs (09)

December 15, 2018
trade with shinya: my wanderer10, wanderer11, wanderer12, wanderer13, kitchenantics03, kitchenantics04, kitchenantics05, kitchenantics06 for their oceanbride01, oceanbride02, oceanbride03, oceanbride04, scarletwitch05, scarletwitch06, scarletwitch07, scarletwitch08 (8)
trade with sorcha: my ramenrun05, ramenrun06, ramenrun07, ramenrun08 for their oceanbride05, oceanbride06, oceanbride07, oceanbride08 (4)
trade with sabrael: my progressive05, progressive06, progressive07, progressive08 for their scarletwitch01, scarletwitch02, scarletwitch03, scarletwitch04 (4)

December 14, 2018
trade with sabrael: my kingsrowdy01, kingsrowdy02 for their splashofcolour03, splashofcolour04 (2)
trade with vaini: my outlaws11, tokyoleaders20, battousai15, fullswing17, internalconflict18, smilingflowers09, smilingflowers24 for their cheongsams24, bakingdelights13, breezyhillside02, breezyhillside08, candlelight07, candlelight12, candlelight15 (7)

December 12, 2018
trade with mio: my happydays18, afternoontea03, afternoontea10, blueworld20, countingsheep18, groupstudy05, groupstudy07, groupstudy10, groupstudy15, groupstudy17, groupstudy20, groupstudy21, leaderofthepack07, leaderofthepack18, leaderofthepack22, memories09, memories10, memories21, miburokiller24, noescape20, prettyparty11, radiantglory07, rainbowhaze11, rainbowhaze20, sweetberries10, sweetberries17, sweetberries21, trickstarsguidance23, twinklingstars09, twinklingstars22, vogue14, wonderlandhosts01, wreakinghavoc05, wreakinghavoc24 for their cutesailors25, mechanicalprowess17, nekomimibop06, nekomimibop08, thefallen06, thefallen10, thefallen19, arisainwonderland03, arisainwonderland25, badomens23, beachday25, bentobreak11, billiards11, bluefuture25, bluerosebeat08, brokenpearls18, caveexplorers20, class1-a01, clearcards16, costumefitting25, crownclown02, crownclown04, devilishfriends10, divinitysreach22, doublevalentine07, doublevalentine23, dreamyqueen09, dreamyqueen25, eveningwalk18, ex-machina08, fallintome25, fieldofhope03, fieldofhope05, fieldofhope11 (34)

December 11, 2018
trade with selena: my restingrabbits09, restingrabbits17, aquaticview11, aquaticview20, blackmoon11, blackmoon24, bubblebath05, butlercafe02, butlercafe04, butlercafe11, carnivaldate10, cocktailcherry10, cocktailcherry13, countingsheep01, countingsheep15 for their cutesailors23, nekomimibop22, thefallen07, arisainwonderland16, arisainwonderland18, badomens16, beachday12, bluefuture05, bluefuture14, bluemoon19, bluerosebeat23, bluerosebeat25, divinitysreach02, divinitysreach09, divinitysreach24 (15)
trade with lex: my comicpanels13, atthebar07, beachsidecruise05, beachsidecruise18, beachsidecruise21, blackbutterflies06, bluejays06, bluejays15, bluejays16, bluejays18, bluejays22, bluerosebeat02, bridalbouquets07, bridalbouquets21, dazzling23, fireflies01, oceansound04, secretmeeting15, sisternurse04, afterclubsnacks12, fieldmice03, fieldmice05, fieldmice07, fieldmice24, forestcleansing11, forestcleansing18, gettingalight17, goodnighttales04, goodnighttales07, guiltyrock21, sweetberries20, swimsuits01, woodlandfae05, zerorequiem09 for their cheongsams18, mechanicalprowess08, thefallen02, afternoontea24, badomens11, bluerosebeat24, breezyhillside11, breezyhillside20, bubblesandbliss16, charaparfait03, charaparfait25, class1-a02, clearcards20, colorswirls17, dayattheoffice08, dayattheoffice14, dayattheoffice20, dayattheoffice24, devilskin22, doublevalentine16, doublevalentine22, dragonsrage15, dragonsrage19, dreamyqueen10, dreamyqueen21, eveningwalk13, eveningwalk16, ex-machina09, ex-machina11, fallintome10, fieldofhope22, fieldofhope25, flyhigh22, flyhigh24 (34)
trade with kairi: my bubblesandbliss15, cutiewitch12, ourplight18, ourreflection25, prettypalms02, prettypalms03, prettypalms04, prettypalms09, prettypalms10, shrinewishes11, shrinewishes23, starfulnight18, twinklingstars04, underwaterbeauty02, zodiacage07 for their cutesailors18, nekomimibop11, throneofice23, badomens17, bluerosebeat07, brokenpearls13, clearcards22, crownclown24, darksideofthemoon15, darksideofthemoon25, dayattheoffice13, dazzling16, dragonsrage06, dragonsrage17, elemental16 (15)
trade with sasurauchiha: my pearlsandroses23, solitarysnow12, solitarysnow15, solitarysnow22, unrefinedflower02, unrefinedflower24, slumberpartysnacks12, sunflowerstory10, sunflowerstory13, sunflowerstory19, bloodmoon13, catnap03, catnap17, doubtandtrust01, dragonsrage20, humptydumpty19, humptydumpty23, lakesideflowers20, nekomimibop15, neverlettinggo01, neverlettinggo12, neverlettinggo17 for their afternoontea13, badomens15, breezyhillside06, darkandlight03, darksideofthemoon22, flyhigh10, ginghamdream23, goldenleaves25, loveandpeace19, mermaidparadise12, pineapplebubbly09, prettyinpink25, puremaidens16, sakuraqueens12, skyservice02, tidecaller24, underwaterbeauty14, wintergirls13, autumnglasses14, dreamwings09, dreamwings21, frozendelight01 (22)

December 10, 2018
trade with sorcha: my countingsheep18, floatingballoons02, handprintart25, pastelhydrangea01, shrinewishes02 for their cheongsams23, cutesailors19, bentobreak04, breezyhillside23, bubblesandbliss18 (5)
trade with cami: my twinklingstars22, bluerosebeat02, bluerosebeat22, countryescape10, pumpkinwitch24, pumpkinwitch25, shootingstar11, sleepingshinki01, snowstorm06, snowstorm18, summersunshine12, academyguardians25, amuletdiamond07, amuletdiamond16, darksideofthemoon02, funinthesun09, funinthesun19, gameon01, halloweenfair10, holdingtightly17, holdingtightly24, imperials10, imperials21, leaderofthepack04, midnightgate08, midnightgate16, midnightgate22, moonlightrendezvous05, moonlightrendezvous17, oursecret10, oursecret19, raindrops01, whiteout11 for their thefallen11, thefallen22, bluemoon03, bluemoon10, breezyhillside17, crownclown11, dayattheoffice21, dazzling09, dazzling12, dazzling13, dazzling19, devilskin17, devilskin20, diamondrain21, doublevalentine10, elemental05, elemental18, ex-machina14, ex-machina22, fallintome16, fieldofhope15, fightagainstfate21, fireflies08, flyhigh17, fourgoddesses01, fourgoddesses07, fourgoddesses15, gentlebreeze14, ginghamdream04, ginghamdream07, grapevine24, happypills13, hellototheskies09 (33)
trade with sabrael: my generationjojo04, devilforgemaster11, atthebeach25, autumnleaves04, autumnleaves05, blackbutterflies14, blackbutterflies15, blackbutterflies16, blessedwind05, bluemoon09, calamitousdestiny01, calamitousdestiny21, creepywebbing06, destinyislands10, dragonblade14, enemies17, forestfight07, forestfight08, forestfight22, honeymoon01, loveidol23, lunaryankee12, nightwarriors18, outlaws18, radiantmoon04, royallight20, sacredlotus18, succulentcafe11, succulentcafe16, sugarrush20, wreakinghavoc05, zodiacage19 for their throneofice18, afternoontea12, beachday15, billiards08, bluemoon11, bluemoon15, bluemoon22, breezyhillside24, brokenpearls07, brokenpearls08, candlelight19, caveexplorers08, class1-a17, clearcards02, clearcards08, clearcards19, clearcards24, crownclown05, darksideofthemoon18, dayattheoffice17, devilishfriends12, divinitysreach16, dragonsrage18, dreamyqueen11, fallintome15, fightagainstfate14, flyhigh02, flyhigh03, flyhigh09, flyhigh18, flyhigh19, galaxycinderellas06 (32)
trade with whitney: my afternoontea01, atlantica06 for their beachday16, bentobreak23 (2)
trade with twomoons: my snorkeling16, brotherlymeal17, coolboys07, memories03, pirateromance01 for their mechanicalprowess12, nekomimibop04, thefallen04, arisainwonderland12, bentobreak16 (5)
trade with samu: my loveandpeace05, pumpkinpatch19, journeysstart08, motherofdragons11, motherofdragons23, noisyafternoon21, reddevil10, snowstorm18, sosbrigade20, sosbrigade22, wintersbreath21, woodlandfae07, woodlandfae24, amberblossoms19, carousel07, carousel13, coolboys05, lemondrop06, lemondrop14, puppylove16, puppylove20, soaked06 for their thefallen01, thefallen03, bluefuture15, bluerosebeat10, darksideofthemoon08, demonrock23, doublevalentine12, galaxycinderellas03, keykeeper11, lotusgarden07, lotusgarden24, lunaticcharm24, moonlitwindow08, oceansound03, prayformercy21, rainshowers08, rainshowers24, rosemaiden17, starfulnight21, submersed14, summerouting15, wintergirls05 (22)
trade with shinya: my atlantica04, atlantica08, atlantica21, carnivaldate07, doubtandtrust07, floatingballoons08, floatingballoons19, mydearest01, nightshadows11, undertherain01, undertherain10, undertherain16 for their mechanicalprowess21, mechanicalprowess22, nekomimibop03, thefallen05, thefallen13, thefallen23, splashofcolour01, splashofcolour02, bakingdelights04, bakingdelights06, bentobreak17, bluemoon02 (12)

December 05, 2018
trade with sorcha: my greatheights01, greatheights02, greatheights03, greatheights04 for their gempolish01, gempolish02, gempolish03, gempolish04 (4)
trade with samu: my faequeen13, faequeen19, firstmission14, pinkpetals03, pinkpetals24, sugarysippin17, summerbride09, summerbride21, summerbride22, woodlandfae06 for their pearlsandroses06, sunnydaze23, sunnydaze24, bluefuture08, bluefuture09, caveexplorers14, gentlebreeze24, mermaidparadise16, nekomimibop05, nekomimibop16 (10)

November 19, 2018
trade with vaini: my gettingalight09 for their bluemoon12 (1)
trade with twomoons: my snorkeling15 for their sunnydaze20 + MCs (2)
trade with sasurauchiha: my faequeen18, worldkeeper12, worldkeeper13, cheekymermaid22, fieldofhope19, starwishes21, sunflowerstory06, sunflowerstory09 for their breezyhillside22, cheongsams11, doublevalentine19, doublevalentine24, happypills25, lightofthemoon08, tanabataboys12, underwaterbeauty03 + MCs (9)

November 14, 2018
trade with vaini: my lotusgarden22, outlaws12, outlaws16 for their coolboys16, pearlsandroses21, caveexplorers13 (3)

November 13, 2018
trade with shinya: my lutwidgeacademy05, lutwidgeacademy06 for their carousel06, carousel07 (2)
trade with sorcha: my sosbrigade03, sosbrigade04 for their carousel08, carousel09 (2)
trade with sabrael: my brittlebullet07, brittlebullet08, brittlebullet09 for their coolboys18, inori04, inori05 (3)
trade with shinya: my lutwidgeacademy03, lutwidgeacademy04 for their carousel04, carousel05 (2)
trade with shinya: my ruinedcity08, ruinedcity09 for their throneofice05, throneofice06 (2)

November 12, 2018
trade with sabrael: my brittlebullet01, brittlebullet02 for their inori01, inori02 (2)
trade with sorcha: my sosbrigade01, sosbrigade02 for their carousel01, carousel02 (2)
trade with sorcha: my fortheteam01, fortheteam02 for their throneofice01, throneofice02 (2)
trade with sabrael: my devilforgemaster03, devilforgemaster04, romanticbath03, romanticbath04 for their throneofice03, throneofice04, hellototheskies01, hellototheskies02 (4)

October 30, 2018
trade with cashew: my peacefulnature02, peacefulnature09, phonecall01 for their diamondrain08, divinitysreach23, justonebite17 + MCs (4)

October 29, 2018
trade with samu: my ginghamdream10, pinkpetals19, pumpkinpatch21, sugarysippin14 for their keykeeper03, loversgaze15, underthesea01, underthesea03 (4)
trade with cami: my guiltyrock13, 1000words23, hoshinoumiacademy02, hoshinoumiacademy22, humptydumpty06, humptydumpty11, humptydumpty15, humptydumpty16, humptydumpty17, moonlightrendezvous04, moonlightrendezvous24, mydearest05, mydearest07, oursecret01, oursecret12, violetangels16, violetangels19, violetangels22, violetangels23, noescape09, noescape10, noescape13, noescape16 for their butlercafe02, cardinal07, cardinal18, cheekymermaid22, class1-a04, cloudofsmoke10, cloudofsmoke13, comicpanels13, comicpanels14, coolboys05, cottondrifting09, cottondrifting14, countingsheep01, celestialwarriors10, charaparfait02, charaparfait06, charaparfait23, cheongsams02, cheongsams13, cheongsams14, cheongsams15, cheongsams16, coolboys12 (23)
trade with shinya: my memories05, memories06, numberonefan05, numberonefan06, starpillows05, starpillows06 for their sunnydaze06, sunnydaze07, bluefuture01, bluefuture02, trickortreat03, trickortreat04 (6)
trade with sabrael: my blackbutterflies02, blackbutterflies03, blackbutterflies11, blessedwind01, melancholyjoachim10, melancholyjoachim17, nightwarriors13, nightwarriors19, rainyseason01, rainyseason06, rainyseason19, rainyseason21, succulentcafe15, topsyturvytea04, topsyturvytea13, topsyturvytea15, zxtunes13, zxtunes14, zxtunes16, zxtunes17, zxtunes20 for their bluerosebeat18, bubblesandbliss13, bubblesandbliss25, cheongsams20, crownclown06, crownclown15, cutesailors13, darkandlight17, darksideofthemoon11, darksideofthemoon14, devilskin02, doublevalentine03, doublevalentine08, doublevalentine21, ourreflection05, ourreflection10, ourreflection15, rainbowpearls07, whiteout08, whiteout14, whiteout19 (21)

October 28, 2018
trade with sorcha: my heartfrenzy01, heartfrenzy02 for their sunnydaze04, sunnydaze05 (2)

October 27, 2018
trade with sabrael: my celebration03, celebration04 for their sunnydaze01, sunnydaze02 (2)
trade with lex: my alienalien01, zodiacage15, atlantica14, bluejays10, blackbutterflies01 for their pinkpearl23, blessedwind02, blessedwind06, blessedwind10, blessedwind22 (5)
trade with vaini: my riding18, smilingjester15, smilingjester16, smilingjester17, smilingjester19, smilingjester23, undertherain14 for their beachwedding04, bloomingromance20, bluerosebeat22, brideoffrankenstein12, bubblesandbliss11, bubblesandbliss12, bubblesandbliss19 (7)

October 24, 2018
trade with samu: my birdcagediva13, cheekymermaid18, faequeen21, succulentcafe02, succulentcafe07, succulentcafe15, succulentcafe19, succulentcafe21, sugarysippin18, woodlandfae22, worldkeeper24 for their allforone22, beachwedding21, cheongsams10, dazzling08, dreamyqueen05, dreamyqueen06, fourgoddesses12, grapevine17, honeymoon21, midnightgate05, midnightgate06 (11)
trade with twomoons: my encouragingyou10, funinthesun05, noisyafternoon01, blackfeathers01, blackfeathers07, coolboys04, graduation21, sakesurprise13, snorkeling14 for their afternoontea10, beachwedding06, blessedwind16, bloomingromance06, bluemoon13, bluemoon25, bluerosebeat20, blueworld11, blueworld19 (9)
trade with selena: my bubblebath13, butlercafe09, butlercafe17, butlercafe20, cocktailcherry04, countingsheep11, doctorsorder05, emperorandphantom07, fieldmice04, followersofdarkness25, gameon08, lakesideflowers12, lakesideflowers24, loungingaround17, loveidol19, mangaproduction19, mangaproduction24, melancholyjoachim09, melancholyjoachim13, melancholyjoachim24, neverlettinggo09, pineapplebubbly02, pinkpetals03, radiantmoon05, radiantmoon12, radiantmoon14, radiantmoon21, radiantmoon22, rainbowcircus08, restingrabbits18, riding24, sakuradate17, startofthejourney11, summerbride11, sweetsservice05, tanabataboys17, 1000words16, afternoonstudy04, afternoonstudy07, afternoonstudy18, afternoonstudy20, afternoonstudy22, alienalien07, alienalien08 for their holysoldier07, pinkpearl14, beachwedding01, beachwedding19, bluemoon20, blueworld15, bubblesandbliss21, charaparfait12, charaparfait19, cutesailors14, darkandlight23, diamondrain19, dreamyqueen14, dreamyqueen15, fightagainstfate18, flyhigh07, gentlebreeze01, grapevine09, happypills10, lilybath14, lostbutterfly03, lotusgarden17, lotusgarden19, lotusgarden22, mechanicalprowess10, mechanicalprowess16, mydearest20, nekomimibop09, ourreflection11, ourreflection24, pearlsandroses19, rainbowpearls10, rainshowers05, rosemaiden06, rosemaiden24, sacredlotus01, schooldays20, starfulnight11, underthesakuratree16, underthesakuratree19, voidcaller09, whiteout01, whiteout13, whiteout24 (44)

October 20, 2018
trade with mio: my alienalien08, alienalien11, noescape09, noescape10, noescape13, noescape16, whiterose09, fallingleaves01, fallingleaves03, fallingleaves04, fallingleaves09 for their worldkeeper12, beachwedding15, beachwedding22, beachwedding23, bentobreak10, bentobreak15, blessedwind11, blessedwind25, bloomingromance21, blueworld01, blueworld02 (11)

October 13, 2018
trade with mio: my forestfight12, leaderofthepack13, leaderofthepack16, summerbride14, carnivaldate13, summersunshine16 for their allforone15, holysoldier16, holysoldier17, holysoldier20, pinkpearl20, worldkeeper15 (6)

October 12, 2018
trade with shinya: my enemies03, enemies04 for their mydearest09, mydearest10 (2)
trade with sabrael: my nightwarriors14, nightwarriors15 for their mydearest07, mydearest08 (2)
trade with sorcha: my wonderlandhosts01, wonderlandhosts02 for their mydearest05, mydearest06 (2)
trade with samu: my beachsidesonata04, beachsidesonata05 for their mydearest01, mydearest02 (2)

October 09, 2018
trade with sabrael: my gettingalight24, gettingalight25 for their royallight03, royallight04 (2)
trade with joey: my plasmagica01, plasmagica02 for their royallight07, royallight08 (2)
trade with cami: my sweetskitty05, sweetskitty06 for their royallight05, royallight06 (2)
trade with alecks: my 1000words01, 1000words02 for their royallight01, royallight02 (2)

October 08, 2018
trade with sorcha: my pumpkinpatch22, secretidol10, secretidol18, swampwitchtrio02, tobelieve14 for their coolboys11, cutesailors09, keykeeper14, lilybath08, lilybath15 (5)

October 04, 2018
trade with lex: my cheekymermaid04, sakesurprise01 for their frostybusstop11, bloodmoon18 (2)

October 01, 2018
trade with cashew: my phonecall11, phonecall24 for their darkandlight12, doublevalentine11 + MCs (3)
trade with alecks: my brothers08, emperorandphantom06, emperorandphantom20, sweetberries10 for their frostybusstop08, worldkeeper17, afternoontea23, clearcards05 (4)
trade with mio: my wishforthefuture15, countingsheep06, destructionroad07, firstblood15, alienalien12 for their bloodmoon15, moonlightrendezvous15, moonlightrendezvous18, motherofdragons11, motherofdragons14 (5)
trade with myubi: my doubtandtrust04, doubtandtrust24 for their frostingfairy14, humptydumpty16 + MCs (3)

September 30, 2018
trade with samu: my amberblossoms14, beachsidecruise13, beachsidecruise22, faequeen06, faequeen07, fakelover15, generationjojo07, islandofsindria11, islandofsindria15, noescape08, noescape17, sakamakiboys10, sakamakiboys19 for bloomingromance09, bloomingromance19, darkandlight10, dazzling10, doublevalentine03, elemental10, holysoldier21, inthejungle06, inthejungle15, ourplight17, pearlsandroses23, sacredlotus13, sacredlotus18 (13)
trade with cami: my cheekymermaid21, emperorandphantom18, birdcagediva24, butlercafe08, comicpanels22 for their frostybusstop17, noisyafternoon12, noisyafternoon19, cutesailors11, nekomimibop07 (5)
trade with cami: my reddevil03, reddevil04, reddevil05, reddevil06, encouragingyou04, encouragingyou05 for their tricknight02, tricknight03, brideoffrankenstein01, brideoffrankenstein02, autumnglasses01, autumnglasses02 (6)

September 25, 2018
trade with vaini: my crimsonmasque13, crimsonmasque22, renaissancepilots09, renaissancepilots15, riding03, riding13, riding21 for their amuletdiamond12, bloodmoon12, cutiewitch16, cutiewitch17, worldkeeper16, bakingdelights11, blessedwind14 + MCs (8)

September 24, 2018
trade with lex: my witchrepose06 for pinkpearl09 (1)
trade with samu: my alienalien01, alienalien02 for their amuletdiamond19, doublevalentine02 (2)
trade with cami: my summersunshine05, summersunshine06 for their pinkpearl01, pinkpearl02 (2)
trade with selena: my lotusgarden17, lotusgarden18 for their pinkpearl03, pinkpearl04 (2)

September 16, 2018
trade with shinya: my fieldmice11, rainbowcircus17, shootingstar16, gameon01 for their frostybusstop18, noisyafternoon16, noisyafternoon20, holysoldier10 (4)

September 15, 2018
trade with cami: my comicpanels01, comicpanels02 for their holysoldier01, holysoldier02 (2)
trade with sorcha: my forestfight03, forestfight04 for their bloodmoon03, bloodmoon04 + MCs (3)
trade with shinya: my fieldmice01, fieldmice02 for their bloodmoon07, bloodmoon08 (2)
trade with sabrael: my brothers01, brothers02 for their bloodmoon01, bloodmoon02 + MCs (3)
trade with alecks: my brothers04, emperorandphantom13 for their bloodmoon05, bloodmoon06 (2)

September 07, 2018
trade with alecks: my sweetberries07 for their allforone12 (1)

September 06, 2018
trade with kairi: my birdcagediva23 for their intothenight24 + MCs (2)

September 05, 2018
trade with samu: my doubtandtrust20, generationjojo02, lostbutterfly06 for their birdcagediva17, birdcagediva18, birdcagediva19 (3)
trade with samu: my afterclubsnacks04, afterclubsnacks14, followersofdarkness24 for their intothenight11, motherofdragons18, worldkeeper03 + MCs (4)

September 02, 2018
trade with leonii: my radiantmoon01 for their frostybusstop09 + MCs (2)
trade with joey: my halloweenstreet03, halloweenstreet09, sugarrush18, atthebeach05, atthebeach06, atthebeach07, atthebeach08 for their amuletdiamond25, intothenight20, coolboys20, pearlsandroses17, seaprotector06, thefallen24, gentlebreeze25 + MCs (8)

September 01, 2018
trade with shinya: my nodoubt08 for their amuletdiamond21 + MCs (2)
trade with ajisaitea: my amberblossoms11, crimsonmasque24, loveidol24 for their dragonsrage11, dragonsrage20, lilybath11 (3)
trade with frankie: my solitarysnow07, solitarysnow17 for their cutiewitch22, voidcaller14 (2)
trade with frankie: my atlantica18, atlantica19, atlantica20, atlantica21 for their crimsonfog10, crimsonfog11, crimsonfog12, crimsonfog13 + MCs (5)
trade with becca: my followersofdarkness20, rainyseason15 for their cutiewitch08, sapphireknight18 + MCs (3)
trade with mio: my firstblood17 for their amuletdiamond18 (1)
trade with mio: my cheekymermaid06, cheekymermaid07, cheekymermaid08, cheekymermaid09, summerbride05, summerbride06, summerbride07, summerbride08 for their crimsonfog01, crimsonfog02, crimsonfog03, crimsonfog04, noisyafternoon01, noisyafternoon02, noisyafternoon03, noisyafternoon04 + MCs (9)

August 30, 2018
trade with ajisaitea: my mangaproduction11, sugarrush25, lemondrop13 for their allforone14, starfulnight01, starfulnight04 + MCs (4)

August 29, 2018
trade with alecks: my afterclubsnacks15 for their motherofdragons09 + MCs (2)

August 28, 2018
trade with samu: my doubtandtrust07, sakamakiboys07 for their nightshadows06, starfulnight23 + MCs (3)
trade with kupo: my petalbreeze17, beachfun01, pinkpetals24 for their moonlightrendezvous22, cutesailors22, darksideofthemoon06 + MCs (4)
trade with cassidy: my starwishes05, halloweenfair01, nodoubt06 for their gentlebreeze20, lilybath23, sapphireknight03 + MCs (4)
trade with whitney: my bridalbouquets04, bridalbouquets16 for their cutiewitch03, rosemaiden09 + MCs (3)
trade with lex: my sleepysnacks17, sleepysnacks22 for their lunaticcharm03, worldkeeper24 + MCs (3)
trade with selena: my keykeeper10, loungingaround16 for their birdcagediva16, amuletdiamond09 + MCs (3)
trade with cami: my rainbowcircus03, rainbowcircus06, rainbowcircus17 for their motherofdragons07, motherofdragons16, nekomimibop19 + MCs (4)

August 27, 2018
trade with lee: my dayattheoffice01, dayattheoffice02 for their intothenight01, intothenight02 + MCs (3)