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My name is Jessica! I'm currently 27 years old (I'm getting so old ;_;). I've been playing TCGs since 2010, and I have been a member of 47+ different tcgs since then. I have previously run/co-owned 07 tcgs in the past, with some upcoming! I am    currently a member of 01 TCG, but hopefully we can change that soon! Refer me if you happen to join any of the TCGs I'm a member at! Look forward to playing with you <3

Delectable ☆

a food TCG

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Activity Logs

This page logs every activity I have ever done here at Delectable.

July 20, 2019
new decks: ramen01, ramen02, garlicbread01, garlicbread02, coconut01
update freebies (choice from each category): coffee01 (beverages), milk10 (dairy), lemons04 (fruits), pizza02 (grains), bulgogi03 (meat & poultry), tacos11 (other), sushi01 (seafood), wontonsoup01 (soup), cupcakes04 (sweets), spinach02 (vegetables)
blackjack: bananas11, bacon13
card claim: bulgogi11, milk09
card puzzle: spinach08, strawberries08, + 2 piece of cakes
freebies: lemons06, macarons09, blackbeans11, + 2 piece of cakes
hangman: champagne09, blackbeans07
higher or lower: animalcookies01, wontonsoup11
melting pot: exchanged champagne07 for spinach01
memory: macarons05, bananas07, + 2 piece of cakes
peeptin: champagne01, bananas14, bacon14, + 2 piece of cakes
pick a random: Nothing!
slots: champagne07, bibimbap02, bulgogi10, + 2 piece of cakes
tic tac toe: cookiedough14, gummybears12, + 1 piece of cake
war: Lost!
wheel of fortune (sweets): cupcakes15, pho05
wishing well: tofu03, bibimbap04
unreleased decks: strawberries12, cookiedough08, gummybears15
mastery (bananas): bulgogi06, coconut15, brie10, milk01
mastery (bulgogis): tacos12, corndogs07, fettuccinealfredo06, hottea03
mastery (milk): tacos13, hottea13, wontonsoup07, friedchicken11
mastery (tacos): spinach04, garlicbread13, animalcookies14, cheesecake10
level up (level 02): gummybears12, cheesecake13, chocolatestrawberries15

July 16, 2019
shop purchase: bananas02

July 15, 2019
new decks: bacon01, bacon02, gyoza02, gyoza03, chocolatestrawberries03
update freebies (SUMMER): tacos02 (S), bulgogi02 (U), milk03 (M), lemons01 (M), cupcakes03 (E), gummybears01 (R)
blackjack: bibimbap09, spinach09
card claim: bananas04, bulgogi09
card puzzle: friedchicken03, tacos08, + 2 piece of cakes
freebies: animalcookies07, macarons03, blackbeans11, + 2 piece of cakes
hangman: wontonsoup07, chocolatestrawberries15
higher or lower: corndogs15, milk02
melting pot: exchanged corndogs11 for milk04
memory: tacos06, cheesecake07, + 2 piece of cakes
peeptin: wontonsoup06, hottea13, macarons14, + 2 piece of cakes
pick a random: bulgogi15, animalcookies02, + 1 piece of cake
slots: tacos15, wontonsoup07, lemons14, + 2 piece of cakes
tic tac toe: corndogs11, corndogs11, + 1 piece of cake
war: Lost!
wheel of fortune (grains): spinach07, gummybears15, coffee03
wishing well: coffee14, animalcookies09
unreleased decks: tacos03, wontonsoup03, gyoza05

July 07, 2019
new decks: milk01, milk02, cupcakes01, cupcakes02, pizza01
blackjack: milk12, fettuccinealfredo15
card puzzle: brie04, spinach11, + 2 piece of cakes
freebies: friedchicken01, cookiedough11, bacon03, + 2 piece of cakes
hangman: cupcakes08, bibimbap03
higher or lower: lemons05, hottea13
memory: animalcookies04, gyoza01, + 2 piece of cakes
peeptin: tacos06, lemons02, wontonsoup04, + 2 piece of cakes
pick a random: bananas08, brie07, + 1 piece of cake
slots: frenchtoast08, corndogs09, gyoza15, + 2 piece of cakes
tic tac toe: gummybears06, blackbeans05, + 1 piece of cake
war: wontonsoup09, tacos07
wheel of fortune (sweets): friedchicken07, macarons05

June 25, 2019
starter pack: tacos14, tacos06, blackbeans08, blackbeans05, coffee14, lemons13, hottea12, gummybears02, bananas03, brie09
update freebies (1 choice): tacos03
blackjack: tofu03, spinach03
card claim: tacos01, bulgogi01
card puzzle: corndogs11, tacos09, + 2 piece of cakes
freebies: coffee10, bananas09, gummybears02, + 2 piece of cakes
hangman: bulgogi07, blackbeans01
higher or lower: frenchtoast08, lemons03
melting pot:
memory: bulgogi15, bananas14, + 2 piece of cakes
peeptin: bulgogi08, lemons05, macarons03, + 2 piece of cakes
pick a random: blackbeans10, + 2 piece of cakes
slots: gummybears03, corndogs01, animalcookies10, + 2 piece of cakes
tic tac toe: sushi08, pho15, + 1 piece of cake
war: Lost
wheel of fortune (vegetables): blackbeans08, pho13
wishing well: hottea14, tofu01
unreleased decks: tofu08, bibimbap08, bulgogi12

Trade Logs

August 12, 2019
- Traded Lindi: my coffee14, cheesecake10, frenchtoast08 for lemons07, spinach06, wontonsoup02

August 03, 2019
- Traded ruthia: my cheesecake13 for lemons07 + MCs (2)

July 28, 2019
- Traded yasu: my friedchicken11 for cupcakes12 (1)

July 23, 2019
- Traded Michelle: my corndogs07, corndogs09 for lemons09, spinach14 + MCs (3)

July 21, 2019
- Traded mimi: my lemons05 for cupcakes09 + MCs (2)

July 20, 2019
- Traded Haylee: my champagne09, friedchicken03 for cupcakes06, lemons10 + MCs (3)
- Traded Alecks: my cheesecake07, hottea13 for tacos05, tacos14 + MCs (3)

July 16, 2019
- Traded Osaka: my bibimbap09, friedchicken01, friedchicken07 for bananas05, bulgogi05, milk06 + MCs (4)
- Traded Nessa: my tacos06 for milk05 + MCs (2)
- Traded Whitney: my chocolatestrawberries03, chocolatestrawberries15, corndogs11, corndogs15, tacos03, macarons03 for bananas10, bananas13, bananas15, bulgogi13, bulgogi14, milk14
- Traded Samu: my coffee03 for milk07
- Traded Shawna: my wontonsoup07 for bulgogi04 + MCs (2)
- Traded Makri: my tacos06, tacos15 for milk08, milk15 + MCs (3)
- Traded Cami: my brie04, cookiedough11 for bananas06, milk13 + MCs (3)
- Traded Lex: my animalcookies02 for milk11 + MCs (2)

July 03, 2019
- Traded Nessa: my corndogs11 for sushi07 + MCs (2)

June 28, 2019
- Traded Mio: my brie09, hottea12, hottea14 for bulgogi10, tacos04, tacos10 + MCs (4)
- Traded yasu: my corndogs01, blackbeans01, blackbeans08 for bananas01, bananas11, sushi12 + MCs (3)
- Traded Samu: my bibimbap08, coffee10, coffee14, gummybears02, pho13, pho15 for bananas07, bananas12, lemons02, lemons15, animalcookies06, animalcookies08 + MCs (6)